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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1865 April 19
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_34

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Dear Martha

Your favor of the
29th Ultimo was Recd "with gladness"
I was beginning to think that comm
-unication was spot Stoped at the
North that being the cause of your
Silence. however the receipt of your
letter sets the matter at rest —
I am as usual extremly glad to
hear from you all, but you give
me some information I would
rather not hear. I am very sorry to
to hear that my father is so feeble
and more so when I learn from all
appearance that it has become a settled
fact that not even the last flicker of
the candle will get leave to die out
in peace. You mention that he thinks
some of living a little while with

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you if he can bear with the noise of
the children and other accomodations
of a poor kind I think he will be
more happy. Although in a distant
land I feel proud, when I think that
you are still the same ever willing
to try to enhance the happiness of
those whom you respect —
I hope I will be able in a short time
to send you a little money as I
expect we will be paid in a few weeks
I will try and get the installments
of bounty due me this time as
I have a better opportunity of attending
to such matters at present. —
—Immediately after writing my
last letter to you I was relieved
from duty in the Division (waiter on the
table in the dinning room) and sent to the
Hospital head quarters to write in the
office (Registry Department) which
business I like very will as yet
—From the above facts you

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may I think come to the conclusion
without being partial to me that
my conduct here has been good
throughout otherwise I would not
be associated with those I am
so you see there is some reforma
-tion in Sawyer—
you may rest satisfied that ere
long if health permits you will
see me once more in the north —
It is in contemplation here to
remove this hospital north
as soon as possible and when
that occurs my furlough I think
will be granted as Dr C. A. Cowgill
surgeon in Charge says he will
send all his nurses and clerks
north at the same time and not
let them go to their regiments —
— I would mention a little
concerning our recent victories but
the news would be old to you as
it reaches you as soon as it does

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here, however from all appearance
the fighting has drawn to a close
and I hope before long the prodigal
will return to partake of the fatted
calf - My health is very good
except to-day I am confined to my
room with the Diarrhaea which is
very prevalent here however as soon
as I discovered the first simptoms I
went to the Dispensary and got some
Pills which I took in order to [illegible][guess (SJW): chick]
the disease—-
you will see by my last letter
if you receive it that I was in
very bad humor when writting
it but all is right again —
I was very sorry to hear that Albert
was hired out so young I suppose
you do all things for the best I will
try and give him a better chance if I
live to get home no room in this to
say a few words about the children
but in my next no more at present
but my love to all affectionately
John M.Coy

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This postscript is written sideways at the top of the first page of the letter
10 O'clock
I feel much
better than
I did during
the course
of the morning

good quarters
and good
mess table
for your
HomeJohn McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1865 April 19
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