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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 October 15
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_25

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Dear Martha
Your letter of the 26th ultimo came
to hand late last night and I avail myself
of the early opportunity of sending you a
reply although it is uncertain when letters
will be allowed to leave the city on account
of the yellow fever which prevails here to an
alarming extent. while it is gratifying to
learn that you and the children are in
good health I regret very much to learn
that my father is so weakly I am also sorry
to hear that he has any mental suffering
from domestic trouble. his extreme old age
connected with his mental and bodily in
-firmities renders him an unfit subject
to be harassed the time has gone past when
he could bear it all I wish to say to him
is [illegible][guess (MKR): court] [illegible][guess (MKR): contentment] under all circumstances
it is the only solace and best nostrum for
old age. experience the best monitor has

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taught me a lesson for the last few
weeks that will have a lasting impression
on my memory. you all ought to be thank
-ful that you are living in a healthy
country and where if you are sick you can
be properly attended. here the stretcher
our first and then the dead Cart. I will
not give you a detailed account of the ravages
here let it suffice to say I am living in the
midst of death so far the camp at Fort
Totten has escaped tolerable will but
the disease is spreading fast around us
in spite of the cool weather which has set
in for the last few days - I feel surprised
that you have not receved my letters
as I have written to you with my usual
regularity as I will continue to do as long
as I am spared to live as my home correspon
-dence is the only comfort I have, if you
receive this it may be the last from me.
but I have made arrangements. that you
will be duly informed if I be called away

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however I will not dwill on that subject
any long as I feel low enough in spirits
without prognosticating evil —
you need not mention anything more
about a furlough as such a thing is out
of the question here at the present time
Previous to this I wrote you two letters
this month on 2nd and 9th - since I
commenced writing I hear the Rebels
sent in a flag of truce with a proposition
to send into our lines some southern Doctors
versed in the treatment of the yellow
fever which offer was refused by the
Union authorities here how far they
are justified in so doing it is not proper
for a private soldier to say but were I at
liberty I could write volumes —
The position of affairs here is such
that it is difficult to form any idea
when we will be paid there will be
six months pay due at the close of this
month but as soon as it can reach

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you after I am the receipient
you shall have it —
my health now is good but I will
say no more as such a boon here
is seldom of long duration —
If you knew how downhearted and
lonesome I feel when such long enter-
-vails occur between your letters I
think you would use a little more
energy and let me hear from
you oftener as any one of my children
or my relations would be a fit subject
for a letter to me. before closing
excuse my disconnected letter my
mind is so disturbed it is impossible
for me to compose anything dicent
Give my love to my old father and
all the rest of the family and also
to your relations. Remember me to my
relations at the [illegible][guess (SYA): corners] to [illegible][guess (MKR): Serah]also you
forgot to mention lately my friend [illegible][guess (MKR): old]
tam let me hear from him - you and
the children accept the love of one who thinks
of you and may God protect and watch over you is
the wishes of your affectionate husband & father
John MCoy
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