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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1865 June 12
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_35

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Dear Martha

The tide of circumstanes
has alone prevented me from writing
to you sooner. I left Newbern on the
10th May arriving here on the 13th. the
cause of my leaving was intermittent fever
with symtoms of Typhoid I made
application to be transfered to a northern
Hospital and succeeded I calculated
to come under the general order to
discharge all patients in Hospital
not requiring medical attendance
on my arrival here it was rumored that
we would be discharged in a few days
and mustered out of the service. for my
part I see no signs of gitting away as yet
but the surgeon in charge says he
expects every day the mustering officer

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from New York. we may get away in
a few days and we may be kept here
for a long time it all depends on the
order from General Dix, however if
I knew that the family was all
right I believe I could content myself
tolerable well here for a while to come
the accommadations here are splendid
the Hospital Buildings are situated
within a few yards of tide water on
the Naraganset Bay the Island looks
nice the steam Boats on one side of
Buildings and the cars on the other
pass almost hourly. I am on special
diet as yet. for Breakfast boiled egg one
pint milk bread and Butter - for
dinner one pt. milk bread Beef stake
and potatoes for supper toast and tea
I take a solution Quinine 3 times
a day I am also allowed 4 oz whiskey
per day which gives me quite an
appitite. we get clean cloths every
Sunday morning drawers shirt and

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socks sheets and pillow cases in
fact everything here is as clean as in
a first class Hotel.—
I have nothing to do only sleep eat and
Smoke the only trouble is I have no
money to buy tobacco - I wish you
could send me two dollars for a little
while and I will give you good interest
that is if you get this letter in any
reasonable time, I hope you will
be prompt in replying to this as I
am more than ordinary uneasy to
hear from home —
My love to you all without
Yours affectionatlely
John Mc Coy
P.S. Address'
John M.Coy Lovell Gen.
Hospital Portsmouth Grove
Ward II R.I.
(Enclose two or three stamps)

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Love Lovel lovel
Lovel lovel
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