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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 October 25
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_26

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Dear Martha
I feel so lonesome that
I in order if possible to raise my spirits
a little I will write you a [gap: faded][guess (SYA): very few lines]
[gap: faded][guess (SYA): as in fact my writing] material is almost
exhausted this is the fourth letter this month
the last dated the 15th in answer to your
letter 26th Sept., that letter was the last work
done till I [gap: faded][guess (SYA): commenced] [gap: faded][guess (SYA): to write] this being
[gap: faded][guess (SYA): confined to my bunk] for the last eight
days unable to taste anything but cold
water to be vomited again. it is awful
what Pills I have taken but I expect it
[gap: faded][guess (SYA): required them] all to break the chills
and fever. today day I feel pretty well
although to weak for duty yet, the
great trouble with me is I have no appe-
tite for the rations I have no no money
to buy anything else, when I look in the
[gap: faded][guess (SYA): glass and] I see my hollow and wrinkled
cheeks once so round and plump I must

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say that in [gap: faded]
taken place [gap: faded] also very
[gap: faded][guess (SYA): low in spirits] [gap: faded]
the [gap: faded][guess (SYA): north][guess (SYA): worth] [gap: faded] coming here to
[gap: faded] yell [gap: faded]
[gap: faded][guess (SYA): Broke out] here [gap: faded] lack
of [gap: faded] quite so [gap: faded][guess (SYA): sad]
[gap: faded][guess (SYA): it had been] the [gap: faded] will
stop [gap: faded] an [gap: faded][guess (SYA): order] has [gap: faded]
been [gap: faded][guess (SYA): issued that] [gap: faded]
[gap: faded]
[gap: faded]
[gap: faded] in [gap: faded]
[gap: faded]
[gap: faded] and I hope [gap: faded][guess (SYA): he will] [gap: faded]
[gap: faded] little
ones [gap: faded][guess (SYA): depending on me for support]
If you know [gap: faded][guess (SYA): how good I feel]
when I [gap: faded][guess (SYA): hear from] home [gap: faded][guess (SYA): you would]
I think [gap: faded][guess (SYA): write] [gap: faded] my mind is
to weak to [gap: faded][guess (SYA): write] [gap: faded] [gap: faded][guess (SYA): this] Give
my love to all my [gap: faded] [gap: faded][guess (SYA): will]
[gap: faded][guess (SYA): you] [gap: faded]
[gap: faded]
your husband
[gap: faded] [gap: faded][guess (SYA): M.Coy]
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