Samson Occom, journal, 1743 December 6 to 1748 November 29

Author Occom, Samson

Date6 December 1743 to 29 November 1748

ms number743656

abstractOccom records his travels from 6 December 1743, to 29 November 1748.

handwritingOccom's hand is clear and legible.

paperSeveral small sheets folded into a booklet and bound with thread or twine are in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear.

inkDark-brown ink is faded in spots.

noteworthyOn one recto and 24 verso, there are doodles and scribbles, as well as what appear to be handwriting exercises. On one recto, an editor, likely 19th-century, adds the note: "Samson Occom's Journal from Dec.6.1743 to Nov. 29. 1748—." This note has not been included in the transcription. On four recto, the identity of Mr. B is uncertain, and so he has been left untagged. On four verso, the identity of Da– O– is uncertain, and so he has been left untagged. The latin sentence on five recto likely translates to: "My mother and her two children [or two of her children] came to remain at Mr. Wheelock’s for a time." On six recto, the identity of the "Queen" is uncertain, and so she has been left untagged. On six verso, it is uncertain as to whom "Deacon Wheelock" refers and so he has been left untagged. It is uncertain for what "D:Inst." is an abbreviation, and so it has been left unexpanded in the modernized transcription. Persons whose names are not legible have not been tagged.

Persistent Identifier

Samſon Occom of Mohegan [illegible] [illegible] Eliſabeth Eliſabeth E Eliſz

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1December the 6th 1743

I went to the Revd Mr Wheelocks of Lebanon Crank to Learn Som^e^ ting of the Latin tongue, and was there about a week, and was obliged to [illegible]Come away from there again to Mohegan, and Stayd a bout Fortnight at mohgs and then I return'd up to Mr Whees again. and Some time towards Spring again I went home to Mohegan, and Stayed Near three weeks before I return'd to Mr Wheelocks again. and Auguſt the 7th A:D 1744 I wen^t^ a way from Lebanon to Mohegs and I got So far as Mr Bs at Norwitch that Night, & In the Morning I Sot out from thence, and I got home to Mohegan Juſt before Noon

2Auguſt the 13th

I went from Mohegan to Nahantuck, and viſited all the Indians, and I Return'd Home again to Mohegs in the 16th of D Inſtant, and So imedeatly up to Mr Wheelocks And September the 7th we So[illegible]t out from Lebanon for New- Haven, and we got there in the 10th of September, and there we had the ^plan^ of Seing the Scholar^s^ Commi^n^ſt, and we Return'd homeward again in the 12th of Sepr. and we Got home again in the 20th of D:Inſtant

Novr the 7th AD: 174[illegible]4

Da– O– was taken Si[illegible]ck and I went Down to See him in the 12 of D:Inſtant, and I Return'd again in the 17th of D:Inſtan^t^ to the Revd Mr weelock's —

Ja[illegible]nuary the 11th AD: 1744

I Sot out from Lebanon
3for Mohegan and I got there about Sun-Set and the next Day to Mothers at bozrah — and in the 14th of D[illegible] Inſt I return'd again ^to^ the Revd Mr Wheelocks.

Febry the 23d 1744^[below]/5^

mater mea et Duo Libri Ejus venierunt ad Dominum Wheeloc^k^ manere ibi Tempori,

March ye 20th 1745

I went from Leba to Mohegan and I there yt Ni[illegible]ght, and in the 4th of April AD: 1745 Joſeph John‐ſon and I went over to Groton and there we Saw Joſept wa^[illegible][guess: u]^ the firſt time that ever I Saw him, and we Return'd home a gain in the 6th of D:Inſtan^t^ and in the 11th of April I red home a gain up to Lebanon and June 24th AD 1745 I went Down to Mohegan and got there [illegible]that Day ^and was sick there^, and I retd again in the 14th of July to Leb

4Auguſt the 20th 1745

I went away from Leb– to Mohegan, and I return'd to Lebn again in 23 of D Inſtant

Auguſt the 26th AD: 1745

I Sot out from Lebn for Norwich and from thence to Plainfield and So next from there to Canterbury and Wedſdy I got to Windham, and thirdſday I got home to Lebn

Sepr the 7th AD: 1745

I Sot out from Lebn for Mohegan [illegible] and ^got^ there Some time before Night And in the 10th of Sepr we we Sot out from Mohegan for Nahantuck, and in the 12th of D:Inſtant we 'turd again to mohegan, and in the 13th of Sepr
5Many of us Sot out from Mohegan for Long-Isla and we got So far as New London that Night, & in the Morning we Sot Sail from there, and we got t[illegible]o the Place of our Deſire in the Evening, and Some of us Lodg'd at Quee^ns^ Wigwaum that Night, and there we were very kindly Entertain'd by all of 'em, we had Several Meetings togather, and there was Some Stir amon^g^ 'em ,— And in the 18th Sepr We all Return'd home a gain to Mohegan, and to Several Places where we belong'd, and we didnt get home till ^the^ 19th of S Sepr Some tim in the Evening, And I [illegible]went
6 to Lebn 23d of Sepr

Decer ye 16th 1745

we Sot out from Lebanon Crank for windham, and we got there at night, and I Lodg'd at Deacon Wheelock's yt Night, and the Next day at windham, and in ye 18th of Decer between 2 & 3 o' Clock in the after Noon, the Poor Girl was Executed, and I went right home to Lebanon that Day —

May the 2d AD 1746

I Sot out from Crank for Mohegan, and I arived there about 3 o' Clock in the after Noon and I Return'd in 16th of may

Auguſht the [illegible]d AD: 1746

I Sot out from Lebanon for Mohe– and got there before Night — and Return'd again in the 8th of Auguſt

7 [illegible] Auguſt the 26th AD: 1746

I went from Lebanon to mohe– and got there the Same day — And I Return'd to L– again the 27th of D Inſt — April ye ye 6th 1747 went from [illegible]Leba– to Mohegan and got at Night —

April the 25th AD: 1747

I retur to Lebanon

June ye 7th AD: 1747

Sot out from Lebanon for Mohegs and got about 1 'o C in the after Noon —

June ye 25th

we Sot out from Mohegs for Nahantuck, and return'd from thence agan to Mohegs the 28th of D:inſt and I Return'd to Lebanon ye 30th of June

July ye 7th

I went to Infield, and the next Morning to L: Meadow and from thence Right Back ^[below]to^
8to Infield and so Right thro^[illegible]^ to Windſor, and then to Hart‐ford, and then from thence to — L: Crank again —

July ye [illegible] 16th

I went from L: to mohe. and got there the Same Day —

Tueſday NAuguſt ye 26th

I Return'd to Lebanon From Laſt Spring to this Time I have Loſt 11 weeks

Novr ye 2d

went from L: to Mohegan — and Return'd to L: again, the 9th of Sd Inſt

Novr ye 10th

I Left Leba–C: and went Down to Some parts of New-London, and kep School there at ye windter —

March the 12 AD 1748

I went up to Lebanon C:, & and got there about 3 'o C
9 in the after Noon — and March the 14th Sir Maltby and I Sot very Early in the Morning from L:C: for Hebron, and got there a bout 8 'o C: — And March the 16th I Sot out from Hebron for Mohegs and got there be -^at^ fore Night — and Came up again to Hebron the 18th of Sd I–

May the 22d

I went from H:n Down to Mohegan — and ret: tto Hebron again ^in^ the [illegible] 2d of June

June 17th

went from Hebron to Mohegan — and Return'd again in the 22d of Sd Inſt

Auguſt the 6th

Samuel Lee and I went from Hebron to Lyme

Auguſt the 10th

I Sot out from Naha^n^ for Mohegan, and got there  before Night
10 (10)and in the 11th of Sd Int I return'd Back to Hebron, and in the 13 Sd inſt I was at Mr wheelocks —

September ye 9 AD: 1748

I went Down to mohegan and got there before Night —

Sept. ye 15th

we Sot out from mohegan for [illegible]Nahantuck and we got there Some time before Night —

Sept the 21d

I returnd Back to Mohegan

Octr the 3d AD: 1748

I return'd to Hebron, oOctr the 6th I went Down to Norwich and returnd back to Hebron the Same Dady

Monday Novr ye 14th

I went to Mr Wheelocks — and went to Hebron Same Day —

Novr the 17th 1748

I Sot out from Mr Pomroy's to Lebanon, Intending to Set out from thence to Boſton; But I was Diſappointed, and So turn'd
my Courſe to Mr Wheelock's; and Fryday Novemr ye 18 I Sot out from Mr Wheelock's for Boſton, and got So far Mr Bingham's [illegible]in Windham, and Lodg'd there and was Very kindly Entertain'd, and Saturd– Novemr the 19th Sot out from thence on my Journey, and Stop't at Mr Moſley's in ScotLand, about one hour, and then went on and ^got^ So far as Mr William's in Pomfret, and there taried over the Sabbath, and was Exceedingly Well Treated all the while I Stay'd there —

Nover the 21 Monday Morning

I Sot out from Pomfret on my Journey Still and got So far as Hill's which is 30 Miles this Side Boſton

Tueſday Nover the 22d

as Soon as it was Day we Sot out from thence onward, and I Left my Company by ye way, and I got to Rockſbury be- 2 & 3 O' C. in the after Noon So Strait to Boſton; and Return^d^ to Roxbury in the Evening and
Lodg'd at Capt Williamss & was Entertain'd with all kindneſs &c —

Saturday Novr the 26th,

I Left Roxbury, and Returnd Home‐ward, and So far as Natick at Night, and Lodg'd at Decn Ephraims, and was kin^^dly Receivd and Entertaind, & Next Day I went to their Publicl worſhip, and found too much Levity as I thought and Monday I to viſiting a[illegible] amongſt them and [illegible] found all very kind to a Stranger,

Tueſday Novr the 29th

I Sot out from Natick, and Jac^o^b Chalkcom and Isaac Ephraim acompani'd me 3 or 4 miles — and So we parted —
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