Samson Occom, journal, date unknown

Author Occom, Samson[pers0030.ocp]

Unknown[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format)

ms number771101.2

[note (type: abstract): Occom describes his travels around the East coast and in Philadelphia.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is clear and legible.][note (type: paper): Several small sheets folded together into a booklet and bound with twine or thread are in poor conditon, with significant fading, staining and wear that leads to a significant loss of text. The tops of six verso and seven recto, and 10 verso and 11 recto, are uncut and thus impossible to scan. There are no images for these pages; however, they are blank.][note (type: noteworthy): An editor, likely 19th-century, has overwritten portions of faded text; in instances where Occom’s original hand is impossible to discern, these edits have been transcribed. This editor appears to be the originator of the date listed for the document in the Dartmouth archives. Although the year is likely, the actual date is uncertain. There are red and grey pencil marks on one recto.][note (type: ink): Brown ink is heavily faded in spots.]
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[gap: stain] and we lodged at the Same [Houſe | house]Houſehouse again

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Decr | December]DecrDecember 18[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format)

[gap: faded] got up early and to took Victuals and then took leave of the Family and went on our way

[Sabb: | Sabbath]Sabb:Sabbath 24[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format)

was at [Quakſon | Quakson]QuakſonQuakson[place0502.ocp]

[Sab | Sabbath]SabSabbath March ^[above] 2^2[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format)

at Burdentown[place0559.ocp]

[Sab | Sabbath]SabSabbath march 9[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format):

[New Ark | Newark]New ArkNewark Mountain^[above] s^s[place0498.ocp]

[Sab | Sabbath]SabSabbath March 16[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format)

New York[place0308.ocp]

[illegible][Sab | Sabbath]SabSabbath March ^[above] 13^13[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format)

New York[place0308.ocp]

[Sab | Sabbath]SabSabbath march 16[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format):

New York[place0308.ocp]

[Sab | Sabbath]SabSabbath March 13[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format)

[Eliſabeth Town | Elizabeth]Eliſabeth TownElizabeth[place0067.ocp]

[Sab | Sabbath]SabSabbath March 30[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format):

[Saild | Sailed]SaildSailed from [N | New]NNew York[place0308.ocp]

[Sab: | Sabbath]Sab:Sabbath April 6[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format):

at Mohegan[place0143.ocp]

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Janr | January]JanrJanuary 1[1771-01-01]:

got up early and went on our way and got to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Balwin[pers0073.ocp]s towards Night, in And Lodge^[above] d^d there — —

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Janr | January]JanrJanuary 2[1771-01-02]:

was here all Day, in the evening had a meeting in the Place, and there was great Number of People and I Spoke from and the People at tended well, wa Lodged at the Same[ſe | se]ſese [Houſe | house]Houſehouse — —

[Thirdsday | Thursday]ThirdsdayThursday [Janr | January]JanrJanuary 3[1771-01-03]:

went to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. grover[pers1210.ocp]s in [P[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): a]arſepaney | Parsippany]P[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): a]arſepaneyParsippany[place0501.ocp] and in the evening Preach
in [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Beaverrout[pers1191.ocp]'s, and Lodged there — —

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Janr | January]JanrJanuary 4[1771-01-04]

after [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast we [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff and [Calld | called]Calldcalled at the [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. green[pers0631.ocp]s and from [thre | there]threthere [paſt | passed]paſtpassed on to Newark Mountans[place0498.ocp], got to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Chapman[pers1194.ocp]'s a [illegible: [guess (h-dawnd): [llitle | little]llitlelittle][llitle | little]llitlelittle] [paſt | past]paſtpast 12: and took Dinner there, and Soon after we went on to Crain Town[place0492.ocp],— and in the evening had a meeting in a [School Houſe | schoolhouse]School Houſeschoolhouse, and there was a large number of People, and I Spoke from 1 John V: 10: and the People were very Solemn many were much affected — Lodgd at one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Crain[pers1201.ocp]s. — —

Saturday [Janr | January]JanrJanuary 5[1771-01-05]:

after eating we went on to [Horſ | Horse]HorſHorse Neck[place0495.ocp], and we put up at [Esqr | Esq.]EsqrEsq. Crain[pers1201.ocp]s and it was very Cold weather — [Sab. | Sabbath]Sab.Sabbath [Janr | January]JanrJanuary 6[1771-01-06]
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[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Janr | January]JanrJanuary 22[1771-01-22]:

we [arrivd | arrived]arrivdarrived to Philadelphia[place0186.ocp], and we went to [Docr | Dr.]DocrDr. Sprout[pers0512.ocp]'s, and [Devuldgd | divulged]Devuldgddivulged our [Buſineſs | business]Buſineſsbusiness to him, and he [appeard | appeared]appeardappeared very Friendly to us, [& | and]&and So went on to [viſit | visit]viſitvisit, [Miniſters | ministers]Miniſtersministers of all Denominations, and they were all very Friendly, [Dind | dined]Dinddined with DGentlemen [allmost | almost]allmostalmost every Day we Lodged 2 Nights at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Buſhel | Bushel]BuſhelBushel[pers1193.ocp]s, and then we were invited by [mr | Mr.]mrMr. Innes[pers1213.ocp] a Brewer a Scotchman and a good man and the whole Family is very [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable we were treated with great [Kindneſs | kindness]Kindneſskindness. — —

[Sabb | Sabbath]SabbSabbath [Janr | January]JanrJanuary 27[1771-01-27]

in the [after noon | afternoon]after noonafternoon [Preachd | preached]Preachdpreached in [Docr | Dr.]DocrDr. Duffield[pers0173.ocp]s [m | meeting]mmeeting in the evening [Preachd | preached]Preachdpreached in [Docr | Dr.]DocrDr. Sprout[pers0512.ocp]s meeting, and they made Collections for me. — —
This week [viſited | visited]viſitedvisited every Day and found [kindneſs | kindness]kindneſskindness by all Sorts of People— —

[Febr | February]FebrFebruary 3:[1771-02-03]

on [Sabb: | Sabbath]Sabb:Sabbath in the morning [Preachd | preached]Preachdpreached at [Docr | Dr.]DocrDr. Duffield[pers0173.ocp]s, in the [after noon | afternoon]after noonafternoon [Preahd | preached]Preahdpreached in a [Baptiſt | Baptist]BaptiſtBaptist meeting and there was a large [Numbr | number]Numbrnumber of People. — — —

[Sabb | Sabbath]SabbSabbath [Febr | February]FebrFebruary [Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Frebr | February]FrebrFebruary 8[1771-02-08]

This evening a number of Ladies and gentlemen, and we, went to take Tea with [Capt | Capt.]CaptCapt. [Dehoſe | Dehose]DehoſeDehose[pers1202.ocp] in his Ship, he is a Dutch [illegible] and had a genteel entertainment — and after Teat the Company [Plaid | played]Plaidplayed, a [litle | little]litlelittle man which died very often — [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed [till | 'til]till'til near 9: and we Indians took good leave of the Company and [returnd | returned]returndreturned to our [Quaters | quarters]Quatersquarters

[Sabb. | Sabbath]Sabb.Sabbath [Februr | February]FebrurFebruary 10[1771-02-11]:

[Preahd | preached]Preahdpreached in in the morning, in [Docr | Dr.]DocrDr. Duffield[pers0173.ocp]s meeting [Houſe | house]Houſehouse,— in the Evening [Preach'd | preached]Preach'dpreached in [Docr | Dr.]DocrDr. Ewing[pers0774.ocp]s meeting and they made me a Collection — This week went on in our [Viſits | visits]Viſitsvisits [amongſt | amongst]amongſtamongst all Denominations; and were kindly treated by all: — —

[Sabb | Sabbath]SabbSabbath [Febr | February]FebrFebruary 17[1771-02-17]

I went in the morning to [Docr | Dr.]DocrDr. Sprout[pers0512.ocp]s and it was a Sacrament Day [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Green[pers0631.ocp] [Preachd | preached]Preachdpreached and I partook the [ordernance | ordinance]ordernanceordinance with them and it was a Solemn Day with me, and I believe with others. in the [after Noon | afternoon]after Noonafternoon, I went to [Baptiſt | Baptist]BaptiſtBaptist Meeting, and heard [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Enſtick | Enstick]EnſtickEnstick[pers1204.ocp] ^[above] one^one of the [Baptiſt | Baptist]BaptiſtBaptist [Miniſters | ministers]Miniſtersministers in the City and we were now [geting | getting]getinggetting ready to leave the City. and it was hard work to take leave of the People. for all Denominations were exceeding kind to us. [uſe | use]uſeuse us with great
[Friendſhip | friendship]Friendſhipfriendship, and had good [Succeſs | success]Succeſssuccess in our applications: and the Friends or Quakers[org0153.ocp] were Friends indeed to us they Com municated their [Su[illegible]bſtance | substance]Su[illegible]bſtancesubstance to us more than any People in this great City, [were | we]werewe ate and Drank with them from Day to Day —

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Febr | February]FebrFebruary 22[1771-02-22]:

About 10 we left Philadelphia[place0186.ocp], and it was bad [Croſsing | crossing]Croſsingcrossing the
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People identified in this document:

id Text in document Role in header Authorized Name
pers0073.ocp M r Mr. Balwin mentioned Baldwin
pers1210.ocp M r Mr. grover mentioned Grover
pers1191.ocp M r Mr. Beaverrout mentioned Beaverrout
pers0631.ocp Rev d Rev. M r Mr. green mentioned Green
pers1194.ocp M r Mr. Chapman mentioned Chapman
pers1201.ocp M r Mr. Crain mentioned Crain
pers1201.ocp Esq r Esq. Crain mentioned Crain
pers0512.ocp Doc r Dr. Sprout mentioned Sprout
pers1193.ocp M r Mr. Buſhel Bushel mentioned Bushel
pers1213.ocp m r Mr. Innes mentioned Innes
pers0173.ocp Doc r Dr. Duffield mentioned Duffield, George
pers1202.ocp Cap t Capt. Dehoſe Dehose mentioned Dehose
pers0774.ocp Doc r Dr. Ewing mentioned Ewing, John
pers0631.ocp M r Mr. Green mentioned Green
pers1204.ocp M r Mr. Enſtick Enstick mentioned Enstick

Places identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
place0502.ocp Quakſon Quakson Quakson
place0559.ocp Burdentown Bordentown
place0498.ocp New Ark Newark Mountain s Newark Mountains
place0308.ocp New York New York City
place0067.ocp Eliſabeth Town Elizabeth Elizabeth
place0308.ocp N New York New York City
place0143.ocp Mohegan Mohegan
place0501.ocp P a rſepaney Parsippany Parsippany
place0498.ocp Newark Mountans Newark Mountains
place0492.ocp Crain Town Crain Town
place0495.ocp Horſ Horse Neck Horseneck Tract
place0186.ocp Philadelphia Philadelphia

Organizations identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
org0153.ocp Friends or Quakers Religious Society of Friends

Dates identified in this document:

Standard Form Text
TueſdayTuesday DecrDecember 18
Sabb:Sabbath 24
SabSabbath March 2
SabSabbath march 9
SabSabbath March 16
SabSabbath March 13
SabSabbath march 16
SabSabbath March 30
Sab:Sabbath April 6
1771-01-01 TueſdayTuesday JanrJanuary 1
1771-01-02 WedneſdayWednesday JanrJanuary 2
1771-01-03 ThirdsdayThursday JanrJanuary 3
1771-01-04 FrydayFriday JanrJanuary 4
1771-01-05 Saturday JanrJanuary 5
1771-01-06 Sab.Sabbath JanrJanuary 6
1771-01-22 TueſdayTuesday JanrJanuary 22
1771-01-27 SabbSabbath JanrJanuary 27
1771-02-03 FebrFebruary 3:
1771-02-08 SabbSabbath FebrFebruary FrydayFriday FrebrFebruary 8
1771-02-11 Sabb.Sabbath FebrurFebruary 10
1771-02-17 SabbSabbath FebrFebruary 17
1771-02-22 FrydayFriday FebrFebruary 22

Regularized text:

Type Original Regularized
modernization Houſe house
modernization Tueſday Tuesday
modernization Quakſon Quakson
variation New Ark Newark
modernization Eliſabeth Town Elizabeth
variation Saild Sailed
modernization Mr Mr.
modernization Wedneſday Wednesday
modernization ſe se
variation Thirdsday Thursday
variation P[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): a]arſepaney Parsippany
variation Fryday Friday
modernization Breakfaſt breakfast
variation Sot set
variation of off
variation Calld called
modernization Revd Rev.
variation thre there
variation paſt passed
variation llitle little
modernization paſt past
variation School Houſe schoolhouse
variation Horſ Horse
modernization Esqr Esq.
variation arrivd arrived
modernization Docr Dr.
variation Devuldgd divulged
modernization Buſineſs business
variation appeard appeared
modernization viſit visit
modernization Miniſters ministers
variation Dind dined
variation allmost almost
modernization Buſhel Bushel
modernization mr Mr.
variation agreable agreeable
modernization Kindneſs kindness
variation after noon afternoon
variation Preachd preached
modernization viſited visited
modernization kindneſs kindness
variation Preahd preached
modernization Baptiſt Baptist
modernization Capt Capt.
modernization Dehoſe Dehose
variation Plaid played
variation litle little
variation Stayd stayed
variation till 'til
variation returnd returned
variation Quaters quarters
modernization Viſits visits
modernization amongſt amongst
variation ordernance ordinance
variation after Noon afternoon
modernization Enſtick Enstick
variation geting getting
modernization uſe use
modernization Friendſhip friendship
modernization Succeſs success
modernization Su[illegible]bſtance substance
modernization Croſsing crossing

Expanded abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expansion
Decr December
Sabb: Sabbath
Sab Sabbath
N New
Sab: Sabbath
Janr January
Sab. Sabbath
& and
Sabb Sabbath
m meeting
Febr February
Numbr number
Frebr February
Sabb. Sabbath
Februr February
Preach'd preached

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