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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 March 12
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_08

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Dear Wife

Your letter of the 29th Feb. came
to hand this day (Saturday) and I avail
myself of the short time I have this evening
writting a reply. the all important news
it contained of your good health gave me
unspeakable satisfaction I am very sorry
to hear that my father has been feeble for some
time but I trust he will recover somewhat
his usual vigor and health or at least as much
as can be expected from one so far advanced
in years. I still live in hopes that he will
be spared to handle the old Cain until I
return but sometimes I take [guess (MKR): malal]
malancholy fits when I think on my
return I may find the [illegible][guess (SJW): Bye] road deserted
by its old occupant that has traversed it so
late and early. tell him I think now that
he has got settled with little John there can
be nothing to prevent him from sending

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me a letter himself it would be thankfully
received and promptly answered by me.—
I am glad that Brother David is going to write
me a letter good [illegible][guess (SJW): blood] for him I will be uneasy
till it comes. I take it granted that my
mother is well when she is helping to you to
sew and your mother also - and all the rest
of my relations or you would inform me to the
contrary I am almost made at you or somebody
for not hearing some news from home, paper
is not so costly and stamps are cheap you send
me no news at all. the papers you sent me
all came safe they were very welcome here
send me all you can. I pay ten cents each for
the New York papers here and glad to get
them at that. I sent you a letter dated 28th
Feb. with five dollars enclosed for pip I
suppose you have it before this time, when
mailing it I received a letter from Boston stating
you were forwarded the check for the money
on the 12th ultimo I added a note on the top of the
first page to that effect. Keep the money
untill you hear from me again leave

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it with my Aunt Ann or Meredy it will
be safer there than with you in case of fire
or other accidents you can tell those that
want it that it is lent I will consider
what is best to do with it after some time
and inform you, you can also consult my
father what is best to do with it. I can tell
you that money is not got here for nothing
—I am glad that my Aunt Ann is got better
give my respects to Meredy and her and
tell the sergeant I will send him a letter
soon as time will permit. I think he might
write one to me first if he can spare time
from the Buck saw. I almost forgot Sarah
give my respects to her. tell her white girls
is very scarse here but darkies in thousands
there. is two dollars coming from Doctor [illegible][guess (SJW): Har]
—achy for the survey try and get it send
send me word if you seen Harvey Lighthall
lately and if he done anything done about
[illegible][guess (SJW): Campbells] note yet but I will write you
a letter devoted to matters of that kind
we are allowed 25 days furlough every
year by law. I will then settle some

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account accounts myself you cannot do
anything of that kind correctly I
will attend to it in due time —
We expect to get paid next week the
money I think I will send by express
to you it is better to pay for it than
risk it in a letter I wrote two letters
to Gardner he has declined to answer
them for the future I will send them
all north I wrote to Brother Thomas
but as yet there is no reply send
me his new address I will try again
tell Cousin John to write me a letter
and I will give him the particulars
of this place. Immediately after
mailing my last letter I got vaccinated
for the pox it rose beautiful the warm
weather is coming on rapidly. Typhoid
Fever is very prevalent here chills fever
ague and small pox every precaution
is being taken among the troops to prevent
disease Moderation in food and drink
is recommended the latter I adhere to strictly
but I have a great appetite.
Jno McCoy

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This postscript is written across the top of the first page of the letter.
Be shure and write to me as often
as you can your letters keeps me from
being lonesome for a little while after reading
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