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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1865 March 22
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_32

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Well wiffey
writting to you is like
speaking to a dummy but as I have a few
leisure minutes I must say something
and first of all I think the course
you are pursuing in not writing to
me more regular I must consider
a [illegible][guess (SJW): singular] one however you may
have reasons for not writing on account
of Herdmans letter. Still you should
have reason to think that I would
like to hear from home at all events
in sending you money it is natural
for me to feel anxious until I hear
from it. I sent you $40. on the 8 th Feb.
$40 on the 8 th inst. all and in fact more
than I could spare. I am this minute
in receipt of the N. Y. times Gold
172 the money will be better for you

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now than for some time past —
I wrote a letter to you a few days
ago which renders it unnecessary to
say much at present my health is
better than usual for the last few days
I am still waiter in the dining room
it is easy work if it continues but
nothing is or can be considered permanent
here. an as I predicted to you one
year ago North Carolina has become
the fighting ground and before many
days a battle or series of battles will
be faught the most important since the
commencement of the war as the issue
will decide whether the rebellion is
ended or inaugurated or renewed
for a year or term of years longer
troops are sending up dily to Schofield
and it is rumored here to day that
has he has formed a Junction at
Goldsboro with Sherman I will
not attempt to give you a description

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of matters here as it would require
tvo two or three sheets of "foolscap"
6 companies of the 2 Mass is gone to
the front. they were in the Battle
near Kingston and faught well
they left a good many [illegible][guess (SJW): in wounded] and
prisoners my company is still in
plymouth Vance has gone to
the front I believe with his Company
(CO 6.) one of his company that came
with him from Mass says he never
sent any money home he spent it
all which I think very likely as it
to appears when he got paid in Dec.
last his money only lasted a few
days perhaps he lyed to me
when he said he sent the money
home as he would be ashamed to
acknowledge to some to me he
spent it all seeing such conduct
was contrary to my advice Jim
was a good Boy but foolish for

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himself had he been in my Co
I would have seen that his money
was sent to his father. but the way
it was I could not see to it —-
I think for the present you may
give up all hopes of seeing [illegible][guess (SJW): this]
prodigal as all men fit for
duty and not needed in Hospital
as sending to their Regts —-
I should like will to spend
a few days at home this spring
but I believe the decree has gone
[illegible][guess (SJW): [forth that it should be otherwise]
Remember me to Arthur tell him
I am in hopes to assist him in wileing
away some long evenings with the few
incidents of my long short absence
from home I am still afraid
to hear from father I hope he is
will give my love to all pip
Mag and Ely must get new dresses
if you have got the money,your
Jno. MCoy
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