Elisha Gunn, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 September 2

Author Gunn, Elisha

Date2 September, 1767

ms number767502.3

abstractGunn writes to introduce an Oneida chief.

handwritingFormal handwriting is largely clear and legible.

paperSingle medium-sized sheet is in fair condition; it is thin and fragile with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear. The remnants of the wax seal appear to have preserved a fingerprint.

noteworthyIt is uncertain to whom Gunn refers when he mentions "Rev. Smith," although it is possibly Titus Smith.

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

Persistent Identifier
Rev. Sir
The bearer hereof Tho.[illegible][guess: c, e] King a Chief of the the Oneida Tribe living at Onaquaga arrived at my house last Wednesday on his journey to Boston, and Expected that I Should have Borne him Company, But I Cant by reason of my indisposition of Body I advised him to go By the way of Lebanon Thinking You Would not Take it amiss, we were in hopes of finding Mr. Chamberlain here to accompany him to your house But he is Not at home, I Should Be Glad to Come Down myself if I was Able, he is a man of Value and I hope may find favour [guess: where] Ever he goes, he desires that you will please to send an Indian Boy with him to Boston if you have any of the Mohawk Tribe that can Speak English as to Other particulars See The Rev. Mr. Smith's letter
these from Your Humble Servant Elisha Gunn
To The Rev. Mr. Eleazar Wheelock PS Sir You Seemed to think in Your letter that I had been Shy of Your house, if I am So, it is without any just grounds for it, I never was within twenty miles of Your house But twice in my life the first time I Called to see You and was kindly Treated the Second Time I intended to have kept Sabbath at Your house But stopped at Lebanon By a Storm and past Your house a Sabbath Evening with Some Company that would not Stop and was loath to Brake Company E Gunn
from Mr. Elisha Gunn September 2. 1767.
To The Rev. Mr. Eleazar Wheelock At Lebanon