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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0208, 1946-01-30.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-1018

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 1018 Date: 30 Jan 46


ITEM 1 Crime - Provincial Newspaper Kahoku Shimpo (Sendai) - 25 Jan 46 Translator: S. Sakata.
(FUKUSHIMA) Although the TOMIOKA police station is earnestly hunting up food robbers in the FUTABA district, four "to" of rice in seven bales were stolen out of the godown of YAMAUCHI, Katsushichi, of KITADA, TATSUTA village and HASHIMOTO, Shin, a landlord in the same village. The latter was also robbed of some clothes, and several others were reported to have been attacked by robbers during the night of 20 January. The criminals seem to be gang with a truck, in view of the quantities of stolen goods and other points.
(AOMORI) On last 28 December, IMOTO, Tokuki, a homeless Korean, age 48 who sent 130 bales of sweet-potatoes under a false transporting order addressed to the Agricultural Society of HIGASHI-TSUGARU-Gun, AOMORI Prefecture from the Agricultural Society of OSAWA-machi, CHIBA Prefecture, for the purpose of black market dealing, was arrested by the AOMORI police. Intending to settle the case peaceably because the blackmarketeer is Korean, the police authorities purchased the potatoes at the official price from the Korean and had them sent to the Food Corporation. The dissatisfied Korean petitioned to the AOMORI Division Headquarters of the Allied Powers for a review of the case. In consequence, matters came out worse for the Korean, who was accused of a crime against the food administration law at the AOMORI Public Procurator's Office on 22 January.
(AOMORI) FUJITA, Tetsuo (age 32), broker of 389 HASHIMOTO, URA-machi, AOMORI City and NOZAWA, Mompachi (age 52), broker of OKIDATE, AOMORI City are under the AOMORI police station's examination. They have confessed that they bought 58 bales of rice at the price of 800 to 1300 yen per bale in KITA and HIGASHI-TSUGARU-gun and sold them to FUKUSHI, Teisaku and others in AOMORI City at the price of 16-1700 yen per bale. As a result of their confession, many farmers and brokers in the prefecture are expected to be examined by the police.
(AKITA) On 18 January the TSUCHIZAKI police station found 53 bales of rice aboard the No. 5 EIFUKUMARU, of which the captain was TATE, Yoshimatsu (age 40) of KITAYOKO-machi, KONAKANO-cho, HACHINOE City, AOMORI Prefecture. Investigations proved that the captain bartered his catches for bales of rice in NIIGATA City on 6 January. Now TATE is in AKITA Prison.
ITEM 2 Changes in Education in Niigata - Provincial Newspaper, Niigata Nippo (Niigata) - 27 Jan 46. Translator: S. Inoue.
The Education Department in the NIIGATA Provincial Government has decided to effect the following changes upon the educational administration in conformity with the changes brought about by the

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SOCIAL SERIES: 208 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
termination of the war.
Enlargement of the accomodation capacity: The TOKAMACHI Middle School, the TOKAMACHI Girls' High School and the KAMO Girls' High Schools, are authorized to add a new class of 50 students to the present number of first year classes and the KAMO Agriculture and Forestry School may have four courses - agricultural, forestry, carpentry and stock-breeding.
Renovation of the school course: In the MIZUHARA Agriculture and Colonization School, the present agricultural and colonial course is renamed the agricultural course, And in the ARAI Agriculture and Engineering School, the present engineering course shall be replaced by the applied chemistry course while, in the NAOETSU Agriculture and Engineering School, the agricultural course shall be promoted from the second class to the first.
Reconversion of schools: The NIIGATA-DAINI, NAGAOKA DAINI and HOKUETSU, all of which are engineering schools, shall be reconverted to commercial schools, while all other girls' commercial schools shall be reconverted to technical schools.
ITEM 3 Itabashi Arsenal food dispute - Mainichi Shimbun. 29 Jan 46. Translator: S. Sakata.
Mr. TOKUDA, Kyuichi of the Communist Party declared as follows, at a press conference of the 28th, regarding the case of the "food control by the people" in ITABASHI. (1) The present condition of this case shows that the Government is intending to oppress the democratic method of settlement by the Communists. (2) We say that the authorities will make the matter more confused by themselves. (3) Such a sudden obstructive action of the Government, who have given tacit consent to the keepers of "hidden goods" since the surrender, proves that the Government has condoned the concealing of goods. (4) The hidden goods were transferred to the members of the Life Assistance League (SEIKATSU YOGO DOMEI) by KOBAYASHI, repatriation official, with a signed document recording the quantity in stock. And KOBAYASHI officially promised in the presence of the league's members and the nubile in general that the goods would be distributed to them. (5) The agreement was that the goods were to be distributed at a fixed price and the money obtained to be given to the Co-Prosperous Society (KYOEIKAI). The actual distribution was exactly carried out not only to the league's members but also to those attending "the meeting of the ward inhabitants", by making us of the rice ration ticket. (6) On the next day the ward inhabitants made up "the preparatory committee for food control by the citizens" with the help of the Communist Party in order to adminstrate the goods without confusion. (7) On the next day the authorities transported the goods out of the warehouse under armed guard. (8) As to KOBAYASHI's injury, the mother of the perpetrator has testified that KOBAYASHI was injured by one of his subordinates when he ordered them to transfer some "hidden goods" from the outside to the arsenal.
ITEM 4 A Big Accident in the Odawara Express Train - Asahi Shimbun - 29 Jan 46. Translator: J. Kinoshita.
Full Translation:
The ODAWARA express train has been involved in a big crash. No. 294 train, which left SHINJUKU for ODAWARA, developed faulty brakes between HATANO and SHIBUZAWA and rushed without a stop
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SOCIAL SERIES: 208 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
into the side-track in TSURUMAKI station and was derailed and overturned at 1030, 28 January. Some 20 passengers were killed and 50 seriously and 30 slightly injured. The wounded have been receiving treatment at the KOKAKUEN Hotel and other places.
ITEM 5 Geisha houses will reopen in 18 Tokyo districts. - Asahi Shimbun - 29 Jan 46. Translator: H. Nishihara.
Full Translation:
There will be a revival of the geisha and geisha houses in permitted districts. They have been totally prohibited during the past two years by the TOKYO Police Office as a result of the War Emergency Measures taken by the Government in May 1944. Some of them have been allowed to carry on their business to give, amusement to the public under the name of reception houses and service girls. But this procedure has aroused much criticism lately, so the Police Office has decided to permit geisha, houses and geisha in the districts in which they were permitted before the war. The Police Office notified every police station on 28 January.
The permitted districts are nineteen in number, including MUKOJIMA, YOSHICHO, OI, IKEBUKURO and HAKUSAN. Eighteen districts will revive as geisha, house districts, with the exception of TACHIKAWA. All geisha houses in these districts will be revived, even those which were about to close down. The number of districts will not be extended to avoid encroaching on housing areas for the public.
ITEM 6 President of Waseda University resigns - Asahi Shimbun - 29 Jan 46. Translator: H. Nishihara.
Full Translation:
Doctor NAKANO, Tomio was appointed president of the WASEDA University in September 1944, succeeding Doctor TANAKA, Hozumi. But Doctor NAKANO has been resting quietly for the benefit of his health since his appointment. On 24 January, he revealed his intention of resigning from the post to the directors' board of the University, due to his ill health. A directors' meating on 25 January recognized the resignation formally. A new president will be elected by mutual vote among the directors in early February. Doctor of Economics, HAYASHI, Kimio, chief of the WASEDA library, will act in place of the president until a new president is elected.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Social Series 0208, 1946-01-30.
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