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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 August 6
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_21

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Dear Wife

I have been expecting a letter
from you for some time past in answer to
mine of the 12th ultimo I also wrote you on the
23rd July. I would have defered writing to
you at present only for the circumstances
under which I am placed. I am sorry to
say that I have been sick and unfit for
duty since the 26th July three days after
I wrote my last letter, and as yet I am
gaining very little strength, I was taken
with the chills and fever which continued
for three days leaving me quite prostrate
before the fever abated, I took 14 quinine pills
since then I have been taking three doses
per day of Tincture of Iron and whiskey
to give a me an appetite and strength
but as yet I have neither. it is awful
sickly hear at present and I am afraid
the worst is not come yet. I hope this
will find you all in good health as

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it gratifies me to hear you are all will,
you should try and write to me oftener if
the letters should not be so long. were I able and
had I time when will I could find material
for a letter at least once a week from this place
where occurrences is of no interest to you—
at this time you will excuse me for a short
letter as the state of my mind will not
warrant much writing, I am happy to
inform you that since my illness I have
had a daily visitor in the person of James
Vance Son of Alick Vances at Huntingdon
he belongs to Co.6. his quarters is only a few
yards from mine. he and other recruits
came here about a month ago to fill up the
companys. it was merily by accident
that I found out Vance as one saw other every
day and failed to recognise each other. but
for some time I have been acquainted with
a man by the name of Dickson from Lan-
caster a Blacksmith in 3d N.Y. light [illegible][guess (MKR): Artry]
I called at the shop to get a newspaper

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when he told me that the day [illegible][guess (MKR): before]
a boy came into the shop to get the
Breech pins taken out of his gun he said
he was a recruit from Canada. Hunting
-don his name Vance I immediately
went in search of him and found him
we were both agreeably surprised at
meeting James looks will and in good
heatlh and spirits he will answer the
Army will as nothing appears to trouble
him. I am glad of his company I fancy
when he asks me how I am, that his feelings
is more tender than the rest. but I must
say that I regret very much to see a
Boy so young as him and Brought up
where at least some attention was paid
to morality plunged into the very
Prototype of Hell itself—
Tell Mr. Vance that James wrote him a
letter when on Galloupes Island near
Boston giving him a statiment of affairs
up to that time also enclosing a

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check on the Malone Bank for
the sum of $450'00 he feels a little
uneasy until he hears from it and in
fact from home. tell Mr. Vance James
wants to hear from home as soon as
pofsible he would like to know if
his uncle Joseph is living in the same
place and if his grandmother is still
alive James sends his love to his
father and Brothers and sisters Cousin
John and John McGarvey he will
send home his likeness as soon
as convenient you will show Mr. Vance
this letter as soon as you can as it may
be some consolation to him to hear from
his son—
I conclusion you and the children
accept my love and remember me
to father & mother Brothers and sisters
uncle Meredith and aunt Ann Sarah
and also Mother Black and all the
rest of the family
yours with
John M.Coy
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