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Table of Contents: Encyclopedia Arctica 6: Plant Sciences (Regional)
Stefansson, Vilhjalmur, 1879-1962

Table of contents

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Subject Author Words
Regional Flora and Vegetation
Canadian Eastern Arctic Nicholas Polunin 42,000 (1) ok
Flora and Vegetation between 55° and
60° N. in Quebec and Labrador
Jacques Rousseau 26,000 (2)
Flora and Vegetation of Greenland Tyge W. Bøcher 11,500 (3)
Flora and Vegetation of Iceland A Á skell Löve 7,400 (4)
Flora and vegetation of Svalbard
and Jan Mayen
Johannes Lid 5,000 (5)
Flora and Vegetation of Northern–
most Scandinavia – Missing –
Rolf Nordhagen 10,000 (5a) ok
Phytogeography and Vegetation of
the Soviet Arctic Region
Eric Hult e é n 26,000 (6) o.k
Phytogeography and Vegetation of
the Bering Sea District
Eric Hult e é n 5,000 (6a)
Flora and Vegetation of Arctic
Alaska, Yukon, and Northwest–
ern Canada
A. Erling Porsild 6,000 (7)
Vegetation of the Central and
Southern Mackenzie River Basin
Hugh M. Raup 5,800 (8)
Introduction: Soil Formation under
Arctic Conditions
C. C. Nikiforoff 11,000 (9)
Soils of Alaska Iver J. Nygard and
A.C. Orvedal
8,400 (10)
Soils of Arctic Canada A. Leahey 4,500 (11)
Soils of Greenland Tyge W. Böcher 2,000 (11a)
Soils of Svalbard and Northernmost
Gunnar Holmsen 3,600 (12)
Soils of the Eurasian Arctic C. C. Nikiforoff 11,000 (13)

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EA-VI: Table of Contents

Subject Author Words
Economic Botany
Edible Plants of the Arctic A. Erling Porsild 7,800 (14)
Economic Botany of the Arctic A. Erling Porsild 11,000 (15)
Utilization of Lichens in the
Arctic and Subarctic
George A. Llano 10,000 (16)
Agriculture and Horticulture
Agriculture and Horticulture of
Arctic and Subarctic Areas
Basil M. Bensin and
George W. Gasser
7,200 (17)
Agriculture in Alaska George W. Gasser 6,500 (18)
Agriculture and Horticulture in
K. N. Christensen 3,400 (20)
Plant Cultivation in Norway at
70-71° N. Lat. (Finnmark)
A. H. Bremer 2,500 (21)
Polar Agriculture and Horticulture
in the U.S.S.R.
Valery J. Tereshtenko 21,000 (22)
Total 260,700 words
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