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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 May 6
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_13

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Dear Wife
your much looked
for favor came to hand yesterday unl-
-ooked for as I had come to the clonclusion
that you had adopted the system of silence
however it was still received with unusual
gratification by me as anything in the shape
of a letter from you in these times is read
and reread by me to divert my hearing
organs from the noisy hum that that continually
surrounds me do not think for a moment that
in writing to me about the childrens little amuse
-ments and fun will be considered simple
or foolish it is the most select part of the
letter and a relation of all the little inci
-dents that happens. There is almost as
valuable to me as jewels- I am as usual

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grateful to hear that you are all well
thank God for it. I am able to say my
health is some better than what it has been
for some time past the cough has vanished
but my left eye still troubles me I
use the sulphate of Zinct as usual and
when applied regular relieves me very
much. I am got quite thin of flesh
and I am glad of it it is much better
for the warm weather I eat very little
food and I am careful of what I do eat
as the diareheea has commenced with it
usual ravages among the men —
there is new potatoes here this some
time garden peas are ripe all kinds
of greens are in use here for weeks
past strew berries are all done apples
are about fit for use Black berries
and Huckle Berries are ripe but
I indulge in nothing green which goes
very hard with me I sometimes buy
a little cheese at 30c. per pound to eat
to my bread cheese are considered

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a preventative for the summer complains
I use every precaution to preserve my
health intact—
one word for all you must write
often or never mind me I will
write when it answers—
all is good here and has been
for some time the "Battle at Newern"
you spoke of was in Virginia not
here. please send me all the
papers you can try and write every
week it is all the comfort I have
I wrote to you 3 or 4 times last month
I also wrote the second time to Herdman
it is not advisable for me to write much
to you at present- I saw that my
Greggs division crossed the Rapidan
at Ely's ford faught at Ladds tavern
and Spatsilvania Court House the
list of casualities of the N.Y. Troops
were not given in Boston papers the
N.Y. Herald I could not get I entertain
great fears for him (Thomas)

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Gardner I do not know anything
about. if the 8th N.Y. has been sent
to the front it is impossible to get
a letter from him at present however
I will write to him and ascertain as
far as possible his whereabouts if
possible I have written so much
to you I have forgot what I have
written in previous letters. McCurrys
address I lost send it to me again
I will attend to Blanchette the rascal
try and get my (7 or 8 dollars) Jus from
his property and also from Leary-get
the cash from dan Jones or [illegible] pay
for them 3 or 4 dollars use as litte
money as you can for a few weeks
till we see the results at Richmond
a union Victory there would help
the money. Margaret
Gibson will suit
Ellen well I am glad she is engaged do
the best you can and be lively and hope
for the best
my love to you all
in haste
John M.Coy
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