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Table of Contents: Encyclopedia Arctica 7: Meteorology and Oceanography
Stefansson, Vilhjalmur, 1879-1962

Table of Contents

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( Incomplete and Tentative. )
Needs further editing and checking
before submission to the publisher.
Subject Author Words Folder
The Meteorology of the Arctic
Region *[sole cop.—no ms.]
Sverre Petterssen; W. C.
Jacobs, and B. C. Haynes
50,000 (1a, 1b,
1c. 1d)
Canadian Meteorology
*[sole cop.–
no ms.]
R. W. Rae 20,000 (2)
The Climate of the American
F. Kenneth Hare 15,000 (3)
United States Weather Bureau Prepared by Weather Bureau
personnel under direction of
Dr. F. W. Reichelderfer
5,300 (4)
First International Polar
Year (1882-83)
William H. Hobbs 1,200 (5)
Second International Polar
Year (1932-33)
Felizia Seyd 750
Oceanography of the Arctic Harald U. Sverdrup 17,900 (6)
Arctic Sea Ice Harald U. Sverdrup 6,930 (7)
Submarine s in the Polar Sea Harald U. Sverdrup 1,500 (8)
Arctic Tides Jonas Ekman Fjeldstad 4,500 (9)
The uses of Ice Vilhjalmur Stefansson 40,000 (10a, 10b)
Greenland Inland Ice Weather
F. Alton Wade 3,600 (11)
The Ice of the Seas in the North
American Arctic
John C. Weaver 16,500 (12)
Daylight and Darknees in High
Edward M. Weyer, Jr. 9,520 (13)
Total: 192,700 words
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