Samson Occom, journal, date unknown

Author Occom, Samson


ms number771101.2

abstractOccom describes his travels around the East coast and in Philadelphia.

handwritingHandwriting is clear and legible.

paperSeveral small sheets folded together into a booklet and bound with twine or thread are in poor conditon, with significant fading, staining and wear that leads to a significant loss of text. The tops of six verso and seven recto, and 10 verso and 11 recto, are uncut and thus impossible to scan. There are no images for these pages; however, they are blank.

noteworthyAn editor, likely 19th-century, has overwritten portions of faded text; in instances where Occom’s original hand is impossible to discern, these edits have been transcribed. This editor appears to be the originator of the date listed for the document in the Dartmouth archives. Although the year is likely, the actual date is uncertain. There are red and grey pencil marks on one recto.

inkBrown ink is heavily faded in spots.

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

Persistent Identifier
[gap: stain] and we lodged at the Same house again

Tuesday December 18

[gap: faded] got up early and to took Victuals and then took leave of the Family and went on our way

Sabbath 24

was at Quakson

Sabbath March 2

Sabbath march 9:

Sabbath March 16

Sabbath March 13

Sabbath march 16:

Sabbath March 13

Sabbath March 30:

Sailed from New York

Sabbath April 6:

Tuesday January 1:

got up early and went on our way and got to Mr. Balwins towards Night, in And Lodged there — —

Wednesday January 2:

was here all Day, in the evening had a meeting in the Place, and there was great Number of People and I Spoke from and the People at tended well, Lodged at the Same house — —

Thursday January 3:

went to Mr. grovers in Parsippany and in the evening Preach
in Mr. Beaverrout's, and Lodged there — —

Friday January 4

after breakfast we set off and called at the Rev. Mr. greens and from there passed on to Newark Mountans, got to Mr. Chapman's a [illegible: [guess: little]] past 12: and took Dinner there, and Soon after we went on to Crain Town,— and in the evening had a meeting in a schoolhouse, and there was a large number of People, and I Spoke from 1 John V: 10: and the People were very Solemn many were much affected — Lodgd at one Mr. Crains. — —

Saturday January 5:

after eating we went on to Horse Neck, and we put up at Esq. Crains very Cold weather — Sabbath January 6
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Tuesday January 22:

we arrived to Philadelphia, and we went to Dr. Sprout's, and divulged our business to him, and he appeared very Friendly to us, and So went on to visit, ministers of all Denominations, and they were all very Friendly, dined with Gentlemen almost every Day we Lodged 2 Nights at Mr. Bushels, and then we were invited by Mr. Innes a Brewer a Scotchman and a good man and the whole Family is very agreeable we were treated with great kindness. — —

Sabbath January 27

in the afternoon preached in Dr. Duffields meeting in the evening preached in Dr. Sprouts meeting, and they made Collections for me. — —
This week visited every Day and found kindness by all Sorts of People— —

February 3:

on Sabbath in the morning preached at Dr. Duffields, in the afternoon preached in a Baptist meeting and there was a large number of People. — — —

Friday February 8

This evening a number of Ladies and gentlemen, and we, went to take Tea with Capt. Dehose in his Ship, he is a Dutch [illegible] and had a genteel entertainment — and after Tea the Company played, a little man which died very often — stayed 'til near 9: and we Indians took good leave of the Company and returned to our quarters —

Sabbath February 10:

preached in in the morning, in Dr. Duffields meeting house,— in the Evening preached in Dr. Ewings meeting and they made me a Collection — This week went on in our visits amongst all Denominations; and were kindly treated by all: — —

Sabbath February 17

I went in the morning to Dr. Sprouts and it was a Sacrament Day Mr. Green preached and I partook the ordinance with them and it was a Solemn Day with me, and I believe with others. in the afternoon, I went to Baptist Meeting, and heard Mr. Enstick one of the Baptist ministers in the City and we were now getting ready to leave the City. and it was hard work to take leave of the People. for all Denominations were exceeding kind to us. use us with great
friendship, and had good success in our applications: and the Friends or Quakers were Friends indeed to us they Com municated their substance to us more than any People in this great City, we ate and Drank with them from Day to Day —

Friday February 22:

About 10 we left Philadelphia, and it was bad crossing the
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