Sarah Simon, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1769 April 4

Author Simon, Sarah

Date4 April, 1769

ms number769254.1

abstractSimon asks for permission to go home and visit her sick mother.

handwritingHandwriting is somewhat uneven, yet mostly formal and clear. The trailer is written in an unknown hand.

paperSmall single sheet is in good condition, with light staining and wear, and moderate creasing.


Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

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 Reverend and Honoured sir
as I have received many kind favours I desire to beg one humble request and that is whether the Doctor would be willing to let me go to my home if I would not be gone no longer than if I only went to Mohegan. for I want very much to see my Mother I understand she has met with trouble lately and she wants see me and she is not able to come to see me. and therefore I think it my great Duty to go and see her. —
for I do not think that she is long for this world I have no reason to think so. for she is very weakly and always sick. my Parent is very near and Dear to me; and being I do not desire to Ever to go home and live with her again; I desire to beg that favour to go and see her as often as the Doctor is willing I — should for I dont want to offend the Dr. in the least. but I feel willing to do anything sir that you think is best for me. —
Oh how I [illegible][guess: ought to] bless and adore that great and kind God that put it in the hearts some of his people to take so much Care of the poor Indians [illegible][guess: me] above all the rest. it seems to me I could go anywhere or do anything if it would do any good to my poor perishing brethren.
so I desire to subscribe myself your ever dutiful servant Sarah Simon
Sarah Simons April 4.—1769 —.