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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0203, 1946-01-27.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0981

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 981 Date: 27 Jan 46.


ITEM 1 Opinion, of Nisei in KOBE on the Japanese - Provincial Newspaper Kobe Shimbun - 20 Jan 46. Translator: H. Nishihara.
what are the feelings of the Nisei soldiers who have been busily engaged in public relations since September of last year and are now leaving KORE for the UNITED STATES, after their efforts to increase friendship between the Americans and the Japanese.
Lieutenant Harry FCKUHARA, representing Sergeants Tatto URIFU, Ben NAKAMOTO and Kitto YAMADA of the Language Detachment of the 33rd Division, made the following statement. "We imagined the Japanese to be a horrible race to have carried on this barbarous and irrational or. But, in reality, we are surprised to find the Japanese welcoming us and giving us every assistance. We suppose the Japanese are also surprised at the Americans' gentleman-like attitude, and to find that they are not arrogant over their victory. We are really pleased with the friendship between the two nations. Those who understand the Nisei situation, will be able to understand our joy.
JAPAN'S difficulties lie in the future, we believe. The Japanese must suffer many hardships because of the lack of food and housing facilities the difficulties will last one or two years, maybe longer. We really hope you will master the situation. We will do our best to obtain a full understanding, on the part of. Americans, of the Japanese when we are back in AMERICA, I promise you. Good-bye, until we meet again in the Paradise of the Orient the future JAPAN, new-born and completely reconstructed."
ITEM 2 Return to Commercial School Status in NIIGATA-Ken - Provincial News - Paper Niigata Nippo (Niigata) - 24 Jan 46. Translator: J. Kinoshita.
Of the farmer commercial schools which were changed into technical schools during the war in u NIIGATA-Ken, two schools, the NIIGATA Second Technica1 School and tie NAGAOCA Second Technical School, have decided officially to return to their former status in the coming school year. The other schools in the same category, the TAKAOKA Agricultural and Technical School and the KASHIWAZAKI Technical School, will remain unchanged.
As to the qualifications of the graduates of these two commercial schools, those who have had technical instruction for one or two years will graduate in the some way as commercial students by taking commercial studies in the remaining school terms. Those who wish to continue in technical subjects will be allowed to change to a technical school

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SOCIAL SERIES: 209 (Continued)
ITEM 3 ITABASHI incident- Asahi Shimbun - 26 Jan 46. Translator. H. Nishihara
In connection with distribution of the food which was found in the First Military Arsenal, SCAP spokeman revealed the following: "General Headquarters is opposed to the distribution, through illegal channels, by the people because it is against the spirit of the law People's Food Control Committees are being Joined in many districts, and the people fear that two methods of food control will be practiced, General Headquarters has no opinion on the matter, because it is a problem of the Nation and the Japanese Government.
The TOKYO office has studied the management of the food discovered at ITABASHI, with the co-operation of the police, and decided that the office will take charge of the temporary storage of the supplies until such time as it is determined to whom the food rightly belongs. An authority said:
"The food in question is said to belong to the Mutual Relief Association (KYOSEIKAI), but the TOKYO Police Office is now investigating this claim. If it is determined to be illegally concealed food, it will be fairly distributed through regular channels. In the future, the TOKYO Office will do its utmost to find such illegally concealed food with the co-operation of ward offices and police stations. When such food is found, it ill be distributed among the people of TOKYO through the Food Control Association and other organs.
News of recent uprisings, heretofore suppressed, was recently made known. On 25 January, 200 representatives of the people of OJI TANINOGAWA, ITABASHI and TOSHIMA-Ken crowed around tile offices of the chief of the TOKYO Police Office. The commotion became greater when IWATA, Eiichi, of the Livelihood Protection League (SEIKATSU YOGO REMMEI), and a representative of the people, were taken into the room of the Guard Section of the Office.
The people insisted that this uprising was caused by the policemen who took SATO, Toichi, and YOSHIDA, Minoru, both committee members of the League, to the police Office, as well as by the fact that the TOKYO Police Office had agreed that the food would be sold to the people. Thus they launched a "sit down." campaign. They determined not to move until they net the chief of the Police Office on 26 January,
On 25 January, IWATA, Eiichi, a communist and representative of the People's Food Control Committee (JIMMIN SHOKURYO KANRI IINKAI), and 16 others approached the chief of the TOKYO Police Office. They demanded explanation as to why YOSHIDA, Minoru, and SATO, Toiichi, were arrested, but the chief refused to answer and stated that the police would not release them until the trouble was settled. Thus the negotations were broken off, and they decided not to leave the room, demanding a supply of food while they were there.
IWATA said: "At the national meeting to welcome NOZAKI, on 26 January, this problem will be discussed, and all attendants will come to this office."
ITEM 4 Communist Party view of ITABASHI incident - Yomiuri - Hochi - 26 Jan 46. Translator: T. Ogawa.
The Metropolitan Police Board has taken Mr. YOSHIDA, Minoru, of the Livelihood Protection League, in custody as a person responsible for the illegal diaposa1 of war materials at ITAKASHI Arsenal. Referring to this case, Mr. KUROKI, Shigenori, of the JAPAN Communist Party, states his opinion as follows:
"The hoarded goods had already been handed over to the Livelihood Protection League from the Mutual Relief association of the Arsenal Workers, according to a mutual agreement of the two parties concerned.
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SOCIAL SERIES: 203 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
The fact that 300 policemen transferred the goods to the Foodstuff Corporation obviously constitutes an embezzlement. That the police authorities have arrested Mr. YOSHIDA, the leader of the people, constitutes a crime against tie people. I have told Mr. NISHIMURA, Director of the Peace Department of the Metropolitan Police Board, that I have decided on a course of action, after investigating the real situation, by inspection several times the place where the goods were concealed."
Mr. NISHMURA is to be censured for arresting YOSHIDA without visiting the scene and listening to the voice of the people. The Communist Party will continue to accuse the Metropolitan police authorities on the charge of embezzlement in this case.
ITEM 5 The uses of the English Language - Mainichi Shimbun - 26 Jan 46. Translator: S. Inoue.
Full Translation:
The girl students in cur school were persistent enough to continue their study of the English language during the war. For this reason, we were criticised as "those unpatriotic people who study the enemy's language." Do you know fluently the UNITED STATES women officers speak Japanese Now, remember the short-sighted view taken by our leaders as compared with the American preparedness hereby they started new lectures on the Japanese language in many colleges in AMERICA. It is a sad state of things for us to realize that the English language is now essential in our daily life.
It is not too late for both men and women to study English very earnestly and to bring to our homes the excellency of the American civilization. Let us not be satisfied with a poor knowledge of English, scarcely comprehensible to G.I.'s with the aid of gestures.
ITEM 6 The publishing world - Tokyo Shimbun - 26 Jan 46. Translator: M. Ohno.
Full Translation
I have said before many things against present magazines, but I do not begrudge due praise for the efforts by which the present magazines were made under various inconvenient conditions.. By reading magazines, we can recognize the restrained freedom prevailing over then. This restraint must be taken away by the strong and passionate spirit desiring to protect freedom stubbornly, but the publishing world lacks such intense spirit.
Generally speaking, the current publications are filled with the ideology of "for the people" or "for the sake of the people themselves", However this fact, it is thought, is due to the character of the general magazine, I expected the new magazins to show the case or origin of the war from every point of view, and to reveal the complicated spiritual forms of human beings, such as of hope or pain. But, my expectations were not realized. I think this situation must not be left as it is.
It is natural that old novelists, who did not write during the war, have become temporary interesting targets. In fact, many novels written by these men appear in the current magazines. However, at the time when the war ended, there must have been some new writers who wished eagerly to write. I think the publishing world should utilize such writers of ability.
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SOCIAL SERIES: 203 (Continued)
ITEM 6 (Continued)
During the war, my spirit was darkened, as if it were sinking into a fathomless abyss where freedom and anti-freedom were fighting each other; and now, surveying the present publishing world, I can not help but feeling that the current magazines are like illuminated cars, proceeding easily on tile rails of freedom. Will this conception be a mistaken one?
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Social Series 0203, 1946-01-27.
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