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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0200, 1946-01-26.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0957

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 957 Date: 26 Jan 46


ITEM 1 TOKUSHIMA War Sufferers' league - Provincial Newspaper Tokushima Shimbun (Tokuahima) - 21 Jan 46. Translator: Y. Akabane.
Six months have already elapsed since the city of TOKUSHIMA was exposed to bombing but the authorities concerned have not been enthusiastic about the relief of sufferers, which number over 80,000. Construction of simple dwellings is showing tardy progress, making it impossible for evacuees in country districts to return to their beloved city.
In view of the state of affairs, the inauguration meeting of the War sufferers' League of TOKUSHIMA City was held on 21 January, at the City office, for the purpose of rehabilitating the city by these sufferers themselves, without relying on the luke warm measures of the authorities. A large number of sufferers attended the meeting, at which the following principle, resolutions and regulations were unanimously approved:
War-sufferers, numbering seventy million throughout the country, including eighty thousand in the city of TOKUSHIMA, are now destitute, having lost all means of feeding, clothing and housing themselves. Although the Government, prefectural and city authorities are stressing urgent relief, the practical measures taken so far have been mostly ineffective, only a few simple dwellings having been completed in TOKUSHIMA. If this state of affairs is allowed to continue in future, most of the war victims will surely die. Accordingly, we must now stand up to construct the foundation of our livelihood by collective power, without relying on Government authorities. We are confident in the strong power to be born of the collective efforts to open a new life, though individual power may be weak. We here with pledge ourselves to do our best to accomplish our goal by establishing the "War-sufferers' League of the City of TOKUSHIMA", with, a view to sustaining our lives and rehabilitating our native province.
The present League shall join the All JAPAN War-sufferers' League.
The present league shall aid in the following works at once: a. Opening of an investigation department of war-sufferers; b. Opening of a welfare sufferers; c. Opening of a propaganda department for the relief of war sufferers.
The present League aims at the realization of mutual relief of our fellow countrymen.
The present league has, as its objective, the regeneration or rehabilitation of war sufferers, in compliance with the principle of fellow countrymen's relief.

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SOCIAL SERIES: 200 (Continued)

ITEM 1 (Continued)
The present league shall be composed of war sufferers in the City of TOKUSHIMA and those in other prefectures.
The present League has its office in the City of TOKUSHIMA.
The present League shall execute the following business: a. Business relating to the reconstruction of dwellings for war sufferers; b, Business relating to the rehabilitation of war sufferers; c. Other businesses deemed necessary for the accomplishment of the objectives of the League;
The present League shall have the following officers; President (1) Vice-President (1); Chief manager (1); Managers (15); Accountant (1); Councillors (25); and some advisors.
The expenses of the present league shall be borne by the members. Those who cannot afford the expense shall be exempted from paying it.
A certain number of clerks shall be hired in order to deal with the business of the League.
ITEM 2 Hospitals and Doctors - Tokyo Shimbun - 24. Jan 46. Translator: S, Saketa.
The Welfare Ministry sent a notification through the chief of the Health Board to all the chiefs of the Medical Boards and every local governor in the Country on 23 January, The notification indicates that every well-equipped hospital will be utilized by a licensed physician who has not lost his equipment due to an air-raid. The Ministry intends that all institutions of the Medical Aid Association (NIPPON IRYO EIDAN), the hospitals and sanatoriums under the inspection of the Ministry, and the superior private institutions should be publicly opened to the physicians. The number of hospitals burnt down by the air raids amounts to about 1,100, which had about 50,000 beds.
In conformity with the notification, the general licensed physicians can treat their patients with operation, X-ray, various examinations, preparation of medicines, transportation, etc. by mailing use of the superior equipment of the public institutions. The Welfare Ministry's intention follows "the medical center" or "open system" prevailing in the UNITED STATES.
Owing to the shortage of physicians and dentists, the welfare Ministry has recently added special articles so as to be able to license repatriate physicians and dentists from KOREA and FORMOSA, These repatriates can not be unconditionally licensed, and they need to pass an examination and selection, which will be carried out by the Ministry.
ITEM 3 Police to Obtain Raise in Pay - Tokyo Shimbun - 24 Jan 46. Translator: S. Sakata.
General attention has recently been attracted to the move of the metropolitan police, who desire to be loved and trusted by the people through better treatment and democracy in their circle. The "TOKYO Metropolitan Improvement Commission", consisting of the chiefs of every board and the sectional chiefs, as veil as Mr. OGAWA, head of Police Division end Mr. EGUCHI, manager of Secretarial Board, of Metropolitan Police held meetings almost every day to make a concrete plan for a threefold raise in wages. The plan decided upon will be announced in the near future. The following are Mr. OGAWA's answers to the
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SOCIAL SERIES: 200 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
question of improvement and democratization.
The improvement of conditions should be a threefold raise in monthly incomes. As a raise of the bare salary might cause repercussions all over the country, the increase will be paid under other names. The total increase is estimated to amount to around 250 to 260 million yen. The raise will be carried out after the approval of the Metropolitan Assembly or the Metropolitan Council.
The authorities intend to reorganize and promote the "JIKEI-KAI" or "Self-protection Society" so as to be able to distribute much more goods to the policemen, but it is feared that the public may misunderstand the Society.
As to the problem of democratizing the Metropolitan Police, the old system of inspector and inspected men should be eliminated. The brains of the superiors must be changed in this respect. The metropolitan police should be a family in which the father must be the superintendent general. However, it is agreeable that some kind of rank system should remain. The important duty of keeping the peace cannot be carried out merely by yielding to a system of collective requests. In this respect, it is undeniable that the police must be conservative. The authorities intend to reform these points gradually.
It is very sad that a movement like the strike occurred in the Metropolis Police Department and other police stations because the authorities, endeavoring to improve conditions, were not adequately informed about the conditions of the lower ranking policemen.
ITEM 4 Town Assemblies - Mainichi Shimbun - 24 Jan 46. Translator: D. Inoue.
The democratic renovation of the present town assemblies and neighborhood associations was expected to start on 1 January this year. However, contrary to our expectation, reports so far received at the Welfare Section in the TOKYO Metropolitan Office reveal that of 292 town assemblies, only 41, less than 20 per cent of the number, have appointed new town chiefs and the rest, 251, have reelected the same persons as before.
Although there remain 1397 towns which have not completed the report of the elections, the result of a town-to-town survey shows that only 20 per cent of the total number have been at all changed, and the rest remain as before. Why has the renovation attained such poor results?
There are, to be sure, many reasons, responsible for this poor result - chiefly as follows: 1) The town assembly is still regarded as a detachment of the Word Office and thus people show no great concern about it. 2) Those who take charge of the town business ore the same old persons as ever. 3) There is developing a conspicuous tendency to leave the present town organization as it is.
ITEM 5 President of NAGOYA University Electcd - Asahi Shimbun - 25 Jan 46. Translator: T. Ogawa.
Due to the resignation of Prof. SHIBUSAWA the former President, an election of a new President by public vote was held yesterday at the NAGOYA Imperial University. At a conference of 3 representatives from each of the science, engineering and medical departments, Professors TARURA, SHIBATA and SHOGENJI, deans of the medical, the science and the engineering deportments respectively were recommended as the candi-
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SOCIAL SERIES: 200 (Continued)
ITEM 5 (Continued)
date. As a result of the voting Professor TAMURA, Harukichi, dean of the medical department was elected to assume the presidency.
The new president is 63 years old. He was appointed dean of the NAGOYA Medical University in 1932. The professor is noted not only as an authority in dermatology but also as a pioneer in the field of X-rays.
ITEM 6 Crime - Yomiuri-Hochi - 25 Jan 46. Translator: S. Inoue.
The Kalpis Manufacturing Company, No. 683, [illegible]ITANO, MITAKA-Machi, under the supervison of Mr. TAKASHIMA, Beiho, an author, which was plundered again by a gang of over twenty robbers, driving two trucks. On 23 January, they broke into the ware-house and stole 50 bales of millet, a wooden suit case containing kimonos, 12 other suit cases jammed with foreign clothes, and two packs of bed clothes. Mr. TAKASHIMA told the press as follows: "I am disheartened to see the present dangerous state of living. As you see, my dwelling is so far isolated from the residential center that I had been careful enough to remove the remaining bales of sugar which had escaped previous theft. However, I (was) robbed a second time. The robbers worked for about one hour. They were too many for any personal counter-measures. There is no other means to cope with such robberies than to depend upon the police. I hope that the police, taking such vicious canes into consideration, adopt urgent measures to prevent a reoccurrence.''
On 24 January a gang of four robbers broke into the house of Mr. TSUTSUI, Ko, at No. 22, NICHIO-ME, SANNO, O[illegible]ORI-KU, and, threatening him with daggers, they crammed 500 yen in cash, clothes and shoes into a rucksack, and excaped.
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