Copy of a letter from John Anderson to Harold Noice, 08 October 1923

Author Anderson, John

Date8 October, 1923

ms numberStefansson Mss-91: Harold Noice Papers, Box 1, Folder 2

abstractCorrespondence, newspaper articles, and other material related to the ill-fated 1921 expedition to Wrangel Island.

Oct. 8, 1923
Harold Noice, Esq.,
Dear Mr. Noice:-
This will acknowledge with thanks your cheque for $100. to cover what you think is the cost of telegraphic charger to Nome and Seattle.
I have just received word this morning from Mr. Stefansson that he will arrive in New York via the S. S. Leviathan on the 15th. Mr. Griffith Brewer, the gentleman in England who put up all the money for the relief expedition, is also coming with him for the purpose of going into the accounts of the expedition.
I also gather from Mr. Stefansson's letter that he fully expects all the monies realized from the sale of the story to be credited to the Company. In view of this it is our wish that you keep whatever monies you received from Mr. Pickering intact until this matter is definitely settled.
I will endeavor to go into the accounts of the Stefansson Company and the expedition some time this week and will send you a copy as promised so that you can go over it in time to be prepared to go into detail with Mr. Stefansson and Mr. Brewer the reason for the many expenditures.
With kindest regards,
Yours very truly,
P.S. It is at present the intention of Mr. Taylor and the writer to come down to New York leaving here Saturday evening arriving New York Sunday morning, the 14th, so that we will have a day to go over the accounts and affairs of the last expedition before meeting Mr. Stefansson and Mr. Brewer who is due to arrive the morning of the 15th. Please advise by return where it will be convenient for you to meet us on Sunday.