Samson Occom, journal, 1765 November 21

Author Occom, Samson

Date21 November, 1765

ms number765621.6

abstractOccom details the events of his time in Great Britain.

handwritingOccom's hand is largely clear and legible. There are several uncrossed t’s, crossed l’s, undotted i’s, and dotted numeral I’s; these have been corrected by the transcriber. In several instances, Occom has dotted an e; although it is uncertain whether he intended to correct an e to an i or vice versa, the transcriber has used the correct spelling in each case. In cases where it is uncertain as to whether or not Occom is purposely indenting, transcriber has used her discretion.

paperSeveral small sheets are folded into a book with a sewn binding and marbled-paper cover. The paper is in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining and wear.


noteworthyThere are red pencil marks throughout. Another hand, likely 19th-century, has underlined various names and words throughout in black ink. This editor's changes and additions have not been transcribed. On 12 recto, at the bottom of the page, the same hand has written “(see W–d vol 3. p. 339)” possibly a reference to the journals of George Whitefield. Beginning with 26 verso, the text is upside-down in relation to the first 24 pages of the journal. On 27 verso, Occom notes that he has written to “a Negro Girl Boston.” It is highly likely that this refers to the poet Phillis Wheatley. Place and person names that are not legible have not been tagged.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain, Occom’s inoculation

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Nineteeth-century editor not transcribed.
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Mohegan Novr 21: 1765

The Honorable Commiſsioners In Connecticut New England for propigating Chriſtian Knowledge & Letterature among the Indians hav­ing Maturely Conſulted the Expeediancy of Sending Some fit Perſon to Europe to Cali[illegible][guess: ect] aſsiſtance from God's People at Home in this Heavy and good Work — and appointed the Revd Nathaniel Whetaker to go — and thought it good to Send me to acompany him — and Acordingly, not Doubting the Call of god, and my Duty to go, on Thirdſday the 21 of Novr as above; in obediance to the Strange Call of Providence, having Commited my Self Family and Friends to the Care of Almighty God, took Lieve of them about 11 A:M: and went on my Journey towards Boſton
Boſton in order to take a voige from thence to Europe

Saturday Novr 23

ariv'd at Boſton about 3 in the after noon, and put up at Mr Moſes Peck's and was very kindly receiv'd by him — on Wedneſday following Mr Whetaker, ^with^ whome I was to tra­vel return'd to Boſton from Portſmouth, met with good incouragement by Friends Eaſtward, he Brought with him, almoſt Enough for our voige Paſage, — Hea^r^e we Stay^d^ in Boſton near 5 weeks, — Friends in this place to the affair we are upon appear as [illegible] near [illegible]and Sincere as ever and increace Daily —
The Adverſaries Stand at a Diſtance Like Shemei, But they don't Speak aLoud as they did, they now Contrive their Projects in Secret, — and it is Suppoſe^d^ they are preparing whips for us (Letters) for us to Send to Europe by the Same Ship, we are to igo in —

Monday Decr 23

a bout 9 in the Morning went a Bo^a^rd in Boſton Pa[illegible]cket a Ship, John Marſhall Capt, and at 9 and half we Spread Sail to wind — Truſting in ^ye^ Living god — there was four Paſanger of us Mr John Williams and Mr Thomas Brom­field of Boſton, Mr Whetaker and I —
we had very agreeable Company, The worſhip of god was Caried on Daily, and had a Sermon every Sabbath, the goodneſs of god is very great to us, — we had favourable Winds except 3 Short Spells of hard Gail, we lay tow, and when we got within [illegible][guess: 3]200 Leagues of Lands End, moderate Eaſterly winds met us, SAnd Stopt us 1520 days and remarkable warm weather we had moſt of the Time — and then we had Some favourable winds, — and Sabbath the 2d day of Feruary ^1766^ about 10 in the morning we diſcover'd the land of England, — and the wind headed us again, and the next wDay which was ye 3 of Febr we wen^t^ a Shore on great Briton in a [illegible]Fiſh Boat, and land at a Place Call'd Bricksham, [illegible]
in Tar Bay 1200 mils from Lan^d^ Juſt after Sun Set, and put at one widow womans Houſe — Beſsed be thiy great Name oi god for thy goodneſs to us over the waters and hast brought us upon the Land, Lord wri[illegible][guess: g]^[illegible][guess: te]^ a Law of thankfullneſs in our Hearts, and preſerve me on the Land as wthou hast done on the [illegible]Seas, and deliver me from all Evil, eſpecially from the Evetl of Sin — —

Febr 4

went on our Journey Early in the Morning on Horſe Back, got to Exon about 4 pm 30 M' from Bricksham we were Calld up half after 10 in the Night, & went off in a Coach ^of [illegible][guess: Six] Horſe^ at 11, from Exon prety Large City and reachd to a City Call'd Salsbury about 10 in the even^g^ we went a 100 miles this Day
But we had very Cold Day,— Thanks be to god for his goodneſs to us heatherto —

[illegible] Thirdsday Fer 6

we were Calld up again Juſt before 2 and at 2 in the Morning we went on our Journey — and by the goodneſs of [illegible]God, ^we^ ariv'd to London about 7 in the Evening, and we Call'd upon Mr Debert, and were Kin^d^ly re[illegible][guess: ie]ivd, and Lodg'd there, in ye Morning Mr Smith of Boſtn Came to See us, and Conducted us to Mr Whetfields, and were Extreemly well receiv'd by him, O how marvillous is gods goodneſs to us thus far — Mr Whitfield & other[illegible][guess: del s] Friends here adviſe [illegible]not to be open as yet, — we rode with Mr W[illegible]hitfield ^in his Chaiſe^ to a good Friends ^H^ ^and Din'd there^ but we were Private about it, Lodgd at Mr Whitefields —

Saturday Februr 8:

was at Mr Whitefields Conceil'd — and on Sabbath 9th Febr was Still Conce^ld^

Monday Februr ye 10th

Mr Whitefield too^k^ Mr Whetaker and I in his Coach and Introduc'd us to my Lord Dart­mouth, and apear'd like a worthy Lord indeed, Mr Whitefield Says he is a Chriſtian Lord and an un­Common one — after we Pay'd our Compliments to my Lord Mr Whitefield Caried us to my Lady Hotham's, and She receiv'd us with all Kindneſs, and She is an aged woman, and a mother in Israel, and we w rode abou^t^ Both in the City and out, — the Land about the City ^&^ in the Coun­try is like one Continued CGarden. — laſt Sabbath Evenig I walk'd with Mr Wright to Cary a letter to my Lord Dartmouth and Saw Such Confution as I never Dreamt of — there was Some at Churches Singing p[illegible] & Preaching, in the Streets Some Curſing [illegible]Swaring & Damning
one another, others was holl[illegible][guess: ow]ing, wheſtling, talking gigling, ^&^ Laug^h^ing, ^&^ Coaches and footmen paſs­ing and repaſsing, Croſsing and Creſs-Croſsing, and the poor Begers Praying, Crying and Beging upon their knees — Tueſday Dind with Mr Savage, and in the eveng Mr Whitefield and his people had Love Feaſt at the Chappel. Mr Whitaker and I Join'd with them

Wedneſday Febr 12

rode out agai^n^

Thirdſday Febr 13

Mr Whitefeld Caried ^us^ to the Parlament Houſe there we Saw many Curioſitees, from thence went over Weſtmin­ſter Bridge a Croſs the River Thames made all of Stone — thence went to Greenwich, and ^had^ a glance of ˄ Hoſpital there But it a Tedious Cold rainy [illegible]Day ^it^ was — — we were Introducd by Mr Whetefield to M Faudagal a Quaker —
got home again in the Evening —

Fryday Febr 14

Early in the morning Mr Whitefield Carried tous to Mr Romains and Introducd tus to him and to Mr Madin — and to Mr Singenhagan and old Apoſtolec german Miniſter, — and returnd Home again — — Mr Whetefield takes unwearied Pains to Introduce us to the religious Nobility and others, and to the beſt of men in the City of London — Yea he ^is^ a tender father to us, he provids every thing for us, hase has, ^got^ a Houſe for us, — ^ye^ Lord reward him a thouſand a Thouſand fold — He is indeed ^a father^ in God, he has made him a Sprititual Father to thouſands and thouſands, and god has made him a Temporal father to the poor, — His Houſe is
Surrounded with the poor, the Blingd, the Lame, the Halt and the mamed, the widow, & the Fatherleſs, from Day to Day, God Continue his uſeful Life, Sabbath I Preach'd in Mr White­field's Tabernacle to a great Multitude of People; I felt .....

Monday Feby 17

Mr Whitefield preſented us to Dr Gifford a famous Paptiſt Miſniſter and were receiv'd Extreamly well — and Dined with him — — —


we Stayd Home —

Wedneſday Febr 19

we were Con­ducted to See the Kings Horſes Carriages and Horſemen &c — and t[illegible]hen went to the Pt Houſe and went in the Robing Room and Saw the Crown firſt, and Saw the King, had ye Pleaſure
of Seeng him put on his Royal Robes and Crown, — He is quite a Comly man — his Crown is Richly adorn'd with Diamonds. how grand and Dazling is it to our Eyes — if an Earthly Crown is So grand — How great and glorious muſt the Crown of the gloriou^s^ Redeemer be at the right ^hand^ of the majeſty on High — [illegible] tho' he was once Crown'd with Thorns — The aAtendence of King[illegible] greorge is [illegible]very Sur­prizing, as he went to the Houſe of Parlament ^he &^ his glorious Coach was was atended with foot men Juſt before and behind yea all round, and the Horſemen Juſt behind and before the foot men, and the Bells & all Sorts of Muſickal Inſtru
Inſtruments Playing, and the Cannan Firing, and Multitude^s^ of all Sorts of People Throning all Round — if an Earth King with his ^atendc^ So great, — How grand how Dreadful and g[illegible]lorious muſt the appearing of the Son of god be — when he Shall Deſend from Heaven, to Judge the World, He will deſend with Cherubems and Sarephems with Angels and Archang^els^, and with Sound of the Trump^et^ and with great Power and glory ^with Thunder & Lighting^, — and the Family of Heaven, and Earth, and Hell Shall appear before him, and the Eliments Shall melt with fervent Heat — Lor Jeſus prepare me for thy Second Coming —
we went Emediately from Seing The King, to Dine with a Nobleman My Lord DartMouth a moſt religious Noble-man and his Lady alſo, the moſt Singular Cupple amongſt Nobility in London ^Dinner^, — This Day alſo went to W[illegible]eſtminſter Abey, and had a fuler Vew of the Moniments ^[below]Saw Bedlem alſo —^ in the Evenig we return'd again to Mr Whitefields — —

Thurdſday Febr– 20

this is the [illegible]Queen Chalottes Birth Day, was Conducted to St James's where the Royal Family and the Nobi­lity were to be together to keep a Joyful Day — but we were too late, however we ^Saw^ Some of the Nobility In their Shining Robes and a throng of People all a'round, — the Sight of the Nobi­lity put me in mind of Dives and
and the Rich Gluton, and the poor reminded me of Larzerus — what great Difference there is Between the Rich and the Poor — and what Diference there will is and will be, Between [illegible]Gods poor and the Devils Rich &c — o Lord God Amighty let not my Eyes be Dazled with the gliter­ing Toys of this World, but let my be fixt and my Soul Long after JX who is the only Pearl of great Price — This evening went into our Houſe whic^[illegible][guess: h]^ Mr Whitefie^l^d Provided for us and all the Furniture alſo — and a Made to wait on us — Bleſsed be god, that he has Sent he Dear Servant before, us —

Fryday Febr 21:

was Con­ducted to the Tower Saw the Kings Lions Tygers Wolf and
Leopards &C — — Saw the Kings Guns and the monoments of antient Kings on Horſe Back and their Soldier^s^ on foot with their Antient Ar­mour of Braſs and Tin — — Din'd with Mr Keen, and then went to a funeral, Mr White­field gave and Exhortation to the People and then Pray'd — Saturday Febr 22 went to See Docr Burton a Miniſter of the Church of Endgland, was Introduc'd by Mr Smith of Boſ­ton, and the Docr was very Kind, he wou'd have feign perſwaded me to ˄ Holier Orders and I modeſtly toold him, had no Such vew when I Came from Home, and added, I had been Ordained Six Years in a Diſsenting way. —
this after Noon Mr Whitaker & I went to wait upon Docr Chandler an[illegible] old Diſenting Miniſter, found him very Careful in his own way Gave us Advice not to own Mr Whitefield a Friend either to Deſenters, or to the old Standards of the Church of England Promiſ'd his Countenance to the Affair we are upon —

Sabbath Feb.r 23

in the morng I heard Mr Davis in the Tabernacle in the after noon I heard Dr Gifford in the Evening I Preachd at Dr Giffords — and Lodg'd at his H– this Night —

Monday Feb.r 24

went home Early in the morning —

Tueſday F 25

Din'd with Mr Savage

Wedneſday Febr 26:

this af­ter noon went to See Dr Gibbons an Independent Miniſter, receiv'd
us kindly[illegible] and promiſ'd to aſsiſt us according to his Influance, in our Great Buſineſs, —

Thurſday Febr 27

Preach'd at Docr Conder's Meeting Houſe, went from the meeting to Sup with Mr Randal, — I have kept Houſe now above a week by reaſon of a Cold I have — —

March 11: 1766 on wedneſday

about a Quater after 3 PM — I was Inoculated by the Revd Mr Whitaker Near Mr G– Whitefields Tabernacle in London

Wedneſday March 13:

I was violently Shoikd with the working of Phiſi^c^ks was very
full of Pain all Day — was kindly viſited by genn and Ladies Conſtantly — and had two Dors to do for me — on the 20th of March I began to Break out — and had it bu^t^ light — and was attended like a Child by my Friends — I Cou'd'n't be taken Care of better by my own Relations, I had a very tender and Carefull — Nureſe a Young woman — and by the firſt Day of April I was Intirely well, all my Pock Dried up, and Scabs Dropt off — O how great is gods gooddneſs and Mercy to me — O that god wou'd enable me to live Anſwerable to the mercies and fa­vours I injoy — and that he wou'd Cure my Soul of
all Spiritual Diſeaſes by the Blood of JX which Cleanſeth of from all Polution — and that he ^woud^ fit and prepare me for himſelf —

April 5

went to Some Diſtan^ce^ from our Houſe —

Sabbath April 6:

took my laſt Phyſick after my Pox — Juſt at Night My Lady Huntington Came to Mr Whitefields, and we were Introduc'd to her by Mr Whitefield and She is moſ^t^ Heavenly ^woman^ I believe in the World, She apears like a Mother in Israel indeed — a woman of great Faith —

Monday April 7

[illegible] I went about the City good Deal — I am ^Now^ Continually Invited by my our Good Friends, —

[illegible][guess: Fri]Th[illegible][guess: u]rſday April 10

went ^over^ Thames with Mrs Webber to a Private Meeting — —

Fryday April 11

went with Mr Weekes to Meeting at the Lock

Sabath April 13:

Preach'd at Dr Chandler's — and was very ill a midſt my Diſcource —

Wedneſday April 16:

we Din'd with Docr S^t^ennet a Paptiſt Mineſter, a very worthy Man — and hearty Friend to the Buſineſs we
are upon — V — —

Turſday^wedneſday^ April 23

we Break faſted with Dr Stennet

Thurſday April 24:

I went to See Dr Condor, a very worthy Miniſter and a Hearty Friend to the Buſineſs we are upon, — and went from the Drs to Mr Brewers, and was very kindly receivd — he is a warm Sevt of JX —

Wedneſday April 22:

Preach'd in the Evening at Mr Whitefield's Capel, to a great Multidtude, andthe Ld was preſent with us I hope —

Sabbath April 27:

In the Preach'd at Little St Hellens [illegible][illegible] the Davenſhare Square and I S[illegible]omthing of a freedom in the after Noon —

Monday April 28

went to See Several Gentn Mr Dilly gave me 4 Book for my own uſe — — Din'd with Mr Barber a good Diſenting Miniſter — then went with Mr Whitaker to Mr Baileys, and Mr Whitaker Baptiz'd a Child for him, — and then went home,

Wedneſday April 30

we went to wait upon his grace the Arch Biſhop of Canterbury
and he apear'd quite agreable and Friendly — In the evening I Preach'd at Mr Whitefield's Tarberna­ cle to a Crouded Audience and I believe the Ld was with us of a trouth —

Thur[illegible]dsday April^May^ 1st

[illegible]Dr Stennet Introduc'd us to the Arch Biſhop of York, and we found him a greable Gentleman, and and Friendly Diſpoſ'd to our Cauſe, and Promiſ'd to do Something towards it — and then went from there to Mr onſlow an old Genttleman from Speaker in the Houſe of Commens — he apear'd
w very Freindly to us & was well pleaſd to ^Heer^ the Indi­ans in America were In­clind to receiv'd the Goſpel —

Sabbath may 4:

Preachd at Mr Barber's meeting and had Some Freedom in Speaking — and in the after noon I Preach'd at Mr Brittons Meeting a worthy Baptiſt — to a Crouded Audiance and the Ld was with us in a meaſure — — —

Monday May 5

we went out with Dr Stenne^t^ but we were Diſapointed in our viſets — and we went to Sr Charles Hotham to return thanks
to him for generous Donation to our Buſineſs — found him full of god, his talk was no­thing but about Jeſus X —

Wedneſday May 7

we Din'd with a Number of Miniſters and other Gentlemen at Bar­bers Hall, and found many gentlemen well Diſpoſd to­wards our Buſineſs — —

Thurſday May 8:

we went to Clapham, found Some Friends and oppoſition — — —

Sabbath may 11:

Preach'd at Mr Brewers to a Crouded Audience, and the Ld gave me freedom to Speak, and the People attended with grea^t^ affection — Praiſe be to god —
In the evening I Preachd at Mr Shillon's to a throng'd Congregation, and there was a Solemn appearence of the People. the was with us, Glory be to his great Name forever & ever —

Monday May 12

we wen^t^ to wait upon Mr onſlow and he appeard very Friendly to our Buſineſs highly aproved of it —

T[illegible] Tueſday

we Dind with Mr Savage — —


I Din'd with Mr Moriſon


we Din'd with
Thornton at Clapham a Sincere Chriſtian Gentn and a Hearty Friend to our afaire, and will uſe his Influence — we have Seen much of the goodneſs of god this week thanks be to his holy N–

Fryday may 16:

in the Evg Preach'd at Mr Clarkes & the gave me Some Strenght to Preach — and the People were very attentive —

Saturday may 17

we went to wait on Mr Jackſon the Second time Met Some what cold reception, —

Sabbath may 18:

Preachd at Docr Gifford's AM: with
Some freedom, in the after Preach'd at Dr Stennet's with Strength, beſsed be god for his Assiſtance —

wedneſday may 21:

I went to See Mr Romain was kindly receiv'd by him, he is freer man to talk about religion at Heart than Mr Whitfield we came into the Town together in a Coach — and then Mr Bulkley Conducted me to a Baptiſt Meeting where there was a Number of Baptiſts Miniſters about 20 of them after meeting I Dined with them, and they were very civil to me — and then I returnd home —

Thurſday may 22:

went to Mr Skinner's then Home, and from thence to a Meeting with Mr Told and his Family Mr Told Preach'd, — returning home we heard [illegible] a Man and woman killd By the Coach's over Setting, and a Cart runing over them — this Evening I was taken with a v^i^olent Purging. —

Fryday May 23

was very Sick with a Sort of Bloody and Kept me down a week before I was able to go out —

Sabbath June 1

I was able to go out to Preach in Prea^chd^ [illegible]at Mr Bulkley's a Baptiſt Mir and had but few hearers
In the after Noon Preachd for Mr Winter to a great Congregation found mySelf but week in Body — this weak I was Buſiy. geting ready to Send Some things to my Children, S

Saturday June 7

I went to North Hampton, got there Juſt before Night, and was receivd with all kindneſs —

Sabbath June 8.

Preach'd to at Mr Riland's Meeting Ho to a throngd Congregation, & the Ld gave me Some Streng^ht^ and the People attended with great Solemnity and Affectio^n^ and was told afterwards one young Man was Converted and hopefully Converted —
in the after Noon Preach'd in Riland's Yard to about 3000 recken'd, — . —

Monday June 9:

Mr Newton of olney about 15 miles off Came to fetch me to his Place after Breakfaſt we Sot off [illegible] [illegible]got rode in a Poſt chace there a little after 12: this Mr Newton is a Miniſter of the Church of England, he was a Sailor, and god marvellouſly turn'd him and he is a flaming Preachder of the Goſpel, — at Evening I Preach'd at one of the mee^t^ ings in the Place, to a Croud of People, — Lodgd at Mr Newton's, — a Number of good ^people^ live in this place bu^t^ very ^poor^ in this world —

Tueſday June 10

Mr Newton and I took a walk towards Northampton about miles — and there Breakfaſted, — and there we parted he went Back afoot, and I went on Horſe to Northampn got there about 12: Din'd with Mr Hextal one[illegible] of the Deſenting Miniſters of the place, — at 6 in the Even-g I Preachd the Meeting Houſe where Great Docr Doddrege was Miniſter, and there was a great Concourſe of people and attended with great Solmenity — Lodgd at Mr Riland's — there ^is^ a number of warm Chriſtians in this Town —

Wedneſday June 11

got up a little after 3 and was in a Coach before 4: and retur^nd^ to London — Got there a little after 6: — found my frien^ds^ well. Thanks be to god for ^his^ goodneſs —

Sabbath June 15:

Preachd in the Morning at Mr Bur­ford's Meeting had Some free­dom — in the after Noon I preachd at Mr Pitts, with Since of Divine things in the Evening Pr[illegible][guess: ea]cd at Shake ſpearss walk — and Supd — with Mr ware's this Evening —

Monday ^June 16^

wendt to Mr Thorntons at Clapham and was Entertain^d^ with all Kindneſs. he is a genn of emence fotune, and he is the right Sorts of Chriſtiens and a very Charitable man —
Lodgd with him this Night —

Tueſday Morning

Mr Thornton took me in his Chariot and Caried me to my Lodgings —

Wedneſday June 18:

I went in the Morning to See Mr Guinap a Baptiſt miniſter of Saffron Walden Breakfaſt[illegible]^'d^ with him —

W Thurdsday June 19

Preach'd in Mr John Weſley's Toundry to a Crouded Au­dience begun at 7 in the Evening — — —

Saturday June 21:

Mr wWhitaker and I went to Saffron Walden got there
before Night Lodg'd at Mrs Fuller's —

Sabbath June 22:

went to Meeting Mr Whitaker P[illegible][guess: d] and in the after Noon I Preachd to a Crouded Congregation, and I was very [illegible]Poorly, but I belive the Ld was with us of a truth and in the evening Preachd again to great Aſsembly and I had Some Strength, and the People made a Collection — —

Monday June 23

we re­turn'd to London, got ther^e^ Some time before night — The Ld be Praiſd for all his goodneſs to us — —
this Evening I heard, the Stage Players, had been Minicking of me in their Plays, lately — I never thought I Shou'd ever Come that Honor, — o' god wou^'d^ give me grearter Courage —

Thurdſday June 2[illegible]6

Din'd with Savage, in the Evening was viſeted by Mr Furly a Miniſter from Yorkſhare, one who truely Loves the Ld Jx I believe —

Fryday June 27.

Preach'd Early in the Morning at Mr Richadſon's Meeting,

Sabbath June 29:

Preachd at Mr Brewers in the [illegible]latter Part of the Day to a Crouded Congregation, and they th
made a Collection for us to the amount of 100:.[illegible][guess: 3]0. the Ld reward them a many fold in this life and in the world to Come Life everlaſ­ting —

Monday June 30

Mr Smith of Boſton in America, and I went Down the River Thames to Shearneſs by the Sea Side near Sixty miles from London we went by water So far as gra-^ves^ end, a fine Proſpect we had each Side of the River, flat Land, and very Fruitful, indeed it is like one Continue^ed^ garden — But the maloncholy Sight was to See So many
Malefactors Hung up in Irons by the River — we took Coach at Gravesend to Chatham and then wen by water again, and we Sail'd through a great Number of Man of War all the way to Share­neſs. Got there between and eleven, —

Tueſday, July 1.

we went all about Shearneſs, vewing every thing we Cou'd See, to­wards night we went to Bath­ing in Salt water, —

Wedneſday July 2:

we re­turn'd went by water So far as Chatham, and it Rian'd and Thunder'd very hard — while we were on the water
got to Chatham about 9 and there took Poſt Chaiſe and went on to London, got there about 6, found my friends well, and receiv'd Some Letters from America and by them my family was well the 29 of April laſt — Bleſsed be god for his tender Mercies to me and to mine, O that the Ld wou'd teach us to be thankful at all times —

Sabbath Junely 6:

Preachd at Mr Webb's Meeting to a Small Congregation — in the afternoon I heard Mr Preach, —

Monday June 7

I went to Clap­ham to See Esqr Thornton, and was very kindly recev'd, after Dinner Mr Thornton and I went
in Chace to [gap: omitted] and [illegible]ode all the after Noon and had very agreeable w ride — and we had a greable Con­verſation about religion of Jx — — Juſt at Night [illegible]we went to See his Sister ^Willber–^ at winbleton, and they were very urgent to have me Stay there that Night, and Lodgd there —

Tueſday Junely 8:

Mrs Willberforce Caried me in ^her^ Coach to London — She is a Sound Chriſtian — in the afterNoon I Din'd with Miſs gideon a Jewis [illegible]by Birt but a true Chriſtian, had a Sweet Con­verſation with her — from there went to See Sr Jame
Jay of new York in Ameria and then went ^to^ See Mr Wint[illegible][guess: forth] worth of [illegible]Portſmouth in Ame[illegible]rica and then went home —

wedneſday July 9

went to viſeting a gain but found none that I wanted to See —

Thurdſday July 10

went with Mr Whitaker to Several Places, and then went to Stepney and Din'd with a Number of Miniſters and were very kindly receivd by them — from thence I went thome —

Fryday July 11

went to ^wait^ upon Mr Penn but he was not at Home and it Thundred and rain'd very hard in the morn.g and returnd home again —

Sabbath July the 13

went in the morning to Dodford and at Mr olding's Meeting, a good Purita nical Independent, and we had a very Crouded Audience, and they made a Collection for us. went Directly to London and Preachd at Mr Stafford's Meetg But it was not very Crouded — after Meeting went with one Mr Cocks to Drink DTea and while we were at Tea I Se­riouſly ^aſ[illegible][guess: k]d^ Mr Cocks, who was to Preach at Mr whitefields's T. he with all gravity Said Mr Occom, Mr Occom? Says I, Yes Says he, I kown nothing of it Say I again, it is So Concluded Says he — So I emediately went and Preachd to a mul­titude of People, and the Ld gave me Some Strength
Bleſseded be his great Name

Tueſday July 15

went to Din'd MDocr Gifford, after Dinner we^nt^ with Sir James Jay to wait on one Mr Perſon, and Saw many of [illegible] his Curioſsities — and then went home —

Wedneſday July 16:

in the Evening Preach'd at Dr Giffords Meeting — to a Small number of People —

Thuirdſday July 17:

Mr W. and I went to Hitchin in a Stage Coach, about forty Miles from London, got there Jut about 12. and were re­ceiv'd with all kindneſs by our Friends — I Lodgd at Mr
Thomas's and Mr LWhitaker Lodg'd at Mr Wellſhare's —

Fryday July 18:

we wViſited all Day at Hitchin

Saturday July 19:

we went to Southwell I Preach'd to a Small number of People — the People made a Collection for us they a bCollected a bout £15 returnd again in the Eve^n^ing to Hitchin

Sabbath July 20

I Preachd in the Morning at Mr Hick­Man's Meeting a very worthy Minſter of Jx, — and in the after Noon Preach'd at Mr James's a Baptiſt Min– and a very worthy Man — the Meeting very Much Crouded
and as Soon as the meeting was done — a Poſt Chaiſe was re^a^dy for mey at the Door and I went Emediatly to Luton about 9 Miles from Hitchin, and in Mr Hall's Meeting, to a great Multitude and as Soon as the was done I went Back to Hitchin got there about 10. — the Lord gave me Some Since of Divine Things this Day, and gave me Some Strength — Glory be to his g[illegible]reat N[illegible]ame for his Condeſention —

Monday July 21

went Back to London — got there about 5 PM

Tueſday July 22,

went about to leave of my good Friends and wed­neſday and thurſday to Leave of my good Friends Heitherto the Ld helped us and glory be to his great and holy Name —
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Mr Matth Meller Lennin Draper Ro[illegible][guess: ſs] Herrefor[illegible]d Shire Briſtol, Coriſpodent Mrs Sarah Pearſe Mrs Mary Pollard
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Letters Sent to America ^March 1766^  to Mrs Occom — — — — 4  to Mr Peck ^[illegible]^ of Boſton — — 1  to Mrs Wheatley Boſton 1  to a Nergro Girl Boſton 1  to Capt Shaw N. London — 1  to Jo Uppauquiyantup — 1  to Mr Buell — — — — 1  to Mrs Tallmadge & Daughters. 2  to Ben Hedges — 1  to Loper — — — 1  to Mulford — — 1 to Mrs Occom April — 15 — 3[illegible][guess: 2] to Mrs Occom Ju[illegible]ne 2 to Mr wWells New York — — 1 to Mr Wood Shady Grove — 1 to Mr Bruſh Goſhen — 1
Mrs Routledges St Mart[illegible] Legrand in Deans C[illegible][guess: ourt]
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