Allyn Mather, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 November 20

Author Mather, Allyn

Date20 November, 1767

ms number767620.1

abstractMather writes that he is not content at college.

handwritingHandwriting is small and slanting, yet formal and clear. The trailer is in an unknown hand.

paperSingle large sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear. There are signs of old tape on one verso.

noteworthyAn editor, likely 19th-century, has added a note under the trailer on one verso. This note has not been included in the transcription.

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Rev.d & Honoured Sir/
Senſible of the oblagations that I am under of Duty & affection. — I would in ^a^ submiſsive humble manner addreſs you with a few Lines,— Your kindneſs & Paternal care you have exerciſed towards me, give me the greateſt reaſon to think that you are alwais con‐ſulting my good, & happineſs, & that it would be exceding agreable to hear from me, every opportunity. which I would enforme you through a kind & indulgent providence, Injoy a Tollerable good s^t^ate of heath, & ſhould be able to follow my Studies with eaſe & delight, if it was not for thoſe many arrands which do almoſt keep me upon continu^al^ run, for this I have been obliged ^to^ study Evinings, till my Eyes have felt the bad affects thereof. Reſpecting College affairs, I believe ingeneral are conducted very wiſly, peace & good ordere seems to prevail. the Preſidend appeairs to be frindly, & Tutors likwiſs Notwithſtanding I enjoy not that contentedneſs of Mind which I uſe to do while under your care & inſtruction, for my pr^i^viliges are not so great as they were then, particular as to divinity, I am as ignorant as when I came from home if not more so —, the Preſident has set apart Satturd^a^y for that purpoſe that we may study Divinity, I hope it will be somwhat better, but I am afraid not, we recite the Aſsem‐blies shorter Catechiſm.— It is my preſent thought this ^is^ not the place to qa^[illegible][guess: l]^lify ^a^ Miſsionary for Indian service, som private School I shoud I should think would be better fror that purpoſe, I have som reaſons to give tim why, it is so, itf time would parmit it is now[illegible] twelve oclock at Night, I muſt aſk liberty to subſcribe my self. —
Your Dutifull Pupil & Moſt obedient humble Servent Allyn Mather
To the Rev.d E Wheelock D.D.
Allyn Marthers Nov.r 20. 1767