Samson Occom, sermon, Habakkuk 2:15. Unidentified author, notes for sermon.

Author Occom, Samson


ms number003219

abstractOccom’s undated sermon, “Woe unto him who gives his neighbor drink,” is accompanied by notes for a sermon in an unidentified hand.

handwritingOccom's handwriting is clear and legible. The unidentified hand is looser and less formal, but largely clear and legible.

paperSeveral small sheets are folded into a booklet that was, at one time, bound with thread or twine. Paper is heavily worn, with significant loss of text.

inkBrown ink is heavily faded in spots.

noteworthyBeginning on seven recto, the document is written in a different, unidentified hand. There is a small pin in the inside seam holding the booklet together. An editor, likely 19th-century, has added notes on several pages in black ink. These notes have not been transcribed.

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

Persistent Identifier
[gap: worn_edge][guess: c]k [gap: faded] [gap: worn_edge]Woe unto him that gives [gap: worn_edge] Neighbour Drink! that [gap: worn_edge][guess: p] thy Bottle to him, and makest him Drunken also, that thou may look on their nakedness! Isaiah V. 11. Woe unto them, that rise up early in the Morning, that they may follow Strong Drink, that Continue until Night, 'til Wine inflame them. — verse. 22 Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of Strength to mingle Strong Drink. — — God, the Eternal beneficent Father of all — Saw fit to Create this World, and he filled it with variety of everything, both Animate and Inanimate Creatures The moving Creatures upon the Face of the earth are innu[gap: worn_edge][guess: me]rable and various, both great and Small, — And the feathered are Without Number, and of all sort and the productions of the earth amazing in their variety, both [gap: faded]
[gap: worn_edge] the just, [gap: worn_edge] [gap: worn_edge]efferent virtues [gap: worn_edge] [gap: worn_edge] in the things to grow o[gap: worn_edge] [gap: worn_edge] Earth — And variety of Fruits upon the Face of the Earth, — And the Lord, made a Garden also, and we must Conclude that it contained the Very Choice and the most excellent things in the World. — And the Sea the Lakes and all Streams were all full of every kind of fish, great and Small. — and the luminaries also were fixed in the Heavens, Like lanterns, The Sun the Moon and the Stars, were made to give Light to this World. — and when the Lord God, had Bountifully and Richly furnished, this World, with every necessary of Life — Then last of all, he made man for whom he made this World, — he was the Crown, the Glory, the Excellency and the Beauty of the whole Creation. For God made him in his own Image and likeness, Breathed into him the Breath of Life and he became a living and immortal Soul, — and the Lord formed
Wo[gap: hole][guess: ma]n also out of the [gap: worn_edge] Neig[illegible] [gap: hole]d they two were th[gap: hole] [gap: hole]ir that ever was, they w[gap: worn_edge][guess: er]e little lower the Angels — and the Lord gave the whole World —, placed in the garden and freely gave it to them, and every ꞈ in it except one Tree which was in the midst of the garden, they were not to eat of that, for in the Day, that they should of it they should die — and we must Conclude, that whilst they stood in their innocency, they they used every Creature Comfort agreeable to gods mind, they Glorified god in all things — and they fully engaged God, and that was their supreme happiness, — and had they Continued in that State of holiness, they might hence been happy to endless ages — But alas we find a melancholy account, of them; when the Tempter Came to our Mother with a lie; She put forth her Hand stole the forbidden Fruit and eat of it, and gave unto her husband also, and he eat of it
[gap: worn_edge][guess: w]hich they lost all, they lost [gap: worn_edge]blessed Enjoyment of god, [gap: hole][guess: t]hey lost the Image of god, and all their holiness and innocency, all Light and Comfort, — They plunged themselves and all their posterity into Sin and darkness, and all manner of misery, To Death. Temporal Spiritual and Eternal — This is the miserable Situation of mankind, he is now prone to all manner of Sin, — alas, where is man and what is man? The most Noble Creature is become the most Ignoble Creature. from being almost an Angel, is become a Devil. — He is now practicing all manner of Sins, — and amongst the various committed, drunkenness is one of the worst, yet it is growing amongst all Nations. — — — I Shall now Say Something from the Texts I have read; Some may think it Strange, that I should take so many Texts to make one discourse upon; I aim to Speak to two sorts of People in particular — I shall now take notice of the first —
Woe unto him that giveth his Neigh[gap: hole][guess: bo]ur Drink etc. — There is [gap: hole]ful use of all Creature Comforts, they were made for our Support and Comfort in Life — but when we use them beyond the bounds of Temperance we use them unlawfully, and Sin against God the Giver of all these Comforts — and there is Sin, both in Communicating and receiving those Comforts, as we See in our Text. — A dreadful is denounced, against him that gives Drink to his Neighbour, a bad intention —
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2nd Directions how to come [gap: worn_edge] as helpless Creatures. Hosea. 13. 9. Psalms. 89. 19. we must go to Christ as the only way. John. 14. 6. we must go to Christ as the only Saviour. Acts. 4. 12. we must go to Christ as the all Sufficia[illegible] Saviour. — Hebrews 7. 25. we must go to Jesus to save us from our Sins. Matthew 1. 21. — we must go to Christ to free us from the curse of the Law. Galatians 3. 10. — 13. we must go to Christ to obtain Pardon. Saint Luke. 24. 46. 47. Acts. 10. 40. 43. we must go to Christ to give us grace. Saint John. 1. 19. 17. 2 Corinthians 12. 9. we must go to Christ to obtain eternal Life John. 10. 10. John. 20. 31. John 3. 19. lastly we must go to Christ casting our Burdens on him, and receive him o[illegible] our Prince of Peace and King yea our all. — 3rdly. the privileges. etc.. the Sons of god. John. 1. 12. [illegible] if sons then heirs. etc.: Galatians 4. [gap: worn_edge][guess: 7] Romans 8. 14. 17. to what they [gap: worn_edge] heirs to. 1. 2. Timothy 4. 8. 1 Pet[gap: worn_edge]
[gap: worn_edge] Chronicles verses. fulfilled [gap: worn_edge] 61. 1 — 3 Luke. 4. 16 - 2[gap: worn_edge] the [gap: worn_edge][guess: T]ext. Matthew 11. 28. 1fulfilled.
Method of discourse. [illegible][guess: from] the Text. 1st Place. I shall endeavour to describe those persons, to whom this gracious call, or invitation is addressed. — 2nd place. I shall give few directions how they must Come. 3rdly I shall put the com[illegible][guess: pl]iers of this invitation in mind of the great privilege they entitle themselves to. 4thly address myself to the despisers of this call or invitation of Jesus Christ the Eternal son of god. 5thly conclude the whole with few words of Exhortation. — 1st. Place. the Call is to the sons of men. not devils. to those that are now in the Land of the Living. not the Damned Spirits. — the call is to the wonders, that are going post-haste to endless misery. — [gap: worn_edge][guess: b]ut more particularly. to those that [illegible] [gap: worn_edge]abous. and are heavy laden. [illegible][guess: Sent]] [gap: worn_edge] invitation is to those that pull themselves [gap: worn_edge] Matthew 18. 11. the invitation is to [gap: worn_edge] Matthew 9. . 13. yea the Chief of [gap: worn_edge] Timothy 1. 15. and the call is gen[illegible] [gap: worn_edge] [illegible][guess: Sert] of the Children of men! [gap: worn_edge][guess: 2]6. 27. 28. etc..