Ada Blackjack Diary

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1923 March 1923
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Made in March 14th 1923.   The frist fox I caught was in   feb. 21st and then second March 3   and 4th 5th that makes 4 White foxess   and then in March 13th I caught   three white foxess that makes   seven foxess altogather. 14th I got   headach All day I'm Taking aspirin   its seems didn't work. Oh yes in 13th   I got new army pans. on 12th of Mar   I site eight placeses of traps   two in each place.


I was over   to the traps no sign of fox fresh   tracks. And I put new sole on my  felt slipers and was the dishess   and I feel much better than yesterday.   Very clear al day.
March 16th. I have not feeling   well for three day frist I was headach   and then I had stumpick trouble   And today I feel much better   I was over to the traps with no fox   or fresh tracks. and last night   told me I Can keep   the bible she siad he give them to   me, very nice day so far.

Mar. 18.

I caught one male fox today fat one   too, And I cut little part of my sirt   and mail the piece of reindeer skin   and then I wash my head. Oh yes   I got snow glasses today. and I   dug the tires out and put it in the storm   shiel told me to take in.

March 19th.

I was over to the traps   and found that fox has been in   trap and she run a way with the   trap that one that is by cold oil can   and I haul two sled load and chop   wood and I found slat it was [illegible: aboutt]   last of those two boxess. And I open   the case of distillate.


I caught one male fox today fat one too.


I caught one famale fox and I haul   one sled load and chop wood. I I   make new slup bokit. Yestirday   I sete two more traps at cold oil   can.


One female fox I caught   today, its tisd like chicken, and
I stard to make black belt for myself   and I made about six inch long.


I over to the traps and fox run   away with three traps and then   I put two traps in place of three   and I haul two slad load of wood   and Chop wood and this evening I   work on bet about six inch long   yesterday the fox that have trap in   the foot has been around to the traps   in front of camp.


I was over to the   traps today no sign of fox. and I   work on belt and I got more then   half finish.


I didn't go out   today its blowing hard and I work   on belt and its about two thrid of   belt work.  
And I open can of Tea this evening.


I was over to the traps today and   fox has been in cold oil Can traps   and trap was sprung but didn't hold   fox and this morning about 11 o'clock   I sew a Polar bear on the ice, and   I sew three foxess one with trap   on her foot. and I haul one load of   sled and saw four cuts of log   and chop wood, and we like look   at legs my! they are   skiny and they has no more blue   spots like they use to be. And I   pretty near finish my black belt.


I was over to the traps and caught   one and another fox that has trap in her
foot has been at the cold oil can.   Oh my I feel very wake now I am   feel it yesterday and today.


I Caught a fox today the fox has trap   in his foot it has caught trap   by trap that funyny. I saw one   cut of wood and chop it. And I   finish my black belt.


My eye   swolen up and one side of my face   ach, it stard yesterday and today it   very much ach. I caught one male fox   it pretty good meat, and I saw five^six^   cut of wood and I chop only three.


I didn't go out today and   my eye is worse than yesterday.   and swealen both side eye.

March 31th.

My eye is worse the yesterday   and one side of my face is swelen   and I took out slups pokit and get   borc acht and cotton and bondage.

April 1th.

I didn't go out today because   my isface is swelen and my eye is   pretty near close from swelen and   its very ach.


I take slup pokit   out today one of my eye one that is   swelen is going down a little, and one side of my throad out side   of it, is hards a little. And   wants me to go out to the traps but   my eye is very Ach so I cannt go   out when my eye is that way becuase   in evening I could bearly stand the   Ach of my eye and one side of head.   If anything happen to me and my
death is known, there is black   stirp for school book   bag, for my only son. I wish   if you please take everything   to that is belong to me.   I don't know how much I   would be glad to get home to   folks.

Apr 3th.

My eye is getting better   and sweling is going down.

Apr 4th.

My eye is just the same yesterday but   my stumok was on bum, and I   dont feel pain in my throad but   my eyes was fogy today I haven't   been out for three days.  

April 5th.

I go out today and carry   snow in for water and took slup   pockit out.

Apr 6th.

I made saw bock today and   chop wood and I feel better today.   And I open case of biscuits. Bloing today.

Apr 7th.

Blowing al day I didn't go   out today and yesterday on acount   of wind blowing.  

Apr 8th.

I got up early this morning   and then chop wood and I went out   to the traps and caught one frozen one   fox nothing but skin and bone   and I open can of cold oil.   And I finish one side yarn glove   for and strad another side.

Apr 9th.

I was over to the traps   nothing doing only one fox   track. And I take a bath this   evening. Very clear wind from every   diricken. And I knite today.
Apr. 10. I caught one famale   fox, very smale but its good   meadt. Clear and sunshine.

Apr. 11th.

I ^was^ over to the traps no fox   or traks. And I went to other   side and saw wood and haul   them home.

Apr. 12.

I was out to the traps but  
^[top]And I'm sort of yarn for gloves^   there is nothing, and I went to other side   and saw there cuts of wood and   bring them home.

Apr 13th.

I was to some of traps but see   nothing and I fix the slade today and   one of his leg strad to   swelen again.

Apr 14th.

I was out to the traps today and got   nothing but I saw fresh track behind   the camp, and I open case of biscuits   and cut out skin for my boot soles   and I made thread out of sinnew   and I gather biscuit crums togather and   take them out. Very clear and sunshine

Apr 15th.

I was out the traps they was nothing   And storming looking weather today   And I got my boots soles already and soak   them and said he was feel bad.

Apr 16th

I was out to the traps but see   nothing and when I come home I   starded chew my boot sole and then   sew them on and I finish them by   in evening. Wind from east.  

Apr 17th

I was out to the traps today but nothing   to see but nice day. I guess   is wor feel worse he didn't have Tea   this evening. He said he was headache

April 18th

I sew wood this morning frist   and then I went out to the traps but   there is nothing and then this After noon I   Clean three foxess skins and I took   four more in so I can clean them   tomorrow. Cloudy and snowing today

Apr 19th

I clean one And put in strecher   And skin other three skin foot of fox   and this afternoon I haul one load   of wood and Chop wood didn't go   to the traps but I could see them with   field glasess but see nothing. Very clear

Apr 20th

I didn't go out today on accont   of wind blowing I just clean fox skin   I clean three two And put them in the   stretchers

Apr 21st.

I was today and haul sled load of   wood And then Chop wood didn't go out   to the traps. And when I come in and build   the fire started to cruel   with me, I cann't count how many times   cruel with he started to cruel at me   every time he say something against   me. He says was good
man and was right in everything   and was right to treat me mean.   And saying I wasn't good to him   he never stop and think how much   it's hard for women to take four   mans place, to wood work and   to hunt for some thing to eat   for him and do waiting to his   bed and take the shut for him   out for him. And he menitions   my children, and saying no   wonder your children die you   never take good care of them   he just tear me in to pieces when he   menition my Children that I   lost. This is the worust life I   ever live in this world. Thought   it is hard enought for me to wood   work and trying my best in everything   and when I come home to rest here   a man talk against me saying   all kinds of words against me   then what could I do. When I can't   get meat that he say I wasn't   trying to save he. And he say   he was going to write to  
people to fix me up. then what   could I do. Though I was hungry   myself for meat and trying my best   we both have no witness.   If happen to die what will   I do here in this Island all alone   he is laying in his bed since   feburay 9th and now April 21st   he lo is looks very skiny.   And its longtime yet till we might   see ship come. Well God knows   everything.
If I be known dead, I want   my sister to take   my son, for her own son   and look after every things for   she is the only one   that I wish she take my son   don't let his fathar take him, if my   sister live. then I be clear.

Apr. 22.

I didn't go out today   because I was just chock with  
cry, and then this evening I   took out slup bocket. And   stove ases can.

Apr 23rd

I saw four cuts of   cotton wood over to the East of   the camp and today I saw raven   between from here and mountons.   She was flying from west to east   and I can not go to sleep last   night untill 6 o clock this morning   and sun rise four o clock this   morning and sets fitheen minutes to   nine.

Apr 24th

I didn't go out today I   just wash my hiar and read the   Bibil all day and think of folks   are in church this morning and   this evening and now I'm writing   11 o clock in evening after I had   cup of tea.

Apr. 25.

I wash my clothes today   and I out and carry snow in   for water. And its very clear.

Apr. 26th.

I was out today and sawed wood   and when I was hauling wood home I   was almost fianting I guess I was   so waeak I was almost fianting   And this morning when I wake up from   my deep sleeping I look at my watch.   And it was 4. o clock and the ho inside   of the house was dark so I said to   myself did I sleep that long, becuase   I went to bed early last night, and I   was thinking that we haven't enoughh   wood for today. And I siad to myself   I'll sleep some more untill late   this evening then I'll make cup of tea   and go to bed again so about 10. o clock   I wake up again it was in the morning   I was glad when I know its morning.

Apr 27th

its wind blowing hard today.   I didn't do anything today I wasn't   feeling well.

Apr 28

Still blowing hard al day   to day I stay in my sleeping bag   and yesterday becuase I'm not   feelling well I do nothing but reading   Bible.

Apr 29th

still blowing I didnt go out.   And siad he was pretty sick and I   didn't say nothing becuase I have nothing to   say and he got mad and he thrugh
a book at me that secont time he   though book at me just becuase I   have nothing to say to him. And   I didn't say nothing to him and   before I went in my sleeping   bag I feill his water cup and went to   bed.

April 30th.

And its still wind blowing   hard this last day of April so   is still living like anybody   so if I happen to get back home   I don't know how much I would   be glad God is the only one would   brought me home again. There is   no one pity me in this world but   God even there is no hand would   help me but God, with his   lovingkindness and mighty hand.

May 1st

still blowing a little but   not much, I can see sun shining   throught the little hoil.   And I read the note I that I write   some time ago this winter about   and its says if   live untill May I would be glad   so it happen that he still living   he was just dieing in frist part   of February and now he still living   untill May 1st day And if the   ship comes next summer I know  
don't know how much I would be glad.

May 2nd

its pblowing to day I would go   out and get wood but it was blowing   so I cann't go out today.

May 3rd.

I was out to chop wood today and   I saw snow O bird. Oh my how I was   glad to see snow birds come and I was   out to the traps and didn't see anything   even a track and I open case of   biscuits.

May 4th.

Wind blowing hard from west   so I cann't go out today, well I   went out to fix stove pipe.   I dreamed last night that I was in   land some where and and I was   all alone and left for   with one dog and I was left all alone.   And I sew two man with dog team and   I run down and ask them if they were   going to and they siad they were hun-  ting.

May 5th.

I was out to the traps to day but   see nothing and pack one sack full   of wood. Cloudy snowing and blowing.

May 6th.

I was getting wood the wind blowing   from north East. I didn't go out to   the traps on account of wind blowing   and I take out Polar bear oil two   thrid full of Tea tin.

May 7th.

I was out getting wood, I didn't   go out to the traps and wind blowing   from west Clear and sunshine.   On thrid of May eat Polar bear cup paw. And I dreamed   last night that I was with lots of   poeple. And and I was   looking at some pictures and we   see a picture the poeple swiming   and says swiming pool   And I Ask him who told you thes   are swiming pool pictures and he   siad to me told me.

May 8th.

I was out just to look and see how   was the weather it was cloudy braze   from East. I wish I was home so I hear people   singing in Church if the Lord only carry   me home I will be there some day.

May 9th

I was out this morning and I   saw flock of dicks South west of   Camp and I was out to the traps and   did not see a track of anything.   And I made seal skin boats   and finish the tops already to   put sole.

May 10th

This morning when I got up   was nose bleeding and he ask   me his can to take a dumb but  
he Clo could not put the pan and   I think he take a shiad in his sleeping   bag and then I put the pan for him   I think he was pretty near die this   morning. And I was out to the traps today   but did not see nothing. And when   I was over east of camp and I sew   seven Idare decke flying over me   going west. And I sew sea gull way   east dundra flying west,   and I saw white owel.   And I cut skin sole for my new boats.

May 11th.

I was out to the traps there was   nothing and I put sole on my new   seal skin boats I can not sleep last   night I don't know why. Oh yes I   put seal oil on every traps and I   cut little wood. Clear and fogly and   clouding. wind from East.

May 12.

I was to the traps to day nothing   at all. And I chop wood and haul wood   and I took out some stuff from store   shed. And I fry one biscutt for   thats all he eat for 9 days   he don't look like he is going to   live very long. if I happen to live   untill ship comes Oh thank a l   living true God.

May 13th.

I was to the traps there is nothing   all kinds of flock of ducks flying   today and old squo flie over camp   cloudy and fogy And I found   shot gun ammunation and I   take them in the house.

May 14th

I was out to the traps there is nothing   and I sew two flock of ducks cloudy and   fogy over the mounton. And I was the dishes.

May 15

I was to the traps there was nothing,   wants to go out hunding duck   tomorrow.

May 16th.

I didn't go out to the traps today   and I was just getting wood and   was nose bleeding today.   And I saw snow bird and raven   and I made blenked coat to day.

May 17th.

I didn't go out to the traps clear   this morning and got very fogy this   afternoon and I put another colar on   my blanked coat and I made myself   a clothe parky.

May 18th.

I was packing wood and then I   wash my clothes. Nothing to see but   cloudy and fogy over the mountans   and sunshine in evening.

May 19th.

I was some more clothes of mine   cloudy and snowing all day.

May 20th.

Yesterday and last night it   has been snowing about three inches   deep nothing to see but cloudy and sun   shining this evening. And I put new   soles on my felt slipers. To day.

May 21st.

I was over to the traps today   nothing but raven track and   I shoot a shot gun one time. I  
took empty tea tin and shot it I   shot right in it, thats pretty good   for first time shooting. And I   clean both shot gun's

May 22.

didn't see nothing I didn't do   nothing today.

May 23.

I was over to little Islands to west   end and some few roots I got for   didn't see nothing but snow bird   tracks. And I made pack for myself.

May 24th.

I saw four flock of brant   and long neck Black ducks five   of them first I saw four flying   south from over Camp and one flying   to west. All the flock of brant flying   to west. And I fall in the water mouth   of harper just to my Encle. And I   saw one fox tracks front of camp   over by big ice cake.

May 25th.

I carry loges at of about   ten feet long and sawed up half   of it and I saw dodlie bird flying   to east and I snow bird   and I shot five times with   rifle, I did shot better then I   thought I would do I only   hede my target twice I thought
thats good enought for me for first   time shooting with rifle.

May 26th

I took four shott with   the rifle with three first shots   I didn't hided my target with   the last shot I hide my target   I shoot with three sitting and last   one I lie on my belly. And I   took a shoot with shot gun   standing up and I hide my target   and I made shotgun case and   knife case for myself and I   saw flock of doidle birds flying   east and flock of ducks flying   way over old Camp and I took   two picture of Camp and didn't   work the camra right that was   too bad. I was over to traps. Nothing.

May 27th.

I ^was^ over to little islands   and I saw two see galls flying to   west and I saw flock of geese   and two doidle birds flying   and I saw another flock of geese   this morning and I saw fox   tracks over little Island. And I   made myself sun bonnet   and I got some roots tea tin   half full. Today I was going   over to old camp but it was too   windy and has been drifting last  
night in to storm shade.

May 28th.

I over to the old camp and see   if there is any birds a round but   there is nothing it looks more winter   then over here. And when I was   on my way down I saw one fox   way out on the ice going south   west. And when I come home I chop   wood and clean fox skins three of   them and put them strechers.

May 29th.

I didn't do nothing today. Oh h   but I was feel tired from that long   walk I had to old camp. And I   saw spider on sand today and I   took cadarpillar from old camp.   I didn't see nothing today.

May 30.

I was feel pretty sick this   morning but this afternoon I feel better   I saw five flocks of geese today   and hear doedle bird some where but   I didn't see it.

May 31st.

I didn't get few sticks of wood.   And I site two places of traps for see gall   and I hear geese but didn't see them   and I open case of biscuitts.

June 1st.

I didn't do nothing today becuase   I was not feelling well I saw doedle   bird over land of sand spit.

June 2nd.

I set up the tent today and   I out haunting birds over the Island   and I saw flock of brand way over   in land. And I saw two pin tail   birds and I got one flie from the   Island.

June 3th.

I didn't go no where today just   cleaning two fox skins and I saw   two flocks of geese and one raven   I hear another flock of geese but I   didn't see them.

June 4th.

I clean one good fox skin   and two are full of hols that cat   has been trying eat the fox skin   that got and I saw banch   of smale seegalles and one mach   smeler. And I saw duck flying   over the ice and brand four of   them flyin over camp very high   and I clean shotgun and rifle   and I made smele little picke for   roots.

June 5.

I didn't do nothing today but read-  -ing Bible I just finish old Testaments   the next I will read new Testaments.   And snowing al day.

June 6th.

I was over to the Island and  
got some sweet roots I shot   one doedle bird I saw only two and   I saw five flock of ducks Idare   and I saw a Polar bear it was way   out on the ice first I saw him   and from south of Camp he turn   towart Camp and just got about   on the beach he went out to south   again and then ^to^ west and went to   the beach and it went out south   again last I saw it. And it   got snowing and I cann't see   him again. said he was   fianting last night he is just   dieing he could hardly talk.   I shot three times today andg got   only with one.

June 7th.

I going over to the Island get   some sweet roots and when I got   close to the end of the Island hear   the seegull and I took a shot at   him and I got him dead shot.   Oh my! it good I eat my meat for   long time and I saw two shadhawk   and I made smale little picke and I   made rifle resting board so   its handy if I seal hunt when   I'm ready to so I don't have to look   a place to rest my rifle.

June 8th.

I was over the and got some roots   and I saw three doedle birds I took   a shot at one doedle bird didn't get him   and when I come home there two Idar   ducks flying and got shotgun in   my hands got the hammer ready and   there were too far and I forgot   the hammer was ready and I pull   the tricker boom it went didn't   hurt me. And I made shotgun   cartridge bag and I made shide pan   for he try to put the pan under   him. He just bearly make it, I had   to cut it open space on his sleep   -ing bag so he can put the pan.   And I can see tracks on the beach   with the field glasses I think they   are Polar bear tracks two places   of tracks one looks fresh and one   looks old.

June 9th.

I was over to west end of the   harbar I I was boom barting over   there but didn't get see gall and I   found one fresh seegall Egg and I   when I was coming home there was   geese fly over me and I took a   shot I got one geese and she had   three eggs in her one almost   got shell on it and I took a shot   at shid hwak but didn't kill her   and I saw little summer bird.
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June. 23d. 1923.
The daid of Mr. death   He died on June 23d   I don^t^ know what time he die though   Anyway I write the daid, Just to   let Mr know what month he   died and what daid of the month   writen by Mrs .
June. 23d. 1923.
The daid of Mr death   He died on June 23d   I dont know what tme he die though   Anyway I write the daid, Just to   let Mr know what month he   died And what daid of the month   writen by Mrs .
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June 10 1923.

writen by
told me to use this, diary
June 10 This very important noted in case   I happen to died or some body fine   out and found that I was dead I want   take care of   my son . I don't want his father   to take him on a count   of stepmother, not for my boy.   My sister is just as good   his on Mother I know she love   just as much as I do   I dare not my son to have step   -mother. If you please let this   know to the Judge. If I got any money coming from boss of this   company if from $1,200.00 give my   my mother $200.00   if its only $600.00 give her $100.00   rest of it for my son. And let   have money enough to spport   .
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June 10th.

I cannt   go out hunding today   my eyes is sore from   snow blind and rain.  

June 11th.

I didn't go no   where today on acount   of my eyes sore from   snow blind I just   getting wood and clean   shotgun that one that   I don't use.

June 12th.

I didn't go out   nowhere today on account   of my eyes on boam.

June 13th.

I went to the end   of harbar and I found   nine seegall eggs today   and I got one see gall and   [gap: damage]h the dishes   I took two shots with   the rifle trying to get   seegall didn't hit them   and I saw three brand fly   by me too far to shot   with shotgun and I saw   flock of geese.

June 14th.

I didn't go no  -where today just getting   wood and I stard to knit   gloves for myself. few   Idars fly a round.

June 15th.

I just knitting   gloves for myself and   today I hear loan.


I finish my   knit gloves and I got   s[gap: damage]trap.
I just write noted in case Polar   bear tear me down or case I   fall in some [illegible: thin] ice   becuase I am hunding pretty near   every day is very sick he   hardly talk and he is skiny my   he nothing but skin and bone   he lay in his sleeping bag for   four month he pretty near die   10th of May and 12th. I'm hunding   with shot gun every day pretty near   I got one doedle bird and next   got see gall and then one geese   I shot geese when they fly over   me and today I cann't go out   hunding on a count my eyes sore   from snow blind today is June [gap: damage]   yesterday I got geese and I found one   see gall egg and that one geese I got   [gap: damage] one egg and two smale ones   [gap: damage]

June 17.

I wash my clothes today and I shot   once to a Idarr. And this evening I   made a target and shot two times   with the rifle. and I took my target   in and show it to and he   said its pretty good shooting   and I saw a creek flowing to the   harbar.

June 18.

I was out seal hunding this evening   from five till eleven and I do some   target shooting today I shot three   times standing up I only hit the   target once oh yes I shot at seal   twice didn't hit it and I saw   another seal right by it I thought   it was same seal I fine it wasn't.

June 19.

I stay home today having rest and   this evening I get one female Idar   I Iwas after two brand but they   flow before I got there.
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June 20.

I was out to   the west to get some   eggs but there is   no way to gto to eggs   water all around   they are on smale   sand Island see gall   eggs that I found   I made little sack   for Idar downs.

June 21.

I was trying   to get Idar duck but   I cann't get close to   them and I carry rifle   so I can shot but   I cann't get any chance   and I boom with the   rifle. I didn't meant   to but it went out   [gap: damage]t is getting very bad   he looks like he is   going to die.

June 22nd.

I move to the   other tent today   and I was my dishes   and getting some   wood.

June 23d.

I out the old   camp today and got   some sweet roots   and shot two Black   and white wing birds   and I was going to the   camp but I cann't   crose the river I just   gets some roots.
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June 24.

I was out ducking today and I got   four Idars two famale and two male   of Idar ducks, one I lost it when I   shot her so she cann't fly she dieve   and I didn't know where it went   and I took pictures of this tent and   myself I dont know how I work   the camra.

June 25.

I was over other side of harbar mouth   and I got seven eidars three male   and four female. and when I came   home I pluck them and cut them   hunge the fbreast and the legs to   dry.

June 26.

I was taking walk over to little Island   and I found three see gall eggs in one   nest. and I cook them for my lunch   I take and tea and Sachcharine. I   had a nice picknick all by myself.
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June 27th.

I was after a   seal right out in the   front of the camp she   went down on me they   were two of them in   one place and I came   back and took myself   a picture try anyway   and I went to the east   and I saw a seal and   I went after it and   got it with one shot   they were two but   the other went down   and I got the other.   Thats a frist seal I   ever got in my life.

June 28th.

I stay at   home today and clean   seal skin and late this   afternoon I hear some   funny noise so I   look out thought   the door and saw   Polar bear and one   cub. I was very   afriad so I took a   shot over them, see if   they would go so   they went away   and they were looking   back and I shot   five times and they   run away. I   thank God that is   true living God.

June 29th.

I am home all day   becuase I got monthly.   and I fix [gap: damage] bed and I went after and
a seal she was up between from end of   the sand spit and I shot two times   before she went down and when I came   back after trying to get that seal I   fixed the back sight and shot target   and I hit where I amiam and I   shot old milk can pretty near hit it   I think the sight of rifle is better   now.

June 30.

I made seal skin stretcher [gap: illegible]   seal to dry. and mended my yarn   gloves.

July 1st.

I stay home today and I fix the shovel   handle that I brack this spring   and I saw Polar bear out on the ice   and this evening I went to the end   of the sand spit shot a eidar   duck I shot him right in the head   thank God keep me a live till now.
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Blank page.

July 2nd.

I put up four   Poles and put seats   so I can go on top of   them and look a round  with the field glasses   and this evening I wash   my head.

July 3d.

I stay at home   today and read. I read   about simaritan woman she was   talking to Jesus.

July 4th.

I was after a seal   that was on the mouth   of the harbar they were   two and one on front   of camp so they went   down on me those two   seals so I went after   the one that was   right front of camp   and I got the rifle   already and wait   for him to put his   head up and rifle   was already hammer   was ready so I look   some thing and move   around boom it   went and the seal   went down and   I stand up and   say fourth of July.   I was surpprised   rifle boomn so I   had my fourth of July.   it was not rian this   morning and this after   noon its rain

July 5.

I after three seals right on mouth of   the harbor I shoot twice but I got   only one and I come home and cut   up the seal and hang the meat to   dry and put the skin on the stretcher   to day all done at one day and this   evening I took a bath. I thank the   lord Jesus.

July 6.

I was after seal over the harbar mouth   and one on front of Camp and I   shot it second time I after it and   when I got I went back and get   pulling line and when I was   close to the seal I saw bear   out on the ice running towrd   east. and I ran back and they   were dragging seal I took a   shot over them becuase they were   too far and they went west and
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then they went on the   beach and came   east and past the   camp over other   siad of harbar mouth   and it got very fogy   and this evening   it got clear and I   saw that they ate   the seal I shot.   And I saw them not   very far on the ice   and I took one shot   and they went west.   And I cut a pair of   sole for my boots   and this afternoon I   open box of shotgun   cartridges.

July 7th.

I was try to get   a duck but didn't   have any chance to   shot and I sgrup the   skin soles for my   boot and this afternoon   Polar bear and young   one was to the seal again   I think they are same   bears that I saw   yesterday and they were   right little east of the   camp and I try to   shot them but I didn't   hit them. and I fix   the tent door put new   piece on it.

July 8.

I was trying to   get a duck with rifle   I finely shot one but
I could not get on a count of raton   ice on the harbar mouth female eidar   duck. And this afternoon I chew up   my boat soles and this evening I   put the dried meat in the box and   the box is full.

July 9.

I took a shot at old sqaw and I shot   two but I could not get them they   are on the water round in raiton ice   in the harbor end. and I took two   three shoots to the target I only hit   once and I put new soles on my   boots today and got one more pair   ready for my short boots. and I   put piece of canves on the tent fram.

July 10.

I stay thome all day very nice and   shine sunshines. I'm glad to have a   nice rest today.
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July 11.

I put new soles   on my short boots very   nice day today. I thank   the heavenly   father for today   oh yes I open new can of tea.

July 12.

I knit the fingers   of gloves and this   afternoon I do some fancy   sewing of about one   and half foot I made for a parky.

July 13.

I sewed a fancy   skin for parky and I   made about half a crose   the parky boadem.

July 14.

I sew fancy skin   today and only 11 more it   will be all ready to   put around the parky   I should say 11 pieces   very nice day.

July 15.

I finished the   fancy skin for my   parky trimming.

July 16.

I was out hunding   this morning and I got   two gray birds small   ones and this afternoon I   made a canves boat   it works all right this   afternoon I got three   old sqaws and I   use the boat I made.

July 17.

I had a good   rest today. thank God.

July 18.

I got two old sqews this morning an[gap: damage]   afternoon I shot one eidar duck fin[gap: damage]   with the rifle and I fell the box with   dried seal meat and I took out the seal   skins from the stretcher and this morning   I made one patle for my canves boat.

July 19.

I sqrieped one raindeer skin for my   parky and I sew the hood and made   woll trimming. this evening ar[gap: illegible]d   the beach got open water and a[gap: illegible]ther   open laid of about half a mil[gap: illegible]ut   from the sore.

July 20.

I nearly finished my parky today   just around the hood and lasig   around sleeve and the fancy trimming   oh yes I sqriep the skin frist and then   I start to sew. and this morning   when I got up I saw new pile of   ice over west side of harbar mouth.
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July 21st.

I put fancy trimming   on my new parky and   trimming around the   hood, it look like a   parky alright! and   my new parky is all   finished today.

July 22st.

I made two patle   today for my canves   boat and I got two old   sqews today.

July 23d.

I made my inside   parky smaler on the side   and fix the woll triming   and put another piece of   fancy skin on the boodem   rain this morning and   wind blowing hard   from east. and I saw   bear and two young   ones there are east   are near east end of   the harbar on inland   side. I thank God   for living.

July 24.

I stay home today   and read. and I hear   walrus I've been   hearing them for about   two or three days.

July 25.

I load up brass   shells this afternoon and   then I went out hunt   I got two old sqews   today. very nice day.

July 26.

I made sort boots of raindeer skin   and slepers. I sqrieped the legens last   night. And I got one little gray bird   and I took the moldy biscits t[gap: illegible] the   other box and clean ones to the [gap: illegible]   box oh yes I dreamed last night I was   singing three cheer for the red white   and blue.

July 27.

I made fancy tops for my deer legen sort   boots and put piece of red skin around   and on the slepers I got my sort   boats alright already put soles.

July 28.

I sqrieped skin for my boots soles   and soak it. and I open box of   shotgun cartrigdges and then I got   one old sqaw. and I clean seal   flapers and put them away in   case ship comes so I can take   them home and eat them with I   my sisters. if the lord let me   have it thank.
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July 29.

I put soles on my   fancy short boots and   got the soles ready   for slepers. this evening   I found two of gray   birds eggs about two   or three hundred   yards from my tent.

July 30.

I put soles   on my new raindeer   legens slepers and   this afternoon I took   a bath. And when   I got thought bathing   I took the water   out and I took a   walk to the beach   and look with the   glasses and I saw   Polar bear and   two young ones   and when I came   back to the tent   I saw another one   over east of the   Camp bear and   the young ones   are over north   west inland.   and the ice is   broken to piece   quite many open   leads.

July 31st.

I thank living   God though Juses   that keeped me a   live till now. how   much more I thank   Jusses that forgives
the sinners and them to help them   blessed is he of whom the savour   of sinners.

Aug 1st.

I was bunch of my durdy   clothes and this afternoon I sew   bead on to slepers if   I should got home so he [gap: illegible]   can put slepers on.   and this late afternoon I w[gap: illegible] over   to the end of the spit and I [gap: illegible]aw   bear tracks fresh. very nice today   thank living God thought Jeses   that help me every day and night   if God be with me till I should   get home again I thank God   very much that he had mercy   on me and foregive my sins.
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Aug 2.

I was hunting   this morning and I   got one old sqaw   and three small   gray birds I start   to salt birds now   oh yes I found one   small gray bird   young one over   other side and I   forgot the canves   boat to hold up   and it has been   drift away and I   made another   canves boat better   one this time I   didn't finish it I'll   finish it the morrow   if God permitt   me.

Aug. 3.

I finished new   canves boat and   it is only thing   this time and I   went over other side   of the harbar mouth   and got some green   and I boil them   when I come home   and I saw flock   of brand over the   little Island and   latter I saw bear   he went inland   I guess the ice is   going out its very   much open around   the beach oh yes   I made oars for   my new boat.   I thank God.

Aug 4.

I finished slepers today   oh they are qured looking things   it look like ice is out I cannt   see very far its very fogy but [gap: illegible]th   ways out from beach it   look clear the ice cakes don't   drifting in around much.   and today I found bear track   east side of the tent thank   living God is love.

Aug 5.

I was just reading to about   . and I was   out once with my canves boat   try to get some old sqaw but   no chance. surely the ice is   going out it moving to the west   quite many open sea and this   evening I saw bear and young   one just one way inland going   torch inland. thank God.
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Aug 6.

I got one gray   little bird that had   two eggs east side   of camp and I took   the eggs when I got   the bird and I saw   flock of geese inland   flying east fogy all   day can not see very   far. and I wash   my hair today.   thank the lord   Jesus Christ the   saviour.

Aug 7.

I was home today   reading   this morning was clear   and fogy this afternoon   and early evening got   clear and sun   begin to set   I open one tooth   past dental cream   the ice on the ocean   is almost out of   sight.

Aug 8.

Now I see the   ocean is pretty clear   so it looks like it   I was going to see   boat coming pretty   fogy today but some   times I can see   a mile or two   and I made waist   sert of croaset.   I thank saviour Jesus   that keep me geting   from loneliness.

Aug 9.

I made new fur inside of my   moose mittens and I put loges   over the tent and fixing around   tent today and late in afternoon   I got one old sqaw.

Aug 10.

I try to got old sqaw but no   chance I hit one and eider duck   but didn't kill them. I saw bunch   of walrus little south east of camp   and I saw ograt right back of   the tent close to the sore and I   saw it again mouth of harbor.

Aug 11.

I haul wood from other side   I found young brid so I took to   the camp and take pictures of   her I took pictures of a whole   film and I put another film   and took one more just put her   on top of box. and I knit seal   net so I can   use it soon.   thank the lord Jesus.
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Aug 12.

I just knit   seal net today this   morning when I got   up I found lard   can was empty   that was full seal   blubber the Polar   bear has been eating   last night. I thank   the lord Jesus keep   me from danger.   the wind is from   west first thime   for about whole   monthe and I   dreamed night   before that the boss   ask me if I would   have things creited   from the store I said   it will be case or   nothing fore being   stay here for   two years.

Aug 13.

I finished the   seal net ready to   put robe and I   unravel the new   sock and start   to knit gloves for   myself. I thank   the savour Jesus.

Aug 14.

I took pictures   of myself and the   bird that I shot   and I took pictures   of mountains.   I thank the savour   Jesus.

Aug 15.

I was knitting today. and this   evening I saw bunch of walrus   out front Camp of about one   mile off sore big bunch of them.   I thank the savour Jesus Christ.

Aug 16.

I got two little birds today and I   saw bunch of walrus front Camp   about one mile I think they are   the same bunch that I saw last   night. I made a eider duck   skin cap for .

Aug 17.

I took a shot at walrus that   flooding on top of the ice I hit   him alright but on the body   I thank God throught savour   Jesus Christ and I thank Jesus   loves my little boy .

Aug 18.

I finish right of my glove and   I unravel the another sock and stard   the other side. I thank God.
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Aug 19.

the wind blowing   hard frome west and   the ice is going   out slowly few   days ago I though   it was going out   but didn't go very   far. I saw eider   duck and four   young ones back   of the tent. I   thank God through   Jesus our savour.

Aug 20.

I finished my   knited gloves today   and I open last   biscuit box. the   ice is over little   below horizon.   I thank the lord   Jesus and his   father.
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Check marginalia in original item. LRB 1923 Feb 8 Why? leave?   July. 31. 1922.   August. 4. 7. 1922.   Oh my   I got the fluy on October 10th   but I don't know now   August. 8. and   playing cards on 9th   and I win the game. Ask for   it nothing doing for one.   15th I'm knitting play fish   net for on 19th of   October in evening. Dec. 15.   fancy boots already to pach   sole 1923 Jan 21 Last

1923 January 1923

feb 18   Knight and diguiss each   other her siad the that I didnt   try to help him

1923 February 1923

Stormy 12 Rain 13 Clear 12   Southwest wind 15 Feb 16   I saw a big Idar big   tracking day

1923 March 1923

Easter Sunday 27

Jan 29

and   and left for   Nine O'Clock in   the morning Feb 6 I chop   wood today. Feb 7 bringing wood   in Feb 8 I went out to traps find   only four traps end of the sand   spits. Feb 10 very Clear all day   sunshining.

1923 April 1923

1923 May 1923

1923 June 1923

1923 July 1923

1923 August 1923


1923 September 1923

1923 October 1923

1923 November 1923

1923 December 1923

Feb 6th and 7th night

I dreamed that I was   with and   my little gril, and   was sleeping   and when he wake up   he told me to pray   and then he pray and   he told me if I don't   pray when Jesuses come   and get the people I'll   be sorry.

Feb 5

and was talking   about loaves 10¢   for 2 for 25¢   I told him that   the loave a bread   was one for 10¢   and 2 for 25¢   and he didn't belive   me. Feb 8 Knight   was almost fienting   today. its awful for me   because we are all a lone  
  My! A happy new   year Ilander las[gap: illegible]   day of December,   well glad to see a   happy new Year   a happy new year ought   to be on 4th of July

Octolber 15 1922

Monthly day 15.   got well 20   Nov 18 day. 14   in [gap: deleted] got well on 24   Dece 26. Dece 30   Got well. Jan 28. 1923   got well Feb 10   Mar. 1 Mar 6.   Apr. 21st well 7   Apr 27th. May 3th   May 30th well June 5   June 29. well July 4th   July 25 got well 29   Aug 19.   MacDonald  
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