Death Records of Hanover, New Hampshire 1769–1859

Written By Dewey, William Worthington


abstractWilliam Worthington Dewey, notebook, “List of Deaths in the Vicinity of Dartmouth College, Including likewise the Hamlet, usually called Greensborough, from AD 1769 to the Last Date on the Register” [1859]

Outside Front Cover: OBITUARY REGISTER
Inside Front Cover: D.C. Dartmouth College Hist. Dewey, W. W. List of deaths . . . (1859) By W.W. Dewey The first page is numbered “1,” following the pattern seen on page 2 which is on the reverse side of page 1.
page 2 page 3
List of Deaths In the Vicinity of, Dartmouth College Including likewise, the Hamlet, usually called Greensborough, From AD 1769 To the last date on the Register Wm W Dewey
In left margin rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise:
Transcribed AD 1832
On right side rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise:
Revd Robert Page was then Pastor of this Church + Dis. missed 1833
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Whole number of Deaths prior to 1832_ 432 _ It may perhaps appear singular to persons not acquainted with all the circumstances in refer ence to this record; that there is no date annexed to the names of those individuals who deceased pre vious to 1810_or to the greater portion of them
The number of persons recorded on each page will will usually be found inserted at the bottom The reasons why those names recorded previous to that time are not not better arranged, according to their several dates + the dates of their decease in more instances correctly no- ted are the following—
There never was a legally organized Religious So ciety in this Village previous to 1830 altho there was a regurarly organized Church as ear ly as 1769–70 — Neither was there a Clergy man that considered himself as strictly set over this Church + people_+ as solely devoted to them until Oct 5th 1831
Previous to 1804 No record of deaths was ever kept at all save what was kept in the Church records embracing only the names of those that were members of that body
In AD 1797 I had collected the names of all those per sons who had died prior to that date and
page 6 page 7
kept an accurate record for the succeeding 10 years. In the column devoted to the record of diseases the following abbreviations may some times be found
In the summer of 1807 the Register(with other pa pers) was purloined from me + were concealed or destroyed + Icould never afterwards recover them
Dr Dropsey _ Dn Drowned Di Diabetiss Dys Dysentary F Fever - LF Lung Fever__SF Spotted Fever Mea Measles_ Sm Smallpox CR Canker Rash Ep Epilepsy_ App Appoplexy # Consumption Inf Inflamation Int Internal Org Organic affection of the Heart_ _ Dysp Dyspepsia_ Pleu Pleurisy Sca F Scarlet Fever L Inf Lung Inflamation Ulc Int Ulcer Internal. L C Liver-Complaint
I considered my object as hopeless relative to furnishing a Register of this description + abandoned it for the three following years–
By the solicitations of some valuable friends I was induced to recommence it in 1810
From my own personal recollection previous to that year + from extraneous assistence + from the prompt record which I have ever uniformly kept since, I indulge the humble belief, that this Register relative to the number of individuals deceased _ with the date of their decease whenever it is inserted + the diseases likewise that closed their days, is substan tially correct—
That it is so, I have the sanction of several per sons who are abundantly competent to to decide in the case + whose veracity can not be questioned_ Wm W Dewey
page 8 The 1st Death was in 1771 1 Disease | Age page 9
Sept 30th Revd John Maltby Fever He was a Clergy man from the Island of Bermu da_+ died while here on a visit_
1779 Eleazar Wheelock DD
Mrs Mary Wheelock His Wife His decease was instantaneous. - About 9 O Clock AM He was at my Fathers shop in apparent good heath + took from thence an article for a Goldsmiths use + went + deposited it on the western side of the Common + without stopping took a borrowed sad dle + carried to another house some forty rod distant + carried it to the attic + + returning onthe stairs remarked that he was faint_ + dropped down + never breathed afterwords__ A very few minutes on ly intervened from the time that he left our house + the news of his Decease last three words curve up into the right margin.
Samuel Squontup An Indian Dr
An Indian – Name not recollected F
Mr— Osborn anAcadamecian F
Mr Jacob Greene Old age 100
____ Winton |
Fitch | All Infants
4 Gates,s |
Mr Achsa Tilden
Mr Levi Washburn _________ F
Exeter The spotted African ________ 75– __ _ __Upon his face were several spots of a Copper color of more than an inch in diameter He was a man of piety ++ respecatde in the village _____ I have often seen him in my early youth.
Chloe His Wife _ _ _ _ _
Rachael (A Black) + a young child of hers F
1784 Mrs Margaret Warren F
Mrs Mary Smith                      F        _ __ __Consort of Revd John Smith DD
Miss Anne Brewster #
Dr John Crane #
3 of Dr Cranes Children ( These 8 Children died I apprehend in rather ( early infancy. save 2_ one of which died of Scarlet Fever + the other of Measles severe I think each of them about 3 years of age –
5 Children of Aaron Storrs Esqr
1786 June 6th Enos Gilbert more on the next page
Sum= 32
page10 9 overwritten Disease | Age page 11
Mr James Barron Do )
James Barron Jr F ) _____  All of one family
William Barron F )
Mrs Joanna Lane # 40
3 of Mrs Lanes children 1 of F 2 The other two the mere creatures of a day _
George Knox (a mulatto) F 2
Mrs Mary Stimson F
Mrs Ehster Wait_ # 70 She was thrown from a horse some few months prior to her disease + I suspect she never went out after wards
Mrs Lavinia Eager _ _ Org_
1786 Mrs Eliza Clapp #
Abigal . Woodward__An Infant Children of Hon Bezaleel Woodward – The latter was in usual health 3 minutes before he died_
Henry Woodward _
1787 Revd Sylvanus Ripley Casualty 32 On one ^of the worst Winter days that was ever known in this region He was called to the eastern parish in this town (it was sabbath day) to preach_ He had preached + was re turning home + setting his back to the horses while ano ther-person drove them in descending a hill the sleigh hit upon a piece of timber that lay oblique ly across the road -+ he was thrown out + his head was caught between the sleighpost + the timber + frac tured his skull_ He never spoke afterwards & expired the following morning_ After leaving his room to go from home he returned & bade his family fare well—
Mrs Loomis + her two Infants
Hon John Young — 74
Cata Brewster
Mrs Lucy Wheelock + her Infant— Childbed 22
George Sumner – A Student F
Sarah Dewey an Infant
Mr Sweat Crushed to death under a Log
Mr Jabez Kellogg Lethargy 57
Mrs Abigal Kellogg # 47
1792 Mr Jacob Foster Senr Sum=|25| F 40
page 12 1790 June 21th John Dewey Inf in the head 3 page 13
1798 Mrs Sarah Foster — Billous Cholic 44
1790 July 3rd Jacob Foster Jr 9 Killed instantaneously by Lightning - The most vivid flashes. + awful crash instantly following that was ever witnessed here. The fluid alight on the chimney top + sent the boards pretty much from the end of the house + followed the floor board__The youth was lying in a cradle with his feet on the floor _ A young mam just back of him had his shoes shimered to pieces + the brass buckles melted + his feet sadly scorched + him self with two or three others severely stunded – My Mother was in the house a few moments after the lightning struck + moving her hand across the youths head + the fluid escaped in profuse spray,- In Plainfield the next day a Woman was killed by
1790 July 10th Mrs Mary Bingham #
1790 Sept Mrs Triphena Wheelock Childbed -
Wheelock An Infant
George Barrows F
Jacob Barrows Jr F
Ames an Infant
2 Children of Dr Pentlands_ one of Dys
Hon John Saunders Stranguary
Mrs Mary Saunders Apop
1797 Asa Holden Dys
1797 Sukey Holden Dys
Samuel Holden SF
1799 Mrs __ Curtiss   Childbed  __ Wife + Children of Col David Curtiss) (lightning
__ Curtiss an Infant
Charles Curtiss F
1799 Joseph Curtiss ___ F
1797 King an Infant __
1797 Samuel Bissell Dys ) These 4 belonged to one family + died all in about five weeks
1797 George Bissell Dys )
1797 Sukey Bissell Dys )
1797 Sarah Bissell Dys )
Sum= 24
page 14 1801 Mr Isaac . Parks # 28 page 15
1797 Miss Sarah Phelps # 35 In AD 1797 The Dysentary prevailed in this parish + was fatal to 24 persons in 12 weeks_
1797 Miss Sarah Young # 25
1797 Thomas Merril A Student Ulc Int It aught to be remarked however that severl persons were sick with other complaints + this set in with the former one + destroyed them _ It was said that only three died of Dysentary alone_ This is probably correct __
1797 2 Twin Infants of Nathl Porters –
1797 Miss Mary Greene # 40
1797 Ira Greene Dys 4
1797 Josiah Greene Jr - Dys 2 Twice within 3 weeks we carried into our Meetinghouse + from thence to the Graveyard three deceased indi viduals at the same time _
1797 Laura Jones A Visitor #
1797 Jeditdiah Baldwin Jr Dys 1
1797 George Parks“Parks” written lightly Dys Again we carried one to the grave_+ escorted the Mour ners back to their dwelling taking along with us the Bier covered with the Gravecloth–+hastened from thence to another house to perform the same duty to another deceased person _
L Parks -
1797 Mr Aaron Alvord F 70
Mrs Mary Alvord App 65
1795 Nancy Smith #
1798 Susan Smith Previous Fevers – Infantile Fits + 1 Internal Ulcer with not less than 4 or more cases of Consump tion aided very largely in this scene of desola tion + death —
4 Greenes Young Children
Martha Schellenger F
Lumen Bascombe Dys
Mary Foster F
Miss Mary Foster 2nd #
/Mrs Anne Brewster Complicated Disease
Miss Hannah Brewster #
Miss Bethiah Brewster
Sum= 26 sic
1800 page 16 15 overwritten Mr Artemus Cook # 21 page 17 Mr Cook was a member of College+from Templeton Mass
Miss Lucy Brewster #
Philee Brewster F
Nancy Brewster F
2 Barden Infants
2 Knowltons Do
Staples Do
2 Dugaits Do
3 Kellogs Do
2 Ingalls Do –
Stevens Dr
Royal Ingalls Worms 13
Dean Daniel Ordway 80
Mrs Ordway 75
1805 May10th Hon Elias Weld App After Mrs Weld – there was no one died in the Parish un
1802.Octr Mrs Weld Dr till some what–late in 1804 _ or over 1½ year
1792 Mr Benjamin Walton — ——— ———— —— A small piece of bone while he was eating lodged in
1805 Capt Joseph Woodward) Both very aged +both his throat from which it could not be extracted _
Mrs Woodward from gradual decay He survived a fortnight only
1809 Revd John Smith DD # 59 Judge Weld was found dead on the floor in the room
Dr Michael Dugait 70 where he had made a fire sometime before any other
1804 Mrs Hannah Fuller Bowel [illegible: Compt] members of the family had arisen from their beds _
1800 Mr Moses Davis Bowel Complaint ! Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord!
1801 Mrs Nancy Holmes Measles While on earth _ his conversation was in Heaven __
Sum= 29
page 18 16 overwritten page 19
E Woodward An Infant It must be remembered that the persons whose
1804 Hon Bezabel Woodward # names are so promiscuously noted previous to
Mrs Mary Woodward # 1810 died in various years anterior to that pe
1807 Mrs Anne Smith | Old age 88 iod _+ that the frequent mark on one or two pa
1796 Mrs Amia Capron # ges _ of any particular disease is no evidence
1798 Miss Clarissa Capron 1801 # 32 that it was ever very prevalent with us –
1806 Mrs Theoda Freeman 1802 # 33 For it is to be remembered that no epidemic has
1800 Mr Thomas George F 62 ever prevailed here very extensively– save
1796 Mr Skellenge A transient person Drownd the Dysentery as mentioned on a former page
3 Wilcoxes - )
Bingham ) all Infants
Alden )
1799 Bela Turner Eqsqr Dropsy 67
Mrs Lucy Casey F
Mr Samuel Bingham _________ _______ 50 The case of Mr. B was a very singular one He had been indisposed for three years + all the while was rather an enormous eater which increased gradual ly to his death. He likewise grew very corpulent + unweildy. He finally died suddenly with Diarrhoea_ He then weighed over 300 pounds – To examine him internally after death it was necessary to cut over four inches^throughaclear fat substance It took six men at each relief to support the bier while conveying him to the grave
Mrs Sarah Bingham # 45
Mrs Sarah Brigham # 34
1807 Oct Miss Maria Anne Dewey # 25
Mrs Experience Hawley # 44
Miss Experience Hawley # 22
Miss Harriot Hawley # 18
1808 Hon Peter Olcott #
1811 Mrs — Olcott - #
Sum= 25
page 20 27 overwritten page 21
Mr Ephraim Symonds A Student F A native of New Ipswich )
Eliphalet Hardy A Student Delirium A native of Pelham New Hampshire
1807 July 29th Oliver Spauding A Student Drownd 23 A native of Jaffrey )
Stephen Dexter Medical Student F
1799 Stephen Belcher A transient-man Inf Brain 24 A transient person – Not a small portion of the people that have died here have been in a manner transient residents – + could not in the strict sense of the word be called permanent citizens –
Frank Percival \ Fever 25
1805 Brister \ 70
Lavinia His Wife | 40
2 of their Children | All Black
Swan |
Randall /
Mrs _ Patrick Complicated Disease 55
Mrs Ehster Ward # 37
Georg Bissell 2nd F
Mr Hzekiah Jones T F 40
Hiram Jones T F 3
4 Children of B I Gilbert Esqr
Mr Abel Weston # 35_ _ The fatal results of the excessive use of strong drink for a series of years He was not often very intoxi cated yet he was so uniformly filled with Rum ^insomuch that it
Baldwin \
Jones \
Wright > Infants _______ ____ _From a day to ^ayear old) | seemed to gradually
Woodward / | burn out his life
Lane – /
Sum= 27
page 22 29 overwritten page 23
Miles \
2 [gap: illegible] Smiths >Infants
Dewey /
Mr John Mann Smallpox 30 This disease has broken out in this village four times + in two of the cases – it was fatal + the other two soon re covered---
Mrs Joseph Utley . . 75
Mr Samuel Greene 55
Mrs Submit Goodrich #
Miss Mary Warren Inf Head
1798 Mrs John Reysell Casualty 70 ------ Gored to death by an enraged Bullock with which he was contending -
1800 Mr John Manley Dys 55
1800 Dr Ephraim Woolson Complicated 67 -- He was advised to desist, but being a head strong impru dent man he persisted in contention + the result is before us perhaps for our admonition
1791 Miss Fanny Woolson # 18
1795 Stephen Horseskin Drownd
1800 Mr Joseph Green ---- 60 -- As he was crossing from New Haven to Long Island in the night the boat upset + all the passen gers perished--
George Phillips Meas 2
Joseph Lee Jr SF 2
1799 Molly Wormwood [illegible: Filth] 69
Mr Artemus Cook a student --- He was in apparent perfect health a minute before he expired--
1807 Capt Stephen Kimball App
James Devient F 3
1790 John Dewey Inf in Head 3 He went to his rest at night in usual health + awoke at 2 O’clock distressed + deranged –which continued with increa sing violence until his decease which was on the 4th day
1795 Dean Tiffany A student F 18
1807 Mrs Sarah MacClure Dropsy 65
Sum= 24 sic
page 24 page 25
1807 Moses Seales Tetanus 14
Mrs Hannah Heath Cancer 67 sideways in right margin: To all human probability had it not been for abuse of wine+ tobacco smoke his life might have contined for years for comfort + usefulness
Mrs Utley Palsey 74
Bingham An Infant
Eliza Wright Croup 1
Sarah P Olcott Infantile Fits
1810 Levi Newcomb A student # 18 ------Mr Newcomb was a member of College amiable + lovely in every sense of the word – But he the last few months of his life (altho never intoxicated) he gave way to an appetite for wine + sigar smoking – so excessive_ which with a native consumptive predisposition . consigned him to a premature grave ‑‑‑‑‑‑
Eliza Frye TF 18
May 15th Mrs Eleanor Dewey ------------------- ------ ----- ------Found dead in her house + no immediate cause Of her death was ever ascertained – She died in Norwich but she was rather a resident here + was buried here --
May Eunice Plumley # 70
Sept Mrs Susan Bascomb # 45
Bascomb an Infant
2 Foggs Infant
Mrs Sarah Bissell #
August Hon John Hubbard TF ---- -- Professor of Philosophy + Mathematics in the College His fever ran 40 days before he finally yielded to it.
Sept Col Aron Kinsman # 67
Nov Capt Kirk A transient Inf Head 55
[illegible: Oct] Elisha Parkhurst TF 40
[illegible: Oct 11] Miss Sybil Howard TF 22 A transient person
Sum= 19
page 26 20 overwritten 1811 page 27
June Mary W Gilbert St Vitus Dance 12
August Mrs Whitmore Epilepy 65
Sept Frederick Weiser ---- A native of Germany – a singular character like wise One day dining very hastily he swal lowed a very large piece of meat which was caught in his throat + caused almost instant death ----
Samuel Bascombe TF 7
Le Compte An Infant
Miss Sarah Smith #
Miss Electa Bascombe # 17 A woman of color but in high esteem with all the the better portion of the people that were acquaint ed with her She possessed a strong mind and re markable retentive memory --- + a close observer of the common passing events --- + uncommonly apt + judicious in her conduct whenever it was her lot to superintend people [illegible: in sick ness] ----
Miss Eliza Walker colored 65
Mr Bowers A transient person
2 Le Compts \
Alden \
Tilden > Infants
Winthrop a black /
Sum= 14
page 28 1813 page29
Samuel Mason Smith # A permanent citizen – a lovely youth + amember of College + of the Church likewise –
Mr Sandford Dow TF 45
Mrs (wife of Ira) Brown TF
Mrs Mary Greene Old age 82 In the Summer of this year Typhis Fever com menced suddenly + spread rapidly The two cases noted were almost the first + were very violent + quickly fa tal – The circumstance was productive of a pretty gen eral consternation – Within a short time it was ru mored that there was 60 cases at one + the same time –. It is certain that many were very unwell at the same time but probably every person that was somewhat unwell suspected that theirs was certainly a case of Fever – The alarm subsided in ten or twelve days – + all were comfortably convalescent within a month from the first alarm -- +save in the two fatal cases was any one kept down a fortnight
2 Heardells Infants
2 Randals Infants Blacks TF 37
Mr. Jared Utley Fever 25
Davenport Complicated Disease 3
Miss Jerusha Greene # 25
Sybil Tilden Suicide 28
Gen Ebenezer Brewster
Mr David Little 22
Mason ǀ
Gilbert ǀ
Greene >------------------------ ------------ ------ These 8 were Infants + probably none of them were over 18 months old + I suspect most of them were not inhabitants of earth even one month
2 Weld ǀ
Brown ǀ
Stevens ǀ
Leaycourt ǀ
Sybyl Howard TF 20 These two persons were of different unconnected fam ilies + were mere transient residents in this village.
Howard TF 20
Sum= 24
page 30 19 overwritten 1815 page 31
Augst 1st Mr Adna Perkins TF 25 An inhabitant here but Died at Haverhill __
Septr Albion K Pierce TF 21 A member of College from Fryeburg in Maine
Sophronia a black F
Augst 17th Dean Cabele Caleb Fuller 82 Late in Oct of this year the Spotted Fever made its appear ance here + begun with such violence that the gene ral consternation + alarms were greater than was ever known even in 1797 – in the ^thenprevalent Dysentery
Mary Hinds # 16
Malvina Smith # 16
Mrs Seargent Dr 30
Moses Seargent SF 4 The first was the case of the youth noted here + who survived not 24 hours ___ + the other relative in the same house was attacked while we were at tending the funeral of the first – She died about the 5th day afterwards__ No others died X but one other very severe attack__ + that was along while a painful + doubtful case__ In about 10 weeks the patient was comfortably recovered with however the total loss of one of her eyes
Miss Betsey Seargent SF 21
Mrs Betsey Kimball Pleurisy 72
______ Avery TF 19
The same Winter this disease prevailed in Orford The first case was fatal __ Of 6[illegible: 0] more all recovered It was likewise very prevalent in several towns some what contiguous __ Particularly in Women where the mortality in the ratio of population was sup posed to exceed all parallel in New England if not in the whole United States from time immemorial___
Sum= 11
page 32 19 overwritten 1817 1816 overwritten page 33
Febry Mrs Delight Woodward # 47
Mr Phineas Fogg 30 _ _He was scalded so dreadfully in a boiling cauldron in a potash __ that in excruciating distress he sur vived only about ten days __ It may be and ought to operate as a warning to all thoughtless + pro fane persons to take the most solemn heed to their words and to their ways ___+ that they most carefully avoid imprecating judgments upon themselves for any supposed future transac tion of theirs [gap: strikethrough] it was said that he had a short time previous if he ever enter ed that potash_to work in it again
Ward an infant
Brewster an infant
Maria Bissell SF 10
Dr Amory Holbrook Drowned 21
Mrs Wheeler Inf in Head 25
Stephen Bartlett a Student
Nathan Carpenter TF 20
Haskell Infant
Goodrich Infant
Nov 6th Miss Tempe W Dewey _____ # 20
February Rodolphus Wheelock Esqr Fits 70 To which he had been incident more than 50 years
March Landon Dow a Black of old age probably 100 __Brot from Africa when ^when quite young + became the property of + lived with three generations of the Peters family originally in Hebron Connecticutt previous to his residence in this town
Hon John Wheelock LLD # 63
Mr Amos Wardwell 44 His disease was something similar to Diabe tiss resulting from an injury recd by a fall from a building about ten feet perpendicular in 1809
Mrs Hannah Kinsman 73
July Justin Hinds Inf Intn 18
Greeley ) Hinds, death was supposed to result from profuse use of ice lemonade + [illegible: C] + going right into the river to bathe_It was midsummer + repeated several days __
Stevens ) 3 infants _____.
Dunakee )
Sum= 21
page 34 1818 page35 1819
Brewster An Infant – found dead in its bed Mrs Anne Dugait Palsy 74
Jany 17th Francis Brown Jr LF 6 mo Febry 1st Sarah Smith Searle F 2
May 17th Mrs Eliza Gates Child Bed 23 April 19th Mrs Elizabeth Roby Cancer 62
Mrs Sophia Brewster # 23 19th Mr William Bascom SF 23
Hill 29 Gould an Infant
Coffin June 28th Miss Adeline A Adams # 21
Cutter Septr 13th Brown An infantreported # 2
Carpenter Infants Blade an Infant __
Augst 9th Hon William H Woodward # 44 Septr 26th A child of William Smith Esqr [illegible: kicked] in ^the head
William W Dewey Jr _____ TF 6 mo Octr 8th ___ Mrs Elizabeth Poole Derangement 63
Novr Laura Utley TF 14 Novr 25th Garland an Infant ___
Decr 30th Mr. George Williston # 45
It was supposed this last case was very much hastened – if not primarily induced by the too free free use of ardent spirits _____
Mrs George Gould died midsummer inadvertently^omitted
Mrs Pooles disease was hastened by her clothes accidentally taking fire + her screaming into the street before she could be caught __ she survived this accident but a few days [gap: illegible] she was previously deran ged + continued so untill she died __
Sum= 11 Sum= 13
page 36 1820 page 37
Jany John Stewart Jr LF 1
Febry 17th Peggy Dow a colored person --------------------- -So old that her age could not be ascertained
Gould an infant
July 27 - Revd Francis Brown DD _ # 36 ____ President of Dartmouth College____
Octr 26 - William J Shurtleff Croup 2
27 Samuel Freeman - Colored # 57
Octr 31 Miss Helena Wright Diabetys 19 --She had been apparently wearing out for about 9 months when there was some apparent promise of convalescence but an Influenza seized her + she did not survive it a week The Influenza was very prevalent at that time ____
Novr 7th Roswell Shurtleff Croup 5
--Williston Croup 2
May 14 Mary Hinds 2nd Quinsy 1-
June 7 Samuel F French Drowned 18 __ __ This solemn Providence transpired in the mist of a powerful revival of religion + seemed in the view of some persons as not sent in vain to several in this Immediate vicinity __ __ _ He had appeared unusual thoughtful + attentive in preaching the bible for several days previous to the fatal catastrophe that closed his eyes in death ____
Sept 30 Miss Sarah Long Bowel Compt 27
Octr Prince Dunbar Colored # 40
July Dean Elisha Tichnor 68
Dean T was a resident of Boston + was oc casionally spending a few weeks here His disease was never defined being of rather of a singular character
Sum= 14
page 38 1822 page 39
Febry 17 Mr William P Dewey Appoplexy 35
March 26 Frederick F Davis Drops in Chest 19
June 11 John Warner a Student TF 20 From Headley Massachusetts
Octr 3rd Mrs Adams Dys 86 Mother of Professor Ebenezer Adams
10th Lieut James Gould Gradual decay 80 No particular Disease _ wore out _
Novr 8th Mr Benjamin Kimball ____ __ 55 A hour before his death Mr K was in perfect health he was getting out grain in a beam + in ascend ing or desending a ladder from the floor to the scoffed one of the round upon which he set his foot broke off + let him through and occasioned an internal injury of which he died in less than an hour __
March 23rd Dean Benoni Dewey __ Pleurisy_ 72
April 18 N Hall 1
May 14 Robert Randall (Colored) 75
June 26 Mrs Caroline M Chapman Diabetys 52
July 6th Mrs Berry Dropsy 59 __ Dean Dewey had been affected with a dis tressing cough + other strong symptoms of consumption for more than 40 years – He was often times unable to speak louder than a whisper for half a year—at a time –yet he was generally with all his feable habits one of the most active men of his genera tion ___ The winter of his disease he had en joyed universal good health __ He was suddenly at tacked with Pleurisy which proved fatal the 5th day
Augst 14 Cornelius Dewey Dys 2
15 Ebenezer Barton Inf. In Head 23
22 M Fraser Dys 1
Sept 9th G Gates Dys 4
10 Maria Stockbridge Inf Internal 10
Novr 19 Mrs Hunnewell Childbed 22
Sum= 17
page 40 1824 page 41
Jany 6th Greene 7 mo
June 22 Caroline Bissell # 19 There was something about the heart – a palpitation (If I mistook not – I think ^there was ^an enlargement of the heart to 3 or 4 times its ordinary dimensions. It was so reported
Hadduck )
Shurtleff ) Infants
Mrs Reuel Durkee
Augst 23 Mrs Betsey Kimball Drops 49-- ---In the course of three years she submitted to ^the opera tion of tapping 4 times + the quantity of fluid drawn off it was supposed would fully average 10 quarts each time. The whole then would amount to 460 Quarts or 115 Gallons – or 3 ½ Barrels -- + supposed weight of the whole quantity of fluid about 920 pounds __
Septr 19 Mrs Elwell Dys 59
24 Mrs Learned A Stranger Drops in Head
25 Blaisdel F 2
April 8th Mrs Sarah Long Inf Rheumatism 71
24 Miss Carloline Webber Tumor in the neck _ 20 __ __ The tumor was extracted + for a day or two was appa rently doing well_ but for some mysterious reason an unaccountable stupor ensued + she survived less than a week __ It was suggested that there was a family predisposition to apoplexy ___
24 Hadduck An Infant
28 Tenny An Infant
May 4th Mrs Martha Porter # 45
5 Mrs Mary Hutchinson # 41
July 15 Margaret Page A Stranger Suddenly 44__ __ Miss P had been violently deranged for some years, but had become more rational just before her decease She was left alone in her room at bedtime + was dead when the family awoke in the morning __
30 A Child of Presdt Tylers Inf in Head 1
Augst 8th Mrs Wife of George Gauls 30
Septr 2nd Joseph Dewey Jr. Bowel compt 1
Sum= 19
page 42 1826 page 43
March 3rd Mrs Anne Shurtleff Influenza 42
May 21st Miss Lucy Dewey # 42
July 8 _Mr Jacob Ward Org_ 54
Augst 5 Mrs Hannah Markham 73
Septr 19 Adeline Bridgeman Org 4
24 Mrs Mary Gibbert Schirrous Internal 57
Octr 17 Mr Carter A Stranger NF _ 17 _ He came here to spend a few days at the Medical lectures and was suddenly + violently attacked with a Nervous Fever which he survived something like ten days + expired He resided in Peacham Vermont__
Novr 5 Clark 2
1827 7
Jany 1st Blade An Infant
March 6 Dean Bowel Compt 1
May 31st Nancy Freeman Quick # 14
Haddock An Infant
Sept 27 Mrs Adams __from Portland Maine_ # 40__ __ On a Journey for her health she came to this Village + could proceed no further She languished about two months + gave up the ghost___
Watson An Infant
Herd An Infant ____
7 I suspect it is rare that another village can be envisioned where so many strangers resort that ^are such beyond recovery be fore they arrive here apparently almost on purpose to die here __ which has added in sum total a very large number to our lists of mortality
It will be seen that only two adults have
Died this year + all but one of the others
were less than one year old
Sum= 15
page 44 ? overwritten 1828 page 45
Febry 22 Mrs Mary Wheeler # 39
March Mr Asa Thompson A stranger F 29
April 9th Mr Cheney (from Bristol_________ _______ ____ __A tumor was extracted from his head + the operation Resulted overwritten in his decease in a few days__
11th Miss Sarah W Dewey # 37
May 16th Mr William Bowles # 37__ __ A transient resident from Ireland__
July 16 Horace Casey LF 3 mo
18th Gen James Poole App 46
Septr 26 Mrs Wife of Joseph L Dewey 42__ __Visceral iflamation with other complaints _
Octr 15 Jenny Randall A black 33
Decr 15th Irena Manson A transient resident 20__ __ Her death almost instantaneous__ supposed to re sult from (or chiefly so) ---- [gap: strikethrough] the prevalent savage + suicidal practice of tight dressing__
Dudley )
Cutting ) Young Children
Brown )
Novr 21st Mrs Dudley ____ # 30 The 4 last belonged to the Greensboro __district from whence I cannot always get returns so full + accurate as I could wish__
March 20 Mrs Wife of Nathaniel Hall # 46
April 21 Miss Mary Dewey # 16
Octr 15 Mr Nathaniel Carpenter 73__ By inflamation of the bowels resulting from an obsti nate case of Hernia _ or Rupture
Decr 9th Mrs Anne N Cook LF 56
29 An Infant of J L Dewey ___ 1 Day
Sum= 18
page 46 26 overwritten 1830 page 47
March 19 William Greeley Diabetys 7
May 4 Mr Jonan Chamberlain 50__ _He died of schirrous in the stomach __ A transient resident
July 11 Professor William Chamberlain # 34 __Died at his paternal mansion in Peacham Vermont
Octr 17 Isaac Mosey Esqr Dropsy in the Chest 74 < No year save one (1797) has the Bill of mortality swelled to so large an amount as it has this year_It is to be noted however that 3 were taken sick abroad + came here past recov ery + could not get away_+ 4 others could hardly be called per manant residents here__
March 26 Mrs Orphia Fox Childbed + LF 40
April 3rd Bennet Tyler Stone LF 9 mo
19 Mrs Wife of John Carpenter Paralysis 45_ She was an inhabitant of Vermont but was brought here as a (town pauper a few weeks previous to her decease__.
June 14 Edward A H Mussey SF 2 ½
July 18 Abel K Wilson Ileus 23 A member of College _ of the Freshman class from Dunbarton
Augst 13 Mrs Hannah Symmes 36 __Died of Ulceration of the Stomach_
13 Nathan Jr Son of Revd Presidt Lord SF 2 _He had just returned from Boston past recovery+Just in time to die [gap: strikethrough]
Septr 10 Mr Charles Hinds # 21
12 Mr George P Foss TF 23
Octr 24 Mr Joseph Sprague # 29 \
Novr 10 Mr Edmund K Livermore TF 23 \Mr Sprague was from Salem Massts all but dead when he arrived here + lived here scarcely a month af ter his arrival_
Severance A small child SF 1
15 William Henry Stevens SF 2 ½
16 William Henry Tenny SF 1 ½ line to name Livermore was a member of the Freshman class in the College . + from Wilmington, Vt_
21 Sarah Jane Stevens SF 10 mo
25 Mrs Paulina Parker # 60__ __She arrived in this town at evening a mere shadow of life and expired within 12 or 14 hours afterwards
Decr 25 Dean Jabez Kellogg Influenza 68
Sum= 21
1832 page 48 21 overwritten page 49
Jany 26 Mary A Blaisdell Diabetys 6
8 Fanny daughter of Joseph Blair LF 1
March 9 Mrs Hannah Knapp Old age - 87 __She had been several years an inhabitant of Berlin Vt __but had recently been removed here as a town pauper_
12 An Infant of A W Morse LF 3 mo
13 Mrs Sarah Pynchon Oliver # 75 __Consort of the Revd Fitch Oliver formerly of Marblehead Massachusetts + subsequently of Philadelphia
22 Susan K Pierce Inf of Brain 1
April 20 An Infant of Dr D Olivers 4 days __
June 27 Mrs Persis Greeley 42 This was a case of Schissous + different from any of the kind within the knowledge of our physicians_It began with a tumor on the breast + went to the spine upon which it had entered with such^ violence that several joints were so soft as to be cut easily with a knife + equally easy__up + down or crosswise_Such an case in all its progress + extent has never come within the practise of the Medi cal Faculty of this Institution_Same cancer presenting a specimen of a similar case had once been seen by Dr Mussey in London
August 13 th Margaret J Brewster Dropsy in head 12
17th Susan B Brewster Dropsy in the head 8
29th An Infant Son of Ebenr Lee Canker in the [fading]
Septr 12th William Allen Brewster Inf in head 4
13th Mrs Abigal Alden Cancer 61
Octr 27th Miss Betsey Haskell Fits 26
Novr 15th Mary Richardson An Infant LF
Sum= 15
page 50 1833 page 51
Febry 11th Harriot Ann Demman SF 2 ( Children of John + Mary Demman
14th Mary Jane Demman SF 5 (
April 27th An Infant of C Metcalf 3 Mo ____ An instantaneous decease as it was supposed + the cause of which would not be instantly ascertained
Septr 2nd Adrianna Brewster # 7
Octr 20th Mrs Huldah Gates wife of Dr L Gates # 70 Mrs Gates disease was not decidedly consumptive although it had that bearing; was rather complicated, +somewhat un decided as it lingered to its termination
25th Susan Margaret Brewster # 1
____________________ in the chest _Disease undefined _ Strong indications however of inflammation^
Jany 20th Mary Jane Pattrice 7
Febry 14th John Emery LF 1
April 5th George Hinds #---- 18-- -------- The 3rd in the family who have died of this disease
May 22nd Mrs Susanna Hall _ # 30__ Considered for a long time a progressive consump-
Novr 8th Mrs Susanna Seales _ 66 tion_ terminating however in Angina Pectoris Below text rotated 90 degrees clockwise on right hand side Whole number to this date 452 Dec 31st 1834
Sum= 11
page 52 1835 page 53
April 3rd Mrs Lucy Poole Inflammation in the chest 50 Deceased at Plymouth but was one of our citizens + interred here.
May 6th Mrs Sebrah Dewey 80 ___ Relict of the late Dean Benoni Dewey –Deceased—1823_
6th William H Haydack Esqr # 32 Mrs Dewey’s disease seemed like a complication of Liver com plaint__Jaundice_ Dropsy + Consumption _+ which was actually the predominant disease was difficult to decide __.
13th Mrs Susanna Pierce of Royalton Vt. TF 72
June 3rd Laura Coffin Ileus
Emerson an Infant
Octr 2nd Widow Kimball 61’
Decr 6th Mrs Lorenzy Green # 51
April 12th Dr Asa Crosby 70_ __( Gallstones in the bladder or rather in the ducts from ( the gall to the bladder. The gall was ruptured_.
29th Dr Laban Gates _ General Decay__ 83
May 6th Anthony Mac Clathlin _____ __ ________ 50_ ___ In a fit of intoxication __ He was in good health in the morning + indeed at Noon + died before 4 O Clock P.M.-
Jany 15th Mrs Harriat Ward LF 38
March 12th Harry P Gates suicide ___ ______ By the use of Laudunum ___ He too was in health at noon + died in the evening
Mrs Mary Fogg # 40
Sum= 14
page 54 1837 page 55 The decease of Mr Adams was very sudden_The seed of his disease was probably contracted in South Carolina _ He had been in this Village only two days before he was fatally attacked with the fever that terminated his existence on the sixth day. _ __ __ __ __ __
Jany 25th Miss Submit Hutchin # 18
July 23rd Mr Ebenezer Adams Jr LF 24
Augst 31st Avery Mallervill Brewster Inflamn in Bowels 7__ __ Said by some resulting from eating various green fruits
Novr 5th Mr Winslow Warren # 70__ Mr W Died in another Parish + ought not to have been entered here
Decr 26th Miss Mary Haskell Infn in the Head 28
26th Mr David Fogg # 23
___ 1838______
March 4th Mrs Palm Palmer 41 #
May 1st Sewal Coffin Jr. 1 #
July 1st Mrs Betsey Coffin 42 #
Augst 1st Miss Harriot Ward 13 _ _ _ _ ___ Brain Fever
Decr 11th Mrs Jerusha Morey Dropsey 81 [gap: strikethrough] Connected with Diseased Liver
Sum= 11
page 56 25 overwritten 1839 page 57
Jany 2nd Caroline Danelia Tubbs Diseased head __ 2 ½
Febry 8th Col John Saunders Lang 46 ½ Death instantaneous from a rupture of the Artery called the Iorta,
March 16th Mr Lamuel Stevens _ Disease in the head 81 - [gap: strikethrough] (without a struggle or a groan ___________
April 10th Joseph Daniel Adams (A College Student 14 - An inflammation primarily in the Bowels + ascending, terminated in the head __ He was from Keene NH
Mary – an Infant from Boston from Teething 1
Mrs [inkblot] John Olmstead 67 _ _ _Primarily ulcerated bowels + terminating in Consumption
MrsLamuel Stevens __1840____________
Oct 17th Proffesr David Peabody _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 34 y’s Nov 21st Mrs Mary Buske Internal Cancer 59
Nov 13th Mr Chester Ingalls # 64 28th Justin Hinds Esqr # 70
May 25th Frederick Ira Young - Internal disease 9 mo Below text rotated 90 degrees clockwise Whole Number up to this date 501 22
Jan 28th Mr Josiah Goodrich Inf Rheumatisim 72 Brot here sick from a distant town
28th Samuel Stone Inf in the head 5 mo
31st Mrs Mary Brown # 56
May 20th Mrs Alva Seales # 44
Augst 11th Mr Joseph Palmer Dropsey 44 __ He had been severely afflicted with Asthma for several years_
17th Mrs Susanna Hadduck Dropsey 44 ___ Daughter of Mr R Lang mentioned next below ___
Septr- 8th Mr Richard Lang Diarrhea 70 __ He died in the Insan hospital at Brattleborough Vt
26th Elvira Perry 12
Octr 25th Mr Stephen D S Gibson TF 21 __ A resident of Sanbornton NH attending the Medical Lectures
29th Mr Josiah Gilman # 30 A member of the Junior class in College from Sandbornton
Novr 5th Mr Thomas Pesley Barrows TF 17 A member of the Sophomore Class in College from Fryeburgh in Maine
1841 page 58 page 59
Jan 14th Mr John Olmstead Liver Disease 67
March 11th Mrs Nancy Davis Organic Disease 65
April 2nd Mrs Denison Wentworth 24_ ____ A colored woman
4th Mr Zachariah B Knights 40 ___ A transient person _
Augst 15th Hond Ebenezer Adams Organic Disease 76 ___ Late Professor of Philosophy +C in Dart College
17th Mr EP Tracy TF 31 ____ He had removed in here but a short time since
Septr 25th ___ Dudley _________________ SF 5 (entirely new in its name ___ The fever of which Mr H died is now called Typhoid + is ^
Octr 4th Mr Harry Houston TF 26
9th Mrs Davenport # 55
12th Mrs Corey Paralasys 44 ____ A transient resident
16 __ Warren TF 5
25th Morse An Infant TF 2
25th Miss Eliza Hopkins TF 40
29th Maria Pelham TF 24 ___ A colored person + a transient resident + from Giulhall Vt __
Octr 31st Mrs Asha-Wife of Reuben Benton Esqr 61 She had been infirm + failing in body + mind for several years + as it were
Novr 24th Mrs Dorothy Robbins # 34 [inkblot: wore] out without any regular specific disease upon her __
July Mr Solomon Gleason # 70
Sum= 17
1842 page 26
Jany 12th Mrs Achsa Classon # 28
17th Miss Francis Chamberlain # 17_
March 2nd Dr Samuel Alden Dropsy 74
13 Mr Eleazar D Curtiss L C 61_
April 22nd George Haskell Scarlet Fever 8_ _ These children died in the same room + within three hours of each other. The disease was of the malignant kind The eldest died in 36 hours from the first attack __
Lucius Haskell TF 4
30th Miss Nancy Brown # 23 _\
May 27 Capt Chester Ingals Cancer 80 -Miss Brown was from Hadley in Massachusetts+ here on a visit + was sick when she came here + declined too to return ___
Mrs Charlotte Bryant Abortion 38
June 27 Mrs Eliza Q Burnham # 28 _Mrs B had been several years severely afflicted with Dyspepsia
July 1st Harriot Dewey SF 3
1st Elizabeth Miller SF 4 In the case of the child of Mr Dudleys deceased the 14th Inst is a lesson of warning. The child was apparently a little better + seeing the mother frying some cakes over a fire cried for one. The mother gratifi fied it. Unspeakable distress followed-all attempts to procure a passage from the bowels failed -+ the child died_What the reflections of the [: mother ^are I know not]
Augst 6th Parker Dysentary 3
25th Johnson Internal Ifln 14 mos
Septr 11th Mr Isaac Cotting Appy 78
14th A Son of Jno Dudley LF 7
31st Mr Charles Spaulding TF 39 ___ For the last 3 days a profuse hemorrhage from the lungs
Novr 17th Miss Lucia Haskell # 28
19th Mr Jabez Dewey Diabetiss 36
21st _____ J Smith an Infant [inkblot: Diabetys] 1 Day
Sum= 20
1843page 27
Jany 14h Mrs Stistervant # 32 No less than 8 persons that died here this year were ( + that in immediate succession) conveyed abroad for interment.
Feby-24 Miss Susannah Hadduck # 23
March 11th Miss Naomi Cutler (Erisypalis) 17– _____ Died in her full strength, with only one weeks sickness–
April 22nd Miss_Staples a Colored woman 46
July 21st An Infant of Mr Busbecks 1 Day __ Born with the spine disjointed
Augst 22nd Mrs ___________ Williston # 66 __ Mrs W had been many years declining
23rd __ Clifford an Infant Dystr 1
24th Mr Henry Clay Douglass # 25 Mr. D sickined in N York + came here past recovery
Septr 3rd Mrs Mary Busbeck Internal Canker 35_ --Mrs B survived the birth of her infant 44 days _Previous to childbirth there were uncommon + alarming symptoms about her Among others an unusual corpulency –After childbirth a supposed internal canker-in connection with Diarrhea defying all remedy inevitably wore her out__
27th Revd Mr ________ Brigham # 35
28th Charles Coffee Burned to death 4
Oct 11th Mr Abisthan Eastman + Fever Pleurisy ^ 21
12th Mrs Eliza S Hosford_ Dropsey + Liver Complaint 38
14th Miss Mary F Dow_ Dropsey in the head 12
22nd Miss Rachael MacClure TF 18 Miss Dow had been but a short time a resident here
2[gap: illegible] Miss Martha Low TF 23 Miss M Clure was a transient person,^residence here only ^six weeks
30th Mr Austin Kibbee Complication of ^[gap: illegible] Diseases 40 Miss Low was a transient resident sick 5 weeks
N[illegible: ovr] 20th Mr John Shedington (A College Student) TF 23 ________________________________________________
Novr 27th Mrs Mary A R Baker Childbedpuerperal Fever Erysipalis 21 Decr 12th Miss Sarah Hadduck # 15
27th The Infant of Mr + Mrs Baker
30th Mrs Harvey Benton – Childbedpuerperal Fever Erysipalis 31 Mrs Baker + Benton both died of a puerperal Fever
Dec 5th The Infant of Mr + Mrs Benton Number of Deaths this year 23
An infant of Mr Smiths in the first of the summer
1844 page 28
Jany 23rd Fitzgerald LF 35 A transient person
March 14th Mrs Peggy J Park (a colored woman) # 40 -Mrs P had appeared very near her end for the last two years
May 10th Mr James Kimball Internal Inflamn 64 A transient person
Augst 12th Miss Leonora Ainsworth # 32 A transient person
Septr 3rd Mrs Mead 54 A transient person
18th Mr John Perry # 28  
An Infant child of Royal Hille 4 mo 1845
March 1st Ezekiel W Sandborn_________ 1 Day Octr 16th Mr Leonard F Goodhue (a College Student) TF 23
1845 Novr 18th Mr Charles Wentworth (A Colored Man) TF 63
Jany 7th Mrs Sarah Frary # 20th Mr George C Ishom (A College Student) TF
14th Miss Anne Carpenter Bowel Compt 23 21st An Infant of Mr Webster– Dropsy in the Head 4 Mo-
Feby 24th An Infant of Mr Burbicks 2 Days Decr 19th Mrs Susanna Smith_ Widow of the Revd John Smith DD formerly Proffr of the Doomed Languages in Dartth College + who Deceased 1809 Mrs Smith was 83 years of age-+complication of Diseases closed sideways in margin: her days
March 15th A child of William Wentworth Dr in head 3
April 2nd Mr Cyrus Morse # 36
24th Col Amos Avery Brewster 67
May 10 Mr James Seales # 48 Col Brewsters disease was for several months previous to his death supposed to be Angina Pectoris–but was subsequently pronounced to be the common Asthma + that the more immediate cause of his Death was a sudden cold which which resulted in a rapidly fatal inflammation of the chest
June 7th Jacob S Cram Esqr # 42
July 11th Hond Mills Olcott Calculus 72
August 17th Mrs Goddard # 42
Sept 14 William Wentworth Typhoid Fever 29
28th Miss Resilla Groves TF 25
Octr 1st Mrs Delano TF 60
3rd Mr Richard Evans– Erisysipalis 72
1846 page 29
Feby 22nd Mrs Laura Brown # 27 Kimball was an intemperate man + died in a fit of intoxication. He had recently purchased a gallon of al cohol + drank untill he died
March 10th An Infant of Amos + Sarah Dewey Fits 1 Month
27th Mr Horace Kimball 34
May 12th Mr Webster Heart Disease 35 The heart had shifted its place so far as to prevent the usual action of the^lungs + to stop his breath
Augst 5th Wentworth (a colored child) Dysentery 1
22nd A child of Joseph G Ward 3 This child was supposed to have died from eating the weed called Cicutae otherwise poison Hemlock_
23rd Mrs Salmon Dow # 43
Septr 18th Mrs Sarah H Freeman- Gradual Decay 98
Octre 26th Mrs Lucius Hinds # 30 Oct 21st [gap: illegible] Merianne Stone for many years a resident in this village Died at Warner N H of a Consumption age 32 years_ She had been several months declining + was reduced very low in much that she could sit up only a small portion of the day Her parents wishing to remove to New Jersey where some of their children were already located_+being advised by a physician that a removal there might + probably would prolong her life + perhaps reestablish her health they were inclined to hastily sell every thing + start with all expectation for their new home_ She died the 2nd evening after their departure + was buried on the following day _having progress ed only some 35 miles on their Journey_Had she [illegible: remain] ed here 48 hours longer her name must have been added to our list of mor^tality
Augst 29 A Child of Mr + Mrs Hinds in Septr
Decr 29th Mr Asa Tenney # 63
Sum= 11
1847 page 30
Febry 20th Mrs Mary Dudley # (by falling down
April 13th Mr Casper Adams 72- -Gradual decay for some time shortened by by [illegible: a severe hurt])
June 15th Mrs Carpenter Measles 72_ -She was an inhabitant of Sharon Vt +here on a transient visit
July 8th Mrs Denison Wintworth # 25
22 Mrs Amos Hill # Mrs Downer was poisoned by swallowing alcohol holding
23rd Mrs L Downer_______________/ / in solution Corrosive Sublimate_ It is said she loved strong
28th [illegible: Zeaber] _ an Infant fluid + accidentally finding some partook of it without enquiry wheth
Augst 15th Ellen M Coble -Dysentary 11 months er or not it was safe to do so
Novr 15th Mrs Sarah Jones Dropsey 73
16th Mr Samuel Emmons Fever 40
17th Edmund K Peaselee Dysentary 2 [ink]
Decr 19th Rand Drowned 14 ___This youth was skating on a small pond
of a few rods extent, shallow + a deep mud
The past summer was one of unusually extreme dy bottom with a younger brother the only
heat usually portending an uncommon share of person with him_ Near the centre of the
sickness and death in our land_But the register pond he broke the ice + settled to the bottom
for the year now closed shows nothing more than but could soon plant his feet on the ground
an average of epidemical diseases in this village which was so soft as in some measure to hold
+I am not advised that epidemics have been very his feet part down in the mire_
extensively prevalent in my section of our country It was a very cold evening + in attempting to
extricate himself from his peril by breaking the ice
with ^ feet his so confined by the mire he became
chilly + exhausted + went down + perished
Sum= 12
1848 page 31
March 15th Mrs Sarah Gilman Chamberlain - 47 Liver Disease + Gallstones
18th Mrs Sarah Porter Olcott 71 ---- Abcess in the sides
June 3rd A Child of George Dewey Disease not ascertain^ed 1
24th Miss Harriot Goodrich # 23
Augst 7th Mrs Christiana H Mac Gowen/morbus Cholera 85
16th Mrs Amanda Brigham_Bowel Comp laint 38 –Widow of the Revd Mr --Brigham who died here AD 1843
Dudley an Infant=Dysentary 1
30th Miss Elizabeth Haskell TF 28
31th Weston Internal Hemo rrhage 20 A stranger from Nashua
Octr 29th Mr James S Currier TF 36 -A resident of Royalton Vt + here on a visit
Novr 25th Mr James Benton TF 38
Octr 12th Sarah H Kibling # 12
Sum= 11
1849 page 32
Jany 11th Mrs Abigal Woodbury-Internal Dropsey 57– Mrs Holkins was seized with faintness from which sherecovered in a few minutes so as to walk the room + while doing so she dropped down+ never breath^ed afterward
12th Mrs Hannah Holkins 81
March 10th Miss Achsa Benton-Voluntary Drowning -40 –She^Miss Benton went to a large cistern for the purpose of drowning+ as the water was not deep enough to cover^her head while standing she set herself down+thus accomplished her end_It was early in the morning that it transpired_before the family had arisen + she had that night slept alone
Mr [gap: strikeout] Jesse Pike Decay 77
April 5th Mr Samuel Rowley Everett Appoplexy Heart Disease 42
9th Edwin Curtiss Smith–Teething+Dys entary 2
May 5th _Mrs Elizabeth Shay–Pleurisy + LF 54
29th _Mrs Susanna Whitmore 60
June 30th _Mr Eli Washburn (Gradual decay)- 90
July 7th _Mr Edward Ainsworth (Heart Disease) 78– --- Mr A was a mere visitor in the village
Augst 8th A son of Rodney Richardson_ Fitts 14 Moths --- Mrs Allen was interred at Corinth Vt
Septr 16th Mrs Harriot Allen # 29/ On inserted paper: May 5th This evening several young men of this village went down the river some three miles to fish for eels+ had to cross the riv ver for their purpose–When having done fishing+returning recrossing the river they by some mischance capsized their skiff + all plunged into the water+one only saved himself by clinging to the boat + paddling ashore with his hand–Chester Thomson + Charles Corey were both drowned–they were both about 20 years of age_It is asserted and probably true by enough that they were several of them filled deeply with Alcohol
Abner H Brown __Dysentary 7
28th Edward Welch Dysentary 14 Mo
Octr 20th Mr John Orr Cancer 50
27th A child of Mr Clough – Teething 1
Novr 9th Samuel Carpenter 16
The whole number to the close
of this year_655
Sum= 17
1850 page 33
Jany 31st An Infant of Amos+Sarah L Dewey 1 _ Disease not accurately Defineable
March 16th Emily Richards Inflamn in the head 12 __Daughter of Revd John Richards DD
23 Mrs Julian Balch # 30
29th Mrs Jane Wentworth Appoplexy _ 71 _A colored person held in high estimation for her moral worth
July 26th Mr John Dobie (formerly from Scotland) 41_ Mr D accidentally inhaled a piece of Sponge. It was re moved by opening the windpipe, but death ensued on the fourth day after the accident
Septr 27th ___Gova_an Infant Infn in head 13 Mo
Octr 19th Mr Alexander Lang (a College Student) TF 24
26th Mr Ebenezer Lee Dropsey 69_ _ Mr Lee has resided in the village 65 years
30th Mr ____ Comens # 72 The two immediately below were next door neighbors decease
Nov 7th Mrs Joseph Tilden Appoplexy 31_ Mrs J was in usual good health on the morning of the day of her^
27th James Brewster Choking 18 Mo! With a piece of apple not so large as a pea while at play + died as it were in an instant - How uncertain is life!
Decr 18th Roxana Ainsworth # 46
Sum= 12
1851 page 34
Jany 7th Proffr Stephen Chase Typhoid Fever 37 He commenced his duties as Proffessor of Mathematics AD 1838
March 16th Mrs Alfred Morse - Complicated Disease 61
A Child of Monroe Pike_ Disease undefined 2 Mr Kimball was instantly killed from the accidental discharge of a Cannon. The piece had just been dischar ged, but in their haste to reload to see how rapidly they ^could reload + discharge they neglected to wet + apply their sponge as they ought to have done + the which was the most consummate piece of carelessness possible + some fire was still remaining in the gun + in pressing down the second charge, it exploded + consummated its work of death. Two other individuals were very seriously mangled by the same explosion. When will this savage custom of noise + powder burning cease? [page damage: Can] beings who ought to be rational from past events, learn wis [page damage: d]om for the future?
Mrs Asa Brown 42
April 21st Dr Abner H Brown – Bro^nchitis or #
May 2nd Mary E Jenks LF 4
July 4th Mr Jeremiah Kimball
Augst 2nd Gibbs, an Infant. Cholera Infantum 1
5th Mr Asa Brainard 43
A Child of the Widow James Benton
Septr 5th Mrs Elisabeth Brown Gradual Decay 75
8th A Child of A O Brewster
16 Miss Emily Smith Complicated Disease 60
Mr Harvey Carpenter Spleen 67
16th Howe a young child Dysentary 2
Octr 2nd Mr James Rogers _____ 28
13th Mr Thomas B Mack TF 19 Mr Mack was a College Student in the Senior Class + from Gilmanton
13th An Infant of Mr Pettes 6 weeks Mrs Brown who died Septr 5th was the surviving Widow of the Revd Francis Brown – President of Dartmouth College + deceased July 27th 1820
Novr 17th Mr Richard Currier Cancer 82
Decr 4th Mrs – Baudinot Brewster Child bed + TF 36
Sum= 20
1852 page 35
Jany Mrs Mary Washburn Old age 87
Jany 8th Neale an Infant – Complicated Disease 1 ½
April 7th Mrs Betsey Oliver Freeman (Pleurisy) 57
April 19th Mrs Thomas L Haskell Angina Pectoris 72
June 3rd Mrs Saml Long # 72
8th Mr Samuel Cutter # 60
Augst 2 Young Children of Mr Esty Dysentary 4+2
A child of William Pooler 1
An Infant of Mr Pettes
Octr 25th George Brooks Nesmith TF 21 Mr Nesmith a College Student from Franklin NH
Decr Martha Jane Carpenter Brain Disease 6
24th Lorcelli an Infant 2 weeks
Sum= 11
1853 page 37
Mrs Closson
Pike an Infant
Mrs Corkins
June 17th Mrs Warren very suddenly 81
July 8th Neal a young child Teething
9th Mrs Rogers TF
Waterman a young child
Octr 9th Judson Webster TF 9
Sum= 8
1854 page 38
An Infant of O Dewey 1 Day
Miss Sarah Dugait 69 _She was a deranged person + being out late in the night she became bewildered + wandered from her intended course + becoming exhausted sank down + perished in the way + was found dead in the morning
April 7th Capt Jabez Warren – Sudden Paralasys 69
12th Mrs Abigal S Rickard – Angina Pectoris 75
20th Mr Frederick Hinds Quick #
May 29th Hinds a small child – Disease not defined Capt Warren was attacked with Palsey some two years since which disabled him for usual business for a few weeks + the which never entirely left him – The attack was repeated some 16 hours previous to his Decease He was walking the street + about his usual avocation in the afternoon + before evening was strick en down never to rise again – He was a valuable citizen + uni universally respected
June 2nd An Infant of Professor Peaselee Head Disease
Mr Thompson #
Cata Shattuck (Sitster to Ellen below)
Woarman a young Child
Novr 1st Miss Clara Cram [gap: strikeout] 18
23rd Another Hinds Child Disease not defined 3
Decr 26th Miss Ellen Shattuck # 18
Mrs Sarah Olcott Consort of William H Duncan Esqr and Daughter of Hond Mills Olcott – Died at Palatki in Flor ida July 20 + was interred in our cemetary August 2nd
Whole number 709 Sum= 13
1855 page 39
Jany 17th Mr Joseph G Ward # 40 April 28th Mr Edward H Kimball of the Village Died at Randalls Island in New York Harbor of Brain Fever Aged 24 + was interred in our Cemetary May 3rd He was a Graduate from this College + was assistant Physician in the state hospital on that Island. He was practising with unusual approbation + uni versally beloved by all who were acquainted with him
June 6th Mrs Betsey Bissell Fainting Fit 73
16th Edward Brewster Infm Abdominal in Bowels 14
Augst 27th Reuben Benton Esqr Gradual Decay 86
Septr 3rd A child of Mr Boutwells Dysentary 6
6th Mrs Adriana Baudinot Old age 79
13th An Infant of George Dudley 10 Weeks
Octr 3rd Mrs --- Rock Inflamation of Bowels
--------- Mrs Rock was only transiently resident in our village merely in pursuit of extra medical aid for protracted illness
Sum= 8
In this Parish Of the present year with some 650 souls as a permanent population + in an area of one + a half miles of territory squaremeasure there were 60 individuals whose ages would average over 72 years + 12 of whom ranged from 80 to 84, + one 90 + another 91 years old Three of them as will be seen above died before the close of the year Octr 26th Mr Harvey Kendrick a very useful House Carpenter of this village was instantly killed on the Vermont Central Railroad
June 1st
1856 page 40
Feby 23rd Miss Jane Kimball # 17
March 13th Mr Thomas L Haskell 62 He had been gradually decaying for the last two years but was yesterday seized with fits + died this day
_ Gove – a small child
26th Miss Catharine Chamberlain # 20 Came in from abroad, sick, past recovery, to die here
28th Mr Sidney B Douglass LF 45 A post mortem examination revealed the whole inter nal system one general mass of disease
April 10th Mrs Beulah Adams Complicated Disease 83
_ Custer a small child 3 moth Mrs Adams was the surviving consort of Hond Eben ezer Adams former Proffr in Dartmouth College + deceased in 1841
April 20th Mrs Mary Hinds Gradual Decay 83
May 13th Dean Samuel Long LF 82
June 7th Col Roswell Shurtleff Angina Pectoris _ Col S was a resident of Rockingham Vermont + transiently here in pursuit of medical aid + like many others before him Just to die here
July 18th Mr Simeon Shattuck # 20
Augst 11th Mrs Sarah Richards Gradual Decay 73
31st Denison Wentworth (Colored) 40 Wentworths disease complicated not very definable be ing for years of intemperate habit. Alcohol was probably a prominent agent in hastening his dissolution
Septr 16th Mr [illegible: Increase] Kimball 80
Novr 20th Mrs Lucy Goodrich 80
Decr 21st Mrs Abigal Crosby 81 Wid of Dr Asa Crosby Deceased April 1836
There has Died in this Village of College Students 22 – The first was Jany 1787
1856 Decr 31st The number of those who ^have died of Consumption since 1770 is 119. of males 29 + of females 87
4 members of the Medical Institute here have have died here since it ^was establised herein 1790
Whole number that have died here up to this date 742_____________
Children under 4 years of age 124. [illegible: The instance^case] that any have died between the ages of 4 + 15
Sum= 16
1857 page 41
Jany 31st Mrs Ellen Buck Spinal Complaint 54 Eva Smith whose decease April 11th is recorded here was journeying on the Railroad in West Randolph Vermont Octr 29th 1855 In passing from one to another car she fell between the platforms The wheels cut off the left arm above the elbow – the thumb + lit tle finger of the right hand + a toe from one foot – For two weeks she hung between life + death – bear ing with heroic fortitude, the amputations + + dressings + in four months entirely recovered As if in compensation for the bodily injury her mind was developing itself in all its faculties in a remarkable degree giving promise of supe rior intellectual attainments + still more of the social + religious affections Parents + friends looked forward with to see the results in mature age The Divine Wisdom however had ordered otherwise + determined the development should be ear lier + in a better world At noon April 10 she was ap parently in usual health + at play with the other children About 4 O Clock she was very sudden ly + violently attacke with the disease of which
Feby 21st Mr John Demman #
March 3rd Mr Ephraim Jewett Hardy # 27
Feb y 10th A Child of Mrs Woorman – Scalded to death 3 ½
March 12th A Child of Solomon Palmer 2
19th Mrs Tracy Angina Pectoris 60
Apil 4th Arthur Von Vetchen Brown 4
11th Eva Smith - Daughter of Dr Smith SF 4
11th Mrs Hosford
21st Miss Mary Moulton LF 65
25th Mary Smith – Sister of Eva SF 6
July 8th Henry EB Stowe Drowned __ 21
Sepr 13th Mrs Alice Bates Long protracted illness 63
14th Mrs Ruth Blanchard unknown symbol #
Octr 17th William Henry Hilliard TF
24th Mrs Eastman
Decr 4th Miss Perry
16th Mrs Cook Softening of Brain 48
Other data on the other side of the interleaf
she died just about the same hour in the evening or the next day Her sister at noon on the 24th was in usual good health + attacked just as + at the same hour as Eva was + expired at just the same time the following afternoon Augst 16 Mrs Dr Heiss Died to day in An dover Massts An eminently worthy lady of of this village WWWH see prev. page Hilliard was a senior in College + from the City of New York Mrs Eastman was a resident of Strafford Vt + transiently here for medical aid for long stand ing disease + just in time to die here Mrs Cook was from Greensboro Vermont + came here for medical aid + so low that she was past all remedy - + died soon after her advent here
A member of the Senior Class in College + a native of
of Brookline NH
Son of Proffr Samuel G Brown – Disease primarily
Rheumatism which ultimately concentrated around
the heart
A member of the College Freshman Class + son
of Proffessor Calvin E Stowe of the Theological Insti
tute Andover Massachusetts
Mrs Bates + Mrs Blanchard both came in here
for relief from diseases upon them (that is
for medical aid) + which diseases defied all
human skill to arrest + are two more instan
ces of persons come in just to die here.
Both very worthy individuals
1858 page 42
Jany A transient Mulatto man # Since removing to my present residence
Mr Hitchcock LF 81 I cannot at all times get reasonable returns
Feby 15th Herber Caswell TF 8 of the decease of the persons that I record
March 22nd Mrs Francis Coffin Moody 85 herein must account for the irregular
Mr Oga[illegible: r]a Cancer 65 dates on most of [faded: my notes] be witnessed
George Olmstead Cancer 40 At times here as will be seen on the oppo
Mrs Taylor 50 site leaf
Mr Joseph Taylor Dropsey 55
Mr Alan Corey LF 56
June 16th Caspar Adams TF 17 An uncommonly promising youth
July 15th Mrs Jeremiah Kimball # 47 Wid of the Mr Kimball who was instantly
19th Luther Little (A [illegible: Chord fr Hubert]) # killed in our village by the firing of a cannon
Augst 10th A Daughter of Dr Smith Chol Mon 1 1/2 July 4th 1851
July 20th Jonathan Freeman Esqr 61 Died of Chronic Diarrhea
Feby 16th Mrs Pamela O Hiles 54 Mrs Hiles was a transient visitor from Boston
Septr 15th Proffr Ira Young Calculus
Lathrop Smith Gradual Decay 67 There is a peculiarity attached to this year in the
An Irish Child SF circumstance that three men have been
A Child of Adna Balch suddenly stricken down in their full strength
Decr 4th ---- Blake a young man # which has never transpired in any preceding
3 Children of Edward Pelton SF year The mortality in the Parish has been
Weatherbee A young child SF more numerous than any year save one ^1797 since the
settlement of the place
1859 page 43
Jany 31st Miss Fanny Demman # 16 In 1854 There was living in our Village
March 29th Revd John Richards DD App over 60 individuals whose ages should aver
Mrs Osgood 82 age over 72 years since which 14 of the
Nilus Haines TF number have died + whose ages average
Augst 19th William S Benson Sore Throat 7 over 82 It is a healthy village and
no place in all our country has or hith
Septr 5th Miss Angeline Newton TF 25 erto been more exempt uniformly from
Davis a young child TF the prevalence of epidemical diseases
Novr 27th Miss Caroline Emerson of whatever type or description __
Typhoid fever has somewhat prevailed this
Autumn but not more in Hanover than
it has in the several adjacent towns
The tables below represent two loose sheets of paper, each double-sided, included in the journal.
Sheet 1, Front The Revd Mr Brigham who died Septr 27th was a Methodist Clergyman who came here past recovery on purpose to die here + leave his family here - + he cannot be with propriety reckoned as one of the permanent population The child ^Coffee burned to death. Its cloths accidentally took fire while both parents were out + no one in but chil dren - + before help could be had the child was burned past all help – A few days afterwards a person called into the same house + found the parents both out + the rest of the children in by the fire – to burn more of them to death if possible
Sheet 1, Back The Miss Hadducks were daughters of Proffr C B Hadduck - It may be seen by a reference to the en closed between these two pages that altho an unusual variety of diseases that have terminated fattally have this year congregated here – yet not even five of all can be brought forward in Justice to decide the health of the place as far as climate or atmosphere can have any influence in the case – as in no case but fever has climate or atmos phere any connection or influence in Hanover than they had with the climate in India
Sheet 2, Front Mr Brainard who died on the 5th of Augst had for seve ral years been sorely afflicted with an ulcerated shoulder + which ^was very painful + had reduced him so low + render ed him so helpless – that longer life seemed scarcely desira ble – The bone had become very carious + some new bone was forming. He might have continued lon ger – but a sudden attack (as I am advised by his attending Physician) of Chronic Diarrhoea was the immediate cause of his decease. Mr Rogers in a fall from a building received an an injury in the spine which caused his death.
Sheet 2, Back Dr Brown who died April 21st came here from Lowell apparently almost gone with Consumption + as it were just in time to die here - + Mr Currier who died of Cancer was not a resident here but a mere transient visitor Altho our Bill of Mortality has never save in 1797 + 1843 numbered so many as this year yet ta king all the connecting circumstances into the account there has been no uncommon un healthiness incedent to our Parish beyond the common average of bygone years --
End of Transcription