Mary Secutor, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 November 16

Author Secutor, Mary

Date16 November, 1768

ms number768616

abstractSecutor writes to Wheelock for direction about her promise to marry Hezekiah Calvin, which she is reconsidering.

handwritingHandwriting is uneven, yet formal and mostly legible. On one verso, Wheelock's hand is informal and difficult to decipher. The trailer is in a third, unknown hand.

paperSingle small sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.

inkBrown inks vary in intensity.

noteworthyOn one verso, an addition in Wheelock's hand is possibly notes for a sermon. Within these notes, it is uncertain as to what is Wheelock's intention regarding the word "Souce," and so it has been left unmodified in the modernized transcription.

Persistent Identifier
Rev.d & Hon-ned Sir
I am in a Stand what to do about my Promes I have made to H. Calvin I, ^think^ it best not to M[illegible][guess: ary] Marry him I think he has [illegible]no regards for me more then he has any giral. So I en[illegible]tend to live Single. I have had more Regards for Calvin then ever I had for anny In[illegible]dian in my [guess: fife] I have minded him for enough I think, (tho I have the Same love as ever I had,) not to Cuple before he has. Sir far Mar–ge we agreed nothing to part us but death, now I know not what to do if we Should have one another [illegible]he will always think that I Like hem not, So I will Say nothing to him untell I hear from you Sir I hope yo will ^[left][illegible]^ if it is my tell me what is my duty to do & I will do it. my [illegible] Parents are a mind I shou^ld^ have Calvin I love him well enough but what to
do I know not but I hope I Shall be Derected to do what is rite, So I will Commit
So Remain your Obedient Servnt Mary Secuter
[left]Mary Secuter Nov,r 16. 1768.
T the Revent Docetor Wheelock att Lebanon
[below]D.1. how ever great y.e [illegible][guess: [Senſ] Souce of want ^his Neceſsities^ may be, and however abund.t and Earneſt his Endrs for leif may be he dos nothg out of Obed.c to God, & Nil y.t G. commands him to do before Faith. D.2. y.e Promiſes of G. are as much to ye Serv,t as ^ya^ can be. and as Sure as he harkens to and obeys ye comds of G. So Surely he will ha' ye releif promiſed =