Copy of a letter from Vilhjalmur Stefansson to William H. Hingston, Jr., 10 April 1924

Author Stefansson, Vilhjalmur, 1879-1962 James, N.C.

Date10 April, 1924

ms numberStefansson Mss-91: Harold Noice Papers, Box 1, Folder 2

abstractCorrespondence, newspaper articles, and other material related to the ill-fated 1921 expedition to Wrangel Island.

In care of
April 10, 1924.
The President,
Dear Sir:
I am enclosing a carbon of a letter addressed to Captain Joseph F. Bernard in your care. The last paragraph of that letter will explain why I am submitting the carbon to you. Captain Bernard is doing me some hurt but in the long run he will hurt himself more if he goes ahead under his present mistaken impressions and continues to make newspaper charges.
When I was in Montreal I tried several times to get a meeting with Captain Bernard. He once promised to meet me but did not keep the appointment. Had we met, I am sure we should have found ourselves the best of friends and he would have dsicovered readily that his grievances were imaginary. On one of these occasions I was accompanied by Inspector J. W. Phillips. Had Captain Bernard come then, things could have been all the more easily adjusted because Inspector Phillips could have assured him, or secured evidence to convince him, that his troubles and grievances were chiefly imaginary.
If Captain Bernard is still in Montreal, I hope you will urge him to have a talk with Inspector Phillips and to show to the Inspector the letter which he wrote to the Montreal Star. On some of the points Inspector Phillips will have no opinion but on others he could easily set Captain Bernard right.
(Signed) V. Stefansson.
The above copied by me this 24th day of December 1924, at Ketchikan, Alaska.