Peter Jillard, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 March 2

Author Jillard, Peter

Date2 March, 1767

ms number767202

abstractJillard writes to express his admiration for Occom, and notes that his opinion is shared by many in Great Britain. He proposes that provision should be made for Occom and his family out of the funds collected.

handwritingHandwriting is loose though mostly legible; it is occasionally difficult to decipher letter case.

paperTwo sheets are in good condition, with moderate wear and creasing; tear around remnants of seal results in no loss of text.

noteworthyThe “Narrative” referred to on two recto was written by Wheelock and contained the credentials and recommendations of Whitaker and Occom, as well as an abbreviated account of the Indian Charity School and its mission. A note reading "Man 2. 1767 --" has been added in pencil to one verso.

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Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

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Rev. Sir /
I rejoice in the goodness of God that directed your thoughts to So excellent a Plan for propagating the Gospel among the Indians— It is I apprehend, in the General, ap­proved. Messrs. Whitaker & Occom have (in the places known to me) for the most part had great success.. It was Right to send over Mr. Occom , as a Specimen of the benefit of the School— As far as I hear he pleases in every Town & city— So much Simplicity appears in the man: So honest, guileless a Temper, with seriousness in his public Service., So well he speaks in public, & So well he acts in private, among his friends & mankind, that he engages their hearts— may you be as successful in training others to the ministry as you have been in him!— By virtue of the Power given to Mr. Whitaker, Such Gentlemen of Fortune & Character are now chosen on this side the Water, Trustees for the Money that may be raised, that I doubt not the Collection in Great Britain & Ireland will be exceeding Great. From the many Thousand Pounds in Capital, & the many hundred, the yearly Interest of the same, which will be advanced, permit me to be a Petitioner for the worthy Mr. Occom . Tis natural to enquire into his family & worldly Circumstances. His Children are, I apprehend, many, & Substance Small— yet the Good man seems to express full Contentment if he can have a Sufficiency to Improve his little Estate. Undesired, & entirely without his knowledge I write this in his favour; but though I write in my own name only, I'm persuaded, I might easily get many hundred Persons to join in the Same Petition— Shall I entreat, that you, Dear Sir, will make use of all the Interest for Effecting it— It must be supposed that the Great acceptance he meets with among mankind, adds considerably to the Collections, "This Preacher was born & bred an Indian He left his family— He risked his life on the Sea, for the good Cause. He is ready to Preach when desired— And behaves with a decency. that seems to give universal Satisfaction —
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In the Narrative P 27, I am much pleased with the words, Father, we are very glad you have come among us with the Good word of God, or God is news— we will by the help of God, Endeavour to keep the Fire which you kindled among us; and, will take our Old Customs, "ways, & Sins, and put them behind our backs & never look on them again; but will look straight "forward & run after the Christian Religion— May The Indian People be renewed' in the Spirit of their minds (may they be turned from the error of their ways & built up in their most Holy Faith). 'o, that, the Power of Godliness, the Love of God producing a Conformity to his moral attributes, all that is Pious, Right, & Good, may prevail among them! May their minds be enlightened, well-informed, & healthy; rightly disposed; possessing the Christian Temper! may duly regulated wills & affections, with a Behaviour corresponding, be the happy Effects of the Schools, & the Ministe­rial Services!— — As I have the Satisfaction of contributing my best Endeavours to the Increase of the Collections, it will be greatly promoted, by frequent accounts of the success which may attend the additional Schools in the Wilderness— That God will bless the Endeavors & Reward your Pious zeal in time & to all Eternity Prays
your Sincere Friend & Brother in the Gospel of Christ  Peter Jillard Bristol march 2nd 1767/
I shall esteem it a favour, if by one or other of the Ships, that sail from the Country to Bristol, I may at certain Seasons, receive Letters from you—
From Rev. Peter Jillard Bristol March 2nd 1767
Brsh 3:8 To The Rev. Mr. Wheelock at Lebanon In Connecticut America/ pd Mr. Walker [illegible: [guess: 1/2]]