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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1865 February 21
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_30

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Dear Martha

For some days past I have
been expecting a letter from you in
answer to one I wrote you on the 26th of
January last in answer to one I received
a few days previous from you. but as
the mail Boats has dispointed me so often
(not you) I have concluded to write you
again in order to let you know that
on the 8th instant I sent you forty dollars
by Adams' & C.o express and I hope ere
this you are in receipt of the money
as I expect a few dollars would not be an
unwelcome guest to you at present I would
have been able to have sent you more but
for lending twenty one dollars to the
Ward Master who I considered from all
appearance perfectly good he is now in
the north on furlough and I may be

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removed from here before his return but
I think it matters not as he is one of the
fast men so numerous here that my chan
—ces are slight of ever getting a cent, however
I must set it down as one of the many
blunders I have made, when at Plymouth
I received six months pay (ninety six dollars)
up to the first of november I owed the suttler
sixteen dollars that lift me eighty two dollars
of that I paid for refreshments to the Stewert
of the Boat, 21 dollars but 40 sent home
and ten in hand makes 89 dollars that
leaves seven dollars that I used since I
came to New Bern that went principally
for washing [illegible][guess (SJW): butter] Tabacco &c so you
can see I have been as ecenomical as possible
considering the high prices of every thing
here. in a few days four months pay will
be due and I hope more will be remeted
to you next time. I buy nothing only
what is absolutely neccisary and beneficial
for my health and I can say in truth

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what few can that I have not paid
one cent for liquor since I came into
the state. I feel very uneasy to hear from
you all. as nothing here is of any pleasure
to me except a letter from you I
was glad to hear in your last that you
were and the children were well and
I was sorry you had to give such a
large catalogue of deaths poor [illegible][guess (SJW): Maggey]
I helped to nurse her and it is hard
for me to believe she is gone it seems
to me the news is bogus and that on
my return I will meet her smilling
countenance. My own health is tolerable
good with the exception of a pain in
the chist and a shortness of breath at
night I am quite fat in fact more so
than at any time since I lived with poor
Alick in Burke. My eyes has caused
the delay in sending you my likeness
but I hope in a few day the will be
will then it will be forwarded to you

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Since the first of the month I have
been employed as an attendant or
or nurse here and I hope I may be
Kept here till spring I like it well
I wait in the officers room and I eat
of the very best, good bed under
cloathing &c a large Body of troops
is accumulating here from the south
and west the 17th army corps has passed
through the city and encamped near
fort totten in the fields the are laying
track up to Kinston rapidly, the engineer
corps has arrived pontoon Bridges &c
an order has been issued for all detailed
men and those fit for duty to join
their respective commands without
delay. it may be that I may have
to leave in a few days but I hope
not active operations is about to
commence here on a large scale
answer this as soon as possible and
give me a family history from Aby
down to pip Give my love and
respects to all those that [illegible][guess (SJW): sees] you
will you and the children accept
the love of husband & father
Jno MCoy
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