Samson Occom, journal, 1790 February 21

Author Occom, Samson

Date21 February, 1790

ms number790171

abstractOccom details his travels around New York State from February to March of 1790.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible. There are some crossed l’s and uncrossed t’s that have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperSmall pages folded vertically and sewn into a booklet are in fair condition, with light-to-heavy staining and wear. The edges on one recto and verso appear to have been trimmed, and the page is separated from the rest of the booklet. There is some preservation work on particularly worn edges.


noteworthyPart of this journal appears to have been lost. There are several blank pages, including four (five verso through seven recto) that are uncut at the top and, consequently, were not scanned. On seven verso, an editor, likely 19th-century, has added notes that have not been transcribed. There are red pencil marks sprinkled throughout. Individuals and places with names that are not legible have not been tagged.

Persistent Identifier
and there was A large Nr of People, and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] and the People attend ed well — after meeting I went to Deacon's Swans, and Lodged there —

Monday Febr 22

after B went on my way to Albany Stopt but a litle while, Dind with Mr John Andrews, in the after Noon, went on a gain, towards Bought[illegible] got to one Eqr Ot[illegible]ts and there Lodgd, and was very kindly entertaind, — —

Tueſday Febr 23:

after B went on again, Calld on two or three Friends, and So paſt on to half Moon Point Calld on old Mr Bogardus and there took DTea in the evening went to the
Point, Calld on my good Friend Mr J: Vanderwariker, and had a meeting at a widow Womans Houſe — and there was much People, and I Spoke from Eph 2: [gap: omitted] and the People behaved well — Lodgd at Mr Vanderwarikers — —

Wedneſday Febr 24:

Soon after eating I went back to Bough^t^ and in the Evening had a met at old Mr Fero's, and there was a large N:r of People, and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] and the People attended well Lodgd at the Same Houſe—

Thirdsday Febr 25:

Soon after Breakfaſt, took lea of the Family and went on towards Balls Town
got to Neſcayouna towards Night, I put up at one Mr Fiſhers,— and in the evening we had a meeting, and there was alarge number of People and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] Lodgd at theſame Houſe —

Fryday, ^26^

after Breakfaſt I went to Mr Gernſys, and there all Night — —

Saturday Febr 27

Some Time in the Morning, I went back to Mr Thomas Smiths, and there in the evening we had a meeting, Chiefly for Singing Andres, John Quinny Solon and his wife were at the meeting — Lodgd at the Same Houſe and reſted well—

Sabb Febr 28:

aſo Soon as eating was over, Mr Smith took me in his Slay, and we went to meeting at one Mr [gap: omitted] and there was a great Number of People and I Spoke from Jeſus Chriſ^t^ the Same &c — and the People attended well, Soon after m I went with Mr Gernſy. in his Slay,— and toward Night we had a meeting in his Houſe, and the People Coud not all get in, I Spoke from the words Sin is the Tranſgreſsion of the Law, — Lodgd at the Same Houſe —

Monday March 1

Stayd all Day at the Same Houſe I had forgot my Bag —

Tueſday March 2,

Soon after eating I went off, went to See my Daughter Chriſtiana in Balls Town, got there Some in the after Noon, and was there a while, and then wen^t^ on to Freehole,— got to Mr Northrops in the Evening and there Lodgd — — —

Wedneſday March 3:

^went^ to See my Daughter Olive, and found them well, but Cinhia Wawcus, She was poorly,— Soon went back and at about 11: we had a meeting, and there was a Conſiderable number of People, and I Spoke from Gala — I am afraid of you and the People attended well
Soon after meeting took Dinner, and then went off got to Mr Grotes and Lodged there and was well Treated —

Thirdsday March the 4:

got up early, and took B: with them; Soon after went on my way, got to Capt Rooffs and Lodged there and was kindly receivd. —

Fryday March 5:

after Breakfaſt, went on again Stopt a while at Mr Deans in Fort Plain, I heard Bro ther David and his wife were about a Mile off, went on again, and got to Esqr Franks in the Evening he and his wife were not at Home, and Lodged there

Saturday March 6:

Some Time in the morning I over to Fort Dayton Calld on Mr Talcut, but he & his wife were not at home and was there a while, and returned back with a Certain man to Esqr Franks again
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