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John McCoy, letter, to Martha McCoy, 1864 January 26
McCoy, John

ms-number: MS-605_04

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Dear Martha

It was not my intention to write
to you again until I received an answer to
my letter of the 17th instant, but I feel so lonesome
that when I am off duty or not employed in
cleaning my accoutrements that the thoughts of
of home so often occurs to my mind that the
only relief I have for a distracted mind is to converse
with you through the medium of the pen
I forgot to mention that in my last letter that
I wrote you a few lines while stopping in
Philadelphia informing you of my where-
abouts and containing a small account of
of my transactions since I parted you I
mentioned in it also that my destination was
Newbern North Carolina and for you to
forward a letter to me as quick as possible
and if you received it I have every reason to
believe from your past kindness to me and
forgiving nature that you would not be

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the cause of keeping me one moment in suspense
or anxiety of mind on account of not writing
to me. You have no conception whatever how my
heart would Jump with Joy when the orderly
is calling out the list of letters for the soldiers
in my company if my name should be mentioned
as one of the receipitants of such a favor I almost
think I should hear from you daily if such
were possible, on last Saturday evening when
the order was given for the company to turn out for
letters I slowly stepped out to my tent door not
expecting any for me but when my name
was called with giant strides I walked up to the
sergeant and with a trembling hand grasped my
letter and on looking at the back of the envilope
alas it was not your writting but I soon recognised
the familiar hand of A. Gardner Stamped in
Baltimore - on our transit here from Boston
we came into Baltimore on Monday morning
and remained there until Tuesday evening
about 4 oclock not knowing all the time until
a few hours before I left that Gardner and

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my sister were in the city. by chance I fell
into conversation with one of the 10th Maine
and on enquiry he informed me that he was
acquainted with Gardner and Nancy-Ann
was in the city in lodgings. he went and brought
in one of Gardners company into the refreshment
Saloon where I was, who kindly consented to carry
a letter for me to Fort M.c Henry Gardners head
quarters. I looked anxiously for a visit from
them until we marched off to the wharf and even
then till we lift the shore the letter on reaching
fort M.c Henry found him not there he was in the
city with his wife. and when it reached him
he started in search of me it was to late the
Boat had sailed the second day after he
wrote the above named letter stating that
he and N. Ann were all the time I stopped
in Baltimore about 100 Rods from me
he requested me to write to him often
which opportunity i Intend to embrace.
Gardner says Thomas is at Bristol
with the Army of Potomac I almost

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forgot to mention that Nancy Ann
could hardly be restrained from running
to the Bay in order if possible to get
a glimpse of me before I lift —
—I mentioned in my last
letter that I sent you $325 dollars
to Chateaugay you get will get it from
the Town Treasurer or clerk in the
last I sent you some of the particulars
about it, be careful of the money
as my life is uncertain here the climate
is very unhealthy and the small pox
is raging in the city several houses
have been burned already to prevent
it spreading. Enclosed I will risk sending
you five dollars a present for Ely the rest
If I live will get theirs in due time. be good to Albert
as I expect he will have to work. I am very uneasy
to hear if you got the money. I will have
to procure larger paper and write smaller
as I have only commenced
my love to
my family and friends all without
respect to any.
John M.Coy

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The postscript is written sideways across the top of the first page of the letter.
I am healthy
and fatter
than you
ever seen
me before &
I have a good
Beef Bread
Beans pork
rice &
coffee are
done justice
Tulips are
in Bloom
here it is
the month
of May in
This line is written upside down on the upper right side of the page.
Some news papers if you

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The address runs across the top of pages 1v and 2r.
Direct John McCoy Company (E) 2 Mass Heavy Arty Newburn Newbern North Carolina
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