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Outline: Encyclopedia Arctica 10: Soviet North, Geography and General
Stefansson, Vilhjalmur, 1879-1962



History Author Length
History of Exploration and Development
(Attitudes and activities of ruling
princes, other leaders and govern–
ments within the present Soviet Union,
toward Arctic and sub-Arctic exploration
and development.)
Kazakevich or Kerner 8,000 – 10,000
Note Would Role of Novgorodians in north-ward expansion be included in this?
History of Old World Fur Trade in Arctic and sub-Arctic Kerner
Role of Rivers and Portages in Exploration and Development of Old World Arctic Kerner
Relation of Exiles and the Exile System to the Soviet Arctic Kazakevich
Note : Separate article on Decembrists?
Should foreign pri z s oners sent to Siberia
be included here, e.g. Swedes and Poles?
Should we have a Swedish author for Swedish
pri z s oners and the knowledge they brought
back to Europe? Same for Poles?
agreed to do {Christianization of Siberia.
Monasteries north of arctic Circle}
A. Ka[][]em-Beg
Conn. College, new London
suggested by Bee
Promyshleniki [] Chevigny Completed 3,050
Russian American Company Tompkins 8,000
Northeast Passage & Northern Sea Route
Note : Should we do this ourselves from North–
east Passage material in Great Adven–
and Northern Sea Route material
in Guidebook to Arctic Siberia ? Will
need further material in any case to
bring ours up to date.
Kerner or Kazakevich
Biography and Exploration
Lenin Kazakevich 2 - 3,000?
Stalin Kazakevich 4 - 6,000?
Peter the Great Kazakevich 2 - 4,000?
Dezhnev ?
Bering Birket-Smith
Wrangel ?

Partial Outline of Soviet Section of EA

Biography and Exploration (Continued)
Admiral Kolchak Telberg 3500 - 5000
Vilkitsky,and others [: Trauschs] Telberg ?
Baranov, Resanov, and others (Completed) Chevigny 25,000
Ethnologists & Geologists Golomshtok
Note : Many biographies have been or are being written by Miss Olkhine and others.
Recent Soviet Work
Five-Year Plans in the Soviet Arctic (Completed) Mandel 7,000
Post-War Polar Flights & Exploration
Note : May be summarized from Soviet material.
Note : Numerous other subjects. Some topics will
be prepared by Miss Olkhine. Davies has done
several articles.
Scientific Societies
Academy of Sciences
Geography Society
Institute of Oceanography
Permafrost Institute
Arctic Institute
Institute of the Peoples of the North
Higher Arctic Maritime School
Arctic School of Leningrad
Government Departments and Services
Weather Bureau
Bureau of Ice Prognoses
Ice Scouting Service
One or several papers, based to a great extent
on Soviet work and sources.
Muller 10,000
Agriculture in the Soviet Arctic (Completed) Davies 4,600 0
See: Botany Outline

Partial Outline of Soviet Section of EA

Ethnology and Arch [: ] eology
Northern Peoples of Siberia (Ethnology Outline) Golomshtok 75,000
Mammoth (Ethnology Outline) Golomshtok
Several other papers Golomshtok ?
Eu r opean Arctic Regions of the USSR Mandel
Siberian Arctic & Northern Islands Olkhine Very large
See: Geology Outline
Volcanoes of Kamchatka Krizhanovski ?
or Jagger ?
Medicine in the North
See: Medical Outline
Meteorology and Climate
See: Meteorology Outline
See: Oceanography Outline
See: Zoology Outline
Other Sciences will be covered by outlines,
i.e., Engineering , etc.
Note : In all sciences there may be special articles
in addition to those called for in the
Polar Stations
New Prospective Contributors :
T. E. Armstrong, Research Fellow in Russian Studies, Scott Polar Research Institu [: ] e,
Cambridge, England
biog of contemporary [: polar ] workers, [: fliers] scientists -
agriculture, in north. List of agric. Experimental stations Stock Raising. For raising etc. Reindeer stations.
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