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William Weed, letter, to John McCoy, 1865 July 22
Weed, William

ms-number: MS-605_37

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Respected Friend

Today I remember
the promise made to you just before
leaving the desolate Isle of P.—[illegible][guess (SJW): C.]
and will this hour try and fulfill
the same as best I can.
My health continues good and
I bore the fatigue of Rail road
travel night and day much better
than I expected I landed at this
City on the following tuesday at 10
A.M. We laid over all day Sunday
at Toledo Ohio.
I have not heard from home
Since I left you. and I have no
hopes of going home till my full
time is up and may not then. My
Surgeon in Charge here Says I cannot go

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or be discharged until my Regiment
gets home or my Descriptive list comes
to hand neither of which I have
hopes at present. It is reported
here that my Regiment has been
Sent to Brownsville Texas.
I have prevailed on the Officers
here to write to the Hospital at
Beaufort requesting my Des. List
Sent here if they Still hold it
I have no knowledge when my
regiment will be Sent home and
but little hopes of obtaining my
List from Beaufort N.C. So you
See I am about as tight-up as
ever. I have more duty to do
but we have plenty to eat and
of good quality. None of your
Spoiled meat and Sour bread
Plenty of vegetables,(Pickled and
fresh.) I am glad to live where
plenty can be had and where the Soil

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well repays the tillers toil.
Save me evermore from the poor
Sandy Seashore on a desolate Island in
the Naragansett Bay of R. I. where
Sand Sharks grab for your last
vital breath and claim the cash
of Uncle Sam. for dragging your
poor Starved frame to the Boneyard
on a one horse dung Cart.
I would advise you sooner than
remain there to Shoulder a Shelaleh
and make Straight for [illegible][guess (SJW): Old Ireland]
where there is no snakes.
I only had one regret in loosing
Sight of that lonesome spot: and
that was to leave in trouble some
who I there formed a very feeling
acquaintance and who it Seems
would do me almost the good to see
liberated from that pen of Slavery
as myself. I have often thought of
you and others there: Since leaving, you.

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Please say to [illegible][guess (SJW): Pendexter]. [illegible][guess (SJW): Fretoe. ]
The Ward Master. and all my other
acquaintences there that "I feel
for them but can't quite reach"
I intend as Soon as I get out
of this Scrape to write to the first
two named.
I hope you are all having good
Success in getting out of these
military bonds and will soon (if not
already) be with your families and
We are having a very wet time and
some fears of the crops of wheat oats
and grass being injured in havesting
My best respects to all enquiring
friends. Please write Say to Mike I
an very Respectfully your Obt. Servt.
[illegible][guess (SJW): [Wm Weed]

To J. McCoy Esq.
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