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Elizabeth Anderson, letter, to Martha Black, 1847 November 25
Anderson, Elizabeth

ms-number: MS-605_01

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Miss Martha
As I promised to write to you I will
now fulfill my promise You told me not
to write to you untill we had heard from Father we
have had three letters from him since he went away
the first one was from Baltimore where he had been
quite sick it was a bilious atack brought on by fatigue
we recieved another letter from him after he had got to
Pittsburgh he had got better of his sickness and we in
Baltimore and had gone on his journey he crossed the
mountains in the stage which was about 70 miles they had
got along without any accident untill they had entered
a village called Brownsville where they were to take the boat
for Pittsburgh and about fifteen rods from the boat when
they had turned a corner and were going down a gentle
descent at a gentle trot when they met a waggoner and
before the stage driver could stop his horses the front
wheel of the stage ran down into a [illegible][guess (mkr): gailles] by the side of
the road and over set the stage and threw out the
passengers there was about 14 in number including the driver
and there was not a bone broken and only two men hurt one
of which was Father he was thrown on the pavement and
struck his head and right shoulder which stunned him
considerable and two heavy men fell on him. we recieved
another letter after he had got to [illegible][guess (SYA): Canverbury] he was better

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of his hurt and had recieved no internal injury we
expect another letter this evening Martha if you
would come in and see us now you would hardly know
us we have got so slicked up since you went away we have
got Mother has gone over the sitting room twice and is going
over it again with white paint and the kitchen is painted
the woodwork with yellow and the doors red and the
washboard green and the stoop is painted yellow and
Mother has painted the [illegible][guess (SYA): east] room chairs the bottoms of them
white and she has varnished some of the furniture so
that we will look very nice when we get all painted and
papered and [illegible][guess (SYA): read up] Grandmother is not very
well now Uncle William is pretty well and Mother
is about as well as common Mary is well and
I am much after the old sort except I burned my finger sealing a letter we have been up to
Hebron since since we came down Bryan and [illegible][guess (SYA): Lion]
are well We miss little Mary very much
But I must close write as soon as you get this
Mother and Grandmother join [illegible][guess (SYA): me] in to you remember
us to [illegible][guess (SYA): Jennet] [illegible][guess (SYA): Adair]
Yours &c Elizabeth M Anderson
Beauty beauty beauty

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Miss Martha Black
 Franklin County N.Y.
Eastsalem NY
Nov 26
HomeElizabeth Anderson, letter, to Martha Black, 1847 November 25
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