Moses Peck, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 March 25

Author Peck, Moses[pers0032.ocp]

25 March 1766[1766-03-25]

ms number766225

[note (type: abstract): Peck writes that he has printed what was desired respecting Occom, and reports that Sir William Johnson is favorably inclined towards the design. A box of goods was shipped, and Mr. Blair was shipwrecked.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is loose yet clear and legible.][note (type: paper): Single sheet is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.][note (type: ink): Dark brown ink is splotchy on one verso.][note (type: noteworthy): The date in the trailer reads 23 March 1766, even though letter is dated 25 March 1766.]
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[Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. [& | and]&and very Dear Sir,
I [Rec.d | received]Rec.dreceived yours of [Feb.ry | February]Feb.ryFebruary [ | 20th]20.th20th[1766-02-20] and have [illegible][guess (maggiec): [publiſhed | published]publiſhedpublished][publiſhed | published]publiſhedpublished got printed, what you [Sartified | certified]Sartifiedcertified [Reſpecting | respecting]Reſpectingrespecting [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] [&c | etc.]&cetc. [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Huper[pers0272.ocp] of [Marbelhead | Marblehead]MarbelheadMarblehead[place0286.ocp] Says that [Sr | Sir]SrSir [willm | William]willmWilliam [Jonſon | Johnson]JonſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp] [hes | has]heshas [Rote | wrote]Rotewrote him very [favourabley | favourably]favourableyfavourably of the [Deſigne | design]Deſignedesign in [Gennerall | general]Gennerallgeneral[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Foſter | Foster]FoſterFoster[pers0199.ocp] tells Me Nothing hath been [Don | done]Dondone [Reſpecting | respecting]Reſpectingrespecting [Sr | Sir]SrSir[Peters | Peter's]PetersPeter's[pers0559.ocp] Legacy [Sence | since]Sencesince you [Dropt | dropped]Droptdropped it [Wonte | won't]Wontewon't it be best to try again. — [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Will.m | William]Will.mWilliam Storak[pers0523.ocp] wants to See you, to give you the Sum that he [Subcribd | subscribed]Subcribdsubscribed to the Annihilated fund — Have [Shiped | shipped]Shipedshipped your Box of Goods this Day in [Cap.t | Capt.]Cap.tCapt. Leffingwell[pers0323.ocp] — I [Donte | don't]Dontedon't Know if you [Rec.d | received]Rec.dreceived my [Leter | letter]Leterletter by [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Henery[pers0255.ocp], in which was [inclosed | enclosed]inclosedenclosed to Elijah[pers0180.ocp] an account of the Death of his youngest Sister [Pleaſe | please]Pleaſeplease to Let him [Com | come]Comcome and See us next vacancy
Dear [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Blair[pers0086.ocp] in his [paſs | pass]paſspass [illegible] from Philadelphia[place0186.ocp] was [Shipracked | shipwrecked]Shiprackedshipwrecked upon the Rocks thirty miles from [Boſton | Boston]BoſtonBoston[place0013.ocp] in a Snow [Storme | storm]Stormestorm in the Knight — the Lord being [marcyfull | merciful]marcyfullmerciful they got on a ^[above] small^small Naked Rock — [their | there]theirthere [expoſed | exposed]expoſedexposed in Greatest [Distreſs | distress]Distreſsdistress and Danger for Seven [Ourers | hours]Ourershours, at Great Distance from the Land, He [tuk | took]tuktook in So Much Salt water, that it Gave Him the [Bludy | bloody]Bludybloody flux, But the Good God hath so far [Reſtored | restored]Reſtoredrestored Him that he preached [Laste | last]Lastelast [Sabath | sabbath]Sabathsabbath to Great [exceptence | acceptance]exceptenceacceptance — He [Loſte | lost]Loſtelost all his Notes and everything else, But his [valuebel | valuable]valuebelvaluable Life —
I hope and Long to See You — pray for us — and the Old South[place0302.ocp] people — if we Should fail to [illegible] [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Blair[pers0086.ocp] [Mrs | Mrs.]MrsMrs. Peck[pers0413.ocp] Gives with me — [moſt | most]moſtmost [Reſpectfully | respectfully]Reſpectfullyrespectfully to your Self [Mrs | Mrs.]MrsMrs. Wheelock[pers0577.ocp], [& | and]&and Love to your Son’s and Daughters — Love to Elijah[pers0180.ocp]
Yours — [Moſes | Moses]MoſesMoses Peck[pers0032.ocp] ^[left] To [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]^To [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]
From [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Peck[pers0032.ocp] 23 March 1766[1766-03-23] From Mr Peck[pers0032.ocp]
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pers0030.ocp M r Mr. Occom mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0272.ocp M r Mr. Huper mentioned Huper
pers0292.ocp S r Sir will m William Jonſon Johnson mentioned Johnson, William
pers0199.ocp M r Mr. Foſter Foster mentioned Foster
pers0559.ocp S r Sir Peter s Peter's mentioned Warren, Peter
pers0523.ocp M r Mr. Will. m William Storak mentioned Storak, William
pers0323.ocp Cap. t Capt. Leffingwell mentioned Leffingwell
pers0255.ocp M r Mr. Henery mentioned Henery
pers0180.ocp Elijah mentioned Peck, Elijah
pers0086.ocp M r Mr. Blair mentioned Blair, Samuel
pers0413.ocp M rs Mrs. Peck mentioned Peck, Elizabeth (née Townsend)
pers0577.ocp M rs Mrs. Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Mary (née Brinsmead)
pers0032.ocp Moſes Moses Peck writer Peck, Moses
pers0036.ocp M r Mr. Wheelock recipient Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0032.ocp M. r Mr. Peck writer Peck, Moses
pers0032.ocp M r Peck writer Peck, Moses

Places identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
place0013.ocp Boſton Boston Boston
place0286.ocp Marbelhead Marblehead Marblehead
place0186.ocp Philadelphia Philadelphia
place0302.ocp Old South Old South Meeting House

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1766-03-25 25th25th March 1766
1766-02-20 Feb.ryFebruary 20.th20th
1766-03-23 23 March 1766

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modernization Boſton Boston
modernization 25th 25th
modernization Rev.d Rev.
modernization 20th
modernization publiſhed published
variation Sartified certified
modernization Reſpecting respecting
modernization Mr Mr.
modernization &c etc.
variation Marbelhead Marblehead
variation Jonſon Johnson
variation hes has
variation Rote wrote
variation favourabley favourably
variation Deſigne design
variation Gennerall general
modernization Foſter Foster
variation Don done
modernization Peters Peter's
variation Sence since
variation Dropt dropped
variation Wonte won't
variation Subcribd subscribed
variation Shiped shipped
modernization Cap.t Capt.
variation Donte don't
variation Leter letter
variation inclosed enclosed
modernization Pleaſe please
variation Com come
modernization paſs pass
variation Shipracked shipwrecked
variation Storme storm
variation marcyfull merciful
modernization expoſed exposed
modernization Distreſs distress
variation Ourers hours
variation tuk took
variation Bludy bloody
modernization Reſtored restored
variation Laste last
variation Sabath sabbath
variation Loſte lost
variation valuebel valuable
modernization Mrs Mrs.
modernization moſt most
modernization Reſpectfully respectfully
modernization Moſes Moses
modernization M.r Mr.

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& and
Rec.d received
Feb.ry February
Sr Sir
willm William
Will.m William

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