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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1865 January 26
McCoy, John

Dear Martha
your favor of the 20th
December came to hand yesterday after
going the rounds usual in such cases
where a removal takes place. the
letter you wrote previous to it and also
the papers I have not recieved as
yet. I wrote you on the 16th november
at Plymouth you may perhaps have
not recd. it at least you have not
mentioned it. I left Plymouth on the
18th. Decr. and arrived here on the
21st. and since then I have been gaining
health and strength very fast I am
walking about in the room and in
the Hospital yard but as yet [illegible][guess (SYA): not]
I am not considered sufficiently rec
-overed so as to be sent to the convales
-cent ward but I expect to in a few
days from there we join our Regt.
As for M. [illegible][guess (SYA): Janes] death it is hard
for me to persuade myself that it
is a fact. poor creature she was called
away very young. comments at this
time would be useless all I will say
say is I am extremely sorry the
other deathes are very numerous
indeed. I am glad to hear that
you and the children are will I
am afraid I will be cheated out of
pip hair and the stamps —
If you want I should try for
a furlough get some one to write to
me as quick [illegible][guess (SYA): pofsible] that you are
very sick and not likely to live and
very destitute and also that you could
get places for the children were I there
to give my consent &c. and that you
want to see me very very bad [illegible][guess (SYA): &c]
date the letter chateaugay N.Y.
do not mention canada or the war
under any circumstances. if the
letter gets here before I join my
Company I will try my luck with
it I could send you some money
but I am waiting to see what may
turn up - the quicker you write
the quicker you will get the money
if I stay here, Remember the letter
is not to be in your name name
Herdman will pe perhaps write
for you if not try some other
person - be careful in writing
and not write any more to me
until you get an answer to the
contemplated letter - I will
send [illegible][guess (SYA): you] a good long letter next
time, the Board and attendance in
Hospital is first rate I could not
live better in [illegible][guess (MKR): Barrets] Hotel -
but I am afraid I am near done
with it, your affectionate
Direct Direct
John M. Coy
Co. E 2 Mass A. Artlry.
Foster General Hospital
New Berne N.C.
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