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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 November 16
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_27

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Dear Wife
In haste I write you a few
lines to let you know that I have
been removed from Newbern to the
[illegible] line obscured by crease
[illegible][guess (SYA): water] and about 80 on an [illegible]
the city is situated 8 miles up the
Roanoake River wher it empties in
-to the Albemarle sound I have not
time to give you a description of
the place as the mail starts in
about an hour I believe it is [illegible][guess (JPB): Colder]
[illegible] line obscured by crease
I will not say much about I have
not until yesterday answered my
name in the ranks since the 15th
October, I wrote you a letter on the
same day and another on the 25th
the last I wrote to you I Received a letter from you on the
27 ult. dated on the 10th and

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mailed on the 18th quite an entervail
between writing and mailing. in all
I sent you 4 letters in October and
as yet they are all unheard from when
you write always mention the date
of the letter or letters you are replying
to. I was as usual glad when reading
your last letter to learn that you
were all well and that my father
was still able to move round long
may he be able to do so. when lying in
my Bunk during my sleepless nights
and the are not few occasionally I
pray to the almighty for a man can
pray even in a hotbed of wickedness
the midnight hours seems to be the
most suitable time for su devotion
as at that time Satan seems to be
chained for a short season. in my
prayers I remember you I implore
our heavenally father to give you
health and existence so that you

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may be able to look after the
children especially the little girls
that are so tender and young I
have been laboring for the last few
weeks under a heavy depression of
spirits that along with the sickne
-ss has reduced me to a state of
poverty that were I to present my
-self before you unaware I think
you would have some trouble in
recognising me, if something
do not turn up before long to stop
the th war I never expect to see
home alive death will end my
captivity if I never should see the
enemy but I expect we will have
some sharp work here before
long I have got no pay yet but
had we remained in Newbern we
would have been paid before
now however I think the pay
-master will soon come here

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and pay us when I will send
you all I could can spare -
we left newbern on the morning
of the seventh inst. and arrived
here on the evening of the 8th
all is hurry and bustle here
now putting guns in position
fixing quarters &c the mail
is closing and so must I give
respects to all you and
the children
Accept the love of your Husband and Father
John MCoy
P.S. if it is to much for you
to write as often as you should
do let me know and I will
exonerate you from writing
Direct as usual and say
elsewhere at the left corner
HomeJohn McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 November 16
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