Accounts, Indian Charity School, 1767 May 6

Date6 May, 1767

ms number767306.1

abstractAccounts of the Indian Charity School from May 1766 to May 1767. Wheelock’s account with Moses Peck.

handwritingHandwriting is formal, yet small and occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperLarge single sheet folded down the middle is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.

noteworthyDue to ledger tanscription format, line breaks may not exactly match those of the document.

Persistent Identifier

Mr Eleazar Wheelock of Lebanon Account with Moſes Peck of BoſtonHeading spans pages 1v and 2r on the original folded sheet.

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Dr Cr
June 2.d By Ballance of Last acco.t adjusted this Day ✓59..19..1 By Bill of Exchange Drawn, on Mr Whitaker,for £100 Sterling is 133..6..8
By a Note of hand Signed by Mr John Smith ✓70..5..1 1/[illegible][guess: 2] May 28th One Ditto fro £52..13..9 is 70..5..1 1/[illegible][guess: 2]
June 13th by Cash for pare of Sta[illegible][guess: ys] for his Daughter ✓1..2..1 1/[illegible][guess: 2] Sepr by Cash Recd of Mrs Smith 4..12..0
by Cash pd Joshua Davis for gyour wigg ✓3..3..3 Oct.r 31st by Cash Rec.d of Mrs Smith 7..4.0
by Cash pd John Winſlow for Hatts his acc.t of May 29th ✓8..2..8 Nov.r 14 by Cash Rec.d of Secretary Oliver 10..0..0
by Cash pd E: De Jurſey for hatt pr Daughter ✓0..7..10 1767
by pr Gloves 1/10 by Cash 2/8 ✓0..4..6 May 6. By Sundries for my Son ⅌ your Acco.t 19..9..5
by Cash pd Willm Daws ✓4..3..1 244.17.2 1/2
one p.r Sleve buttens pr Daughter ✓0..5..4 Ballance due to Moſes Peck 20..12..
augt 20th By Cash pd M.r Wheelock with my one hands ✓56..4..0 referred to your Debt in new Accot
by Cash pd the taylors for makg his Daughters Cloath.g ✓0..12..10
by Sundry Articles of marchentdize &c ✓4..10..9 [illegible][guess: 1/2]
to five Weeks boarding pr Daughter a[illegible] 6/8 ✓1..13..4
Sepr 26 by [illegible] w.t Sole Leather at 8/ old [illegible][guess: J]enr ✓4..19..2
Octr 22 by 4 Calf Skins & one hide of Neets Leather ✓2..9..4
by frait of Cask from London ✓0..10..6
Nor by one Corn fan ✓0..10..0
Feby 3d by Cash pd S.r Wheelock, your Son ✓36..13..4
apr 15th by Cash pd Capt Hall for frait of 2 boxs of goods ✓0..8.0
by truck.g [illegible][guess: Ditto] ✓0..1..6
by Cash pd J: Main for Books 9..3..5
£ 265..9..2 1/2 £26[illegible]5..9..2 1/2
Boston May 6. 1767 Errors Excepted [illegible][guess: fr] Moſes Peck
M.r Peck's Acco.t settledMay 1767