David Fowler, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 May 13

Author Fowler, David[pers0155.ocp]

13 May 1766[1766-05-13]

ms number766313.1

[note (type: abstract): Fowler asks Wheelock to deliver an enclosed letter to Hannah Pyamphcouh, whom he wants to marry.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is largely clear and legible.][note (type: paper): Large sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.][note (type: ink): Black-brown.][note (type: noteworthy): It is possible that "Pyamphcouh" is Hannah Fowler Garrett[pers0742.ocp]'s Indian name. It is uncertain to whom Fowler refers when, in the closing salutation, he mentions "Mr. Wheelock" and "Sir Wheelock," and so they have been left untagged. "Sir Wheelock" likely refers to Rodulphus Wheelock[pers0578.ocp].]
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Reverend Sir
I am very [ſorry | sorry]ſorrysorry I can't write you a Let‐ ter, which can be [ſeen | seen]ſeenseen abroad. because [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Kirtland[pers0315.ocp] is [ſo | so]ſoso much [hurrid | hurried]hurridhurried to get down: but he can give you a proper Idea of my School and ^[above] my^my own Affairs. — I [bele^[above] i^ive | believe]bele^[above] i^ivebelieve I may [venter | venture]venterventure to write my [ſecrets | secrets]ſecretssecrets to you as ^[above] I^I wont to do. [ſince | since]ſincesince I have [ſo | so]ſoso often [ſeen | seen]ſeenseen and felt your tender Cares and Affections. I have wrote a large Let. ter to Hannah Pyamphcouh[pers0438.ocp] which iet will [iether | either]iethereither [ſpur | spur]ſpurspur her up or knock her in Head.— I therefore [aſk | ask]aſkask ^[above] a Favour^a Favour as a Child from kind Father or Benefactor, that this Letter may be [ſent | sent]ſentsent to the [Supperſcrib'd | superscribed]Supperſcrib'dsuperscribed Place as [ſoon | soon]ſoonsoon as you get it into your Hands. For I [ſhall | shall]ſhallshall be down about the 13 or 14 of June and in very great [Haſt | haste]Haſthaste. I [muſt | must]muſtmust tarry at your House a Week or ten Days the [long‐ eſt | long‐est]long‐ eſtlong‐est to [ſhed | shed]ſhedshed my Skin. For I am [almoſt | almost]almoſtalmost b[nacked | naked]nackednaked now. I want all my [Cloaths | clothes]Cloathsclothes to be blue and that which is [godd | good]goddgood: The [Rea‐ ſon | rea‐son]Rea‐ ſonrea‐son why I want this Letter to get down [ſo | so]ſoso [ſoon | soon]ſoonsoon is, that [ſhe | she]ſheshe may have [ſome | some]ſomesome time to think and [dreſs | dress]dreſsdress [herſelf | herself]herſelfherself up. [& | and]&and another which is the [greateſt | greatest]greateſtgreatest that I may clear [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself from those [ſtrong | strong]ſtrongstronge Bonds wherewith I bound [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself to her and which could not let me [reſt | rest]reſtrest Night and Day from the time I left her [till | 'til]till'til I [returnd | returned]returndreturned to ^[above] her^her again. what I mean about clearing [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself is if [ſhe | she]ſheshe denies. If [ſhe | she]ſheshe wo'n't let her Bones be ^[above] [joind | joined]joindjoined^[joind | joined]joindjoined with mine. I [ſhall | shall]ſhallshall get pick out my Rib from your [Houſe | house]Houſehouse.—
Sir. Dont be angry with me for write [ſo | so]ſoso and write ing bold and [fooliſh | foolish]fooliſhfoolish. I hope you will not [expoſe | expose]expoſeexpose me — Give my Kingd Regards [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Wheelock and Sir Wheelock and to all the Family. accept myuch Love and from Duty, ^[above] from^from
your [unwothy | unworthy]unwothyunworthy Pupil David Fowler[pers0155.ocp]
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
David Fowler[pers0155.ocp]s  May 13. 1766[1766-05-13]
To — The [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]  New England[place0158.ocp].
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pers0155.ocp David Fowler writer Fowler, David
pers0036.ocp M r Mr. Wheelock recipient Wheelock, Eleazar

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1766-05-13 May 13 1766
1766-05-13 May 13. 1766

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modernization dreſs dress
modernization herſelf herself
modernization greateſt greatest
modernization myſelf myself
modernization ſtrong strong
modernization reſt rest
variation till 'til
variation returnd returned
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modernization Houſe house
modernization fooliſh foolish
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