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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 July 2
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_18

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Dear Martha
As I yesterday morning
put my name on the sick report. and
after wards attended at the Doctors tent where
I went through the usual ordeal of an
examination. My mouth was all canker
in the inside and also my throat for whoh
the Doctor prescribed caustic to remove
the yellowish matturated flesh. and a
gargle of something similar to cleanse
the parts where the caustic roar pencil
could not approach. I tell you it was
harsh usage for John. but hold on
about 6.o.clock last night I took a
severe pain in th my left eye unequal
to any of the kind I ever suffered before
and an examination this morning
I found the white of my eye had changed
to the color of smoked Beef. I went to

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the Doctor at the usual hour this morning
and got examined again he gave me a
large pill to begin with. then ordered
me to be cuped on the back of the
neck in two places and two Blisters
one at the back of each ear this being
done I was marked light duty, that
is answer your name at Roll Call so
you see today I have nothing to do
but sit in my tent think of Home and
be lonesome and write you a
little nonsense to pass away the
time. I sent you 40 dollars on the 21st
June by Express (Adams & CO) the certificate
and insurance only holds good for thirty days you will
pay attention to it and write me the moment
you get it. as my application for indemn
-ity must be made within the specified
time. it was all I could spare you
after doing Justice to my self. we were
only paid up to 1st May yesterday we
were mustered in for two months
pay more we expect to get it soon

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and perhaps some of the Bounty. the
day I get it. it will be for warded
to you. I am very sorry the Green
Bucks is so bad it is not my fault
Buy plenty of provisions. if you can
get a good heifer 2 years old buy her
[gap: hole][guess (JPB): for] Beef the Tallow you will need
the hide will bring cash and the B[gap: hole]
will come cheaper you will need
the pig besides I want you to live as well
as you can the quicker you buy the heifer
the Better— I want you in particular
to wear good comfortable cloathing and
eat good substantial healthy victuals
and in fact buy as long as you have
a dollar anything that will Keep you
healthy and comfortable- while I
am writing Mercury stands at 106
in the shade - the next pay I send
home (and I hope soon) it will be alberts
turn for a present it was the little girls
this time which you will see in a
former letter. I have written to you

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since I sent you the money
in fact there is 4 before this Viz:
June 6th, Do 13th, Do,19th, Do,23d
all is quiet here Just now there
is some little incidents worthy of note
but I am sick of Yankee Gas
[gap: hole]Petersburgh is a hard nut to Cra[gap: hole]
and I am very much afraid the 2d
Mass will get some of their heads
cracked before the illegible play is over if
all the storeys that emenates from
head quarters be true- I will send
you my likeness soon I would
have sent it before this only for
my cheek and now my lips —
-give my, love to all the children
poor things the are like a boat without
a rudder, remember me to all my
fathers family & the Blacks, Meredy
Aunt Ann Sarah and all the rest
and Believe me as usual your
affectionate Husband
Jno, MCoy
HomeJohn McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 July 2
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