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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 May 28
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_14

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Dear Martha

With a faint hope of
Receiving a reply to this I resume my
pen again for the fourth time since
I heard from you. I also wrote the
second time to A Herdman and
one to Brother David they two have
also been silent. yours of the 3 d
May I recd. and answered the same
day. your letters of course will come
safe to hand and if you care anything
about me you would write often
I am afraid you need not depend
much on letters from me for some
time to come give me all the news
you can and write very often. the
letters will follow me if I am not
here. Greggs Division has him engaged
I have not seen the list of Casualities
in full. I am very much afraid my
Brother Thomas name may be among
them let me know—

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my health is not as good as usual
especially since the hot weather has
commenced- my appetite is not good
which tells bad for a soldier. Fruit here
here of all kinds is approaching maturi
-ty — I have got no pay yet nor
do I know when I will — use as
little money as you can for a
few weeks discount may decline
my love to father and mother and
mother 2 and all my friends—
Remember me to the children and
accept my unalterable love
in haste your aft
John M.Coy
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