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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 June 23
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_17

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My dear

I have written to
you on the 19th inst and two letters
previous to that that remains
unanswered yet. however circumstan
-ces renders it necessary to write
you at this time on the 21st inst
I received four months pay
($52) up to the first of May. I went
immediately to Adams Express
office and sent you forty dollars
all that I could spare at this time
I owed some to the sutler for emery
paper tobacco Tripoli Blackening &c.
also some to the Tailor for fixing
coat & pants Besides a little
to the Laundress. I paid 75 cents
and no freight and 25 cents insurance
on the money I hold a certificate

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of Deposit for the money it remains
good for only thirty days you will
call at the express office and get the
money as quick as possible. as soon
as received you will write me
to that office I will be able to send
you more than 10 dollars per month
as we get 16 per month from the 1st may—-
Buy presents for me for the little girls
for me and do what you please with
the rest. Buy Marg Margaret Jane
whoops if she has got none. I will
send you my likeness as soon as
possible and for the accident refered
to in my last it would accompany
this. my face is not quite will yet
my health is good. the weather is
very Warm. more in my next In conclusion
I hope and trust this will find you all
well and may the day come soon when
I can speak to you once more as usual
I am your affect. Husb
John MCoy

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Write quick as you get the money
the insurance is out via the
new Bounty

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the news is good from Richmond
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