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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1865 April 7
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_33

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Dear Martha

I have written so
often to you lately it may
be futile for me to try any
more to persuade you to reply
I feel as though something momentous
had happened me or that I am
entirely deserted by those whom
I should call friends in the first
degree. if anything unusual has
happened at home it is quite
natural that I should want to
hear it be it ever so bad, and if
all is right you are certainly in
my estimation quite careless
whether you correspond any more
with me or not. if such is the
case I am satisfied with the
issue, however you may take

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it for granted that this winds
up the writing on my part un
—till matters takes a change
you certainly might thought
it worth your while if you
Recd the money I sent you to
have gratified me with some
perticulars in that respect
The last I recd was written by
my old friend Arthur dated
Feb. 11th I am much indebted to
him for his kindness to me
at the same time I feel ashamed
that th I did not write more
to him be the consequences good
or bad however if I live to see
him I can explain all. —
I may state for the information
of those interested in me (if any
there be) that my health is
tolerable good at present —
I am still in the same Div.
and my employment the

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same as when I last wrote
I deem it unnecessary to give
you any particulars concerning
military affairs as the northern
press will supply you in
that. the sick & wounded are
coming in here from Shermans
army in large numbers daily
the city is full of refugees who
has come in our lines lately
their first [illegible][guess (SJW): race] is to the agency of
the sanitary commission and
refugee office to apply for
subsistance which is given to
them with a liberal hand be
their antecedents what the may
I sometimes feel inclined to write
some long letters home but then
again it seems that my writting
is at a discount at that place that
I once called home but Green
Backs are rising in value and
so may I in the estimation

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of those in need of a little
money that is if I enjoy good
health —
It is useless to repeat again
that I am always anxious
to hear from my father [illegible: [guess (MKR): as]]
that is so feeble. if I had no
family at all of my own
to care for I am shure I have
evinced a disposition and an
anxiety to hear from my
parents at least to cause
some one of them to write
to me. tell the old man
to [illegible][guess (SJW): send] me a letter and in
reply I will boast a little of our
honesty verasity and Bravery
and a little of our military genius
which I know he likes to hear
so will in conclusion I
must say I am in bad humor
and will be until I can
subscribe myself
your affectionate
John M.Coy
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