Solomon Williams, letter, to Andrew Oliver, 1751 October 7

Author Williams, Solomon

Date7 October, 1751

ms number751557

abstractWilliams gives his opinion of the recent decision by the Boston Commissioners to send Samson Occom on a mission to Susquehanna and to pay him 20 pounds sterling per annum. He notes that, though Occom intends to marry, he has assured Williams this would not interfere with his missionary work.

handwritingLoose, informal handwriting is frequently difficult to decipher. There are several deletions and additions

paperMedium-sized sheet is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyAs noted in the trailer, this document is Williams's copy of his own letter.

EventsOccom’s Marriage

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Hond Sir
I [illegible]On the 7 of Septr 7 ^I Red from you^ the vote of ye Honle Commiſsi­oners Reſpecting Samſon Occum ſignifying their [guess: Judination] that the Sd Samſon (upon the deſire & Motion of ye Revd Mr Pemberton of N York) ^their [guess: Judination] that He^ ſhould go on a Miſsion to Suſquehana & officiate as a Catechiſt, & that They have voted him after the Rate of Twenty pounds Sterng p Annum & are Pleaſed to Deſire My opinion Reſpecting Their votes. I take leave to Inform you That Samſon when he was laſt here intimated his deſire to Marry a woman at Mantauk. I deſirdadviſd him heto muſt be Cautious in Chooſing a wife leſt he ſhould be intangled ^Put him ſelf^ in ſuch Circumſtances as Might Render him leſs able to anſwer the deſign of his Education for it being uncertain where the Commiſsioners would [illegible]Imploy him. he ſaid his Marrying there would not prevent his Readineſs to go where the Commiſioners ſhould pleaſe to Employ ^send^ him Either on the Iſland or the Main. I am not ſo acquainted with the Proſpect of his doing ſervice at Suſquehana as to be able to Judge whether it be beſt to adviſe to his going there ^be adviſable I know not [illegible][guess: but]^. The Sallery may at Preſent be Sufficient [illegible]to Support [illegible]Him. In theſe [illegible]Things I beg to be Excuſed from ^offerg my^ I only deſired ^only^ to know what the Pleaſure of the Commiſsioners was that I might be able to direct him ſo long as They Tho't fit to give him their orders Thro My hands.—
I am Sr with all due Reſpect Yr Hum.b Sert Solm Williams
Copy of My Lr to Mr Oliver Octobr 7 1751