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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0154, 1946-01-08.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0673

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 673 Date: 8 Jan 46


ITEM 1 On National War Guilt, by HANI Goro - Yomiuri-Hochi - 6 Jan 46. Translator: C. Gilbert.
The "Last Judgment" of MICHELANGELO shows JESUS CHRIST, the Teacher of Love, in great anger, president TRUMAN said in his Christmas message, "Truth is on one hand love, on the other hand severe anger." There are some who say that the purging directives of MacARTHUR have devided the country and split the Japanese. But those who say this forget that love is at times anger.
In an age when war was largely individual combat, disputes could be settled by individual morality, but this does not apply to on age where war between states leads to a world war. The immoral surprise attack on PEARL HARBOR, which caused a world conflagration, has, however, led to the birth of international justice based on world morality, as demonstrated in the NUREMBERG and TOKYO Tribunals against the war criminals. This is the truth of the new age; it is world judgment and world justice. It is true that countless Japanese youths have shed their blood in MANCHURIA and CHINA but it must be remembered that the very same war, caused by Japanese and German ultra-nationalis, caused the death of millions of young men all over the world.
KEENAN, head of the War Crimes Commission in TOKYO has said that "the principle of world judgment is humanity," and, in truth, war is a crime against humanity, a crime against the enemy as well as against the people. JACKSON, head of the War Crime's Commission in NUREMBERG, stated that "the accused are not tried because they have been defeated."
The Japanese people will do well to think deeply over these words in connection with the present directive on the exclusion of men from public office. Japanese peasants under the TOKUGAWA regime had a proverb, "Better seven famines than one war."
The Japanese GUNBATSU and ZAIBATSU have enriched themselves through the blood and tears of the Japanese people. The GUNBATSU and the Japanese politicians are now being punished for torturing Americans, Koreans, Chinese, Indonesians, and Filipinos, as well as the Japanese people. The cold and famine that the Japanese people face now is a result of the world war. Prevention of its recurrence is best brought about by the extermination of those who instigated and directed the war.
Students of the TOKYO Imperial University said to HANI, Goro, "Drs. OUCHI and TSUCHIYA have been reinstated but the school has not become brighter." The University end JAPAN will not become brighter until the war-responsible ruling class has been purged. The Japanese people must purge them everywhere, whether they be the head of a neighborhood association or a village mayor.

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SOCIAL SERIES: 154 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
HANI, Goro, is a historian so he regards his special job the purging of the war-responsible Japanese historians. Dr. TSUCHIYA, Takao of the TOKYO Imperial University said after the end of the war that JAPAN was defeated because she misinterpreted history. Yet the same man published a book during the war entitled "Defense State and Historical Development," in which he wrote that AMERICA and ENGLAND would be defeated by TOJO and HITLER. HANI believes that TSUCHIYA should now resign from his leadership as an educator and experience with the people the bitterness of mistaken leadership.
The SAMURAI if the feudal age refused to become merchants or peasants. Dr. TSUCHIYA and hundreds of thousands of war-responsible Japanese seem still to be pervaded with this SAMURAI spirit which prevents them from descending to the level of the people. But the exclusion, which is now being established by Allied Forces, must continue until the war-responsible Japanese are cleansed and reborn.
ITEM 2 Crime and the Police Board - Yomiuri-Hochi - 7 Jan 46. Translator: T. Ogawa.
The crime wave has been steadily mounting in the metropolis. In counting these crimes, the activities of the Metropolitan Police authorities have also been active by arresting a three man and 13 man gang of armed burglars. The criminal cases, however, have been increasing despite all the efforts of police authorities.
In an effort to keep peace in the capital, an effective policy is now being observed by the Metropolitan Police Board, especially in the field of prevention as well as detection of crimes. The aim of this policy is to prevent crimes by the co-operation of the public and the police. In this connection a concrete plan will be made public shortly. In this plan it is planned that existing air-defense and fire guards will be converted into Vigilance Committees. They will co-operate with the Crime Prevention Association and the Crime Prevention Neighborhood Association. The Vigilance Committee will be given special training for the purpose of combatting vicious crimes and riots by aiding the police.
Of the 19,000 policemen of the Metropolitan police Board, 4,000 are absent at present. The number of those resigning has been increasing since the year's end. Accordingly the staff of the Prime Prevention Section and Detection Section has been increased from 1,354 to 2,270. They also plan to petition General MacARTHUR's Headquarters for an increase in the number of policemen. Employment of police-women is also being considered among some quarters.
What prevents the quick apprehension of criminals at present is the lack of motor cars. In AMERICA they are fully utilizing the maneuvering facility to the utmost so they can lay police cordon promptly before the criminals can take flight. The Metropolitan Police Board has bought 1,000 bicycles instead of motor cars for the present. The next thing the Metropolitan Police Board must prepare is portable wireless apparatus. They are using five sets at present, but these are all borrowed, and are being used experimentally. Observing the results, they went to extend this system. Also a plan was adopted to deliver a special ration to the policemen, who are to be despatched to distant places or on midnight patrols in search of criminals.
The existing arms of the Metropolitan Police are powerless against vicious gangs who are always armed with revolvers or daggers. It is expected that the use of revolvers and tear gas bombs by police officers will probably be permitted by General MacARTHUR's Headquarters before long. The Military Police corps of the Allied Forces has also been aiding our police forces in the prevention of crimes. Therefore, the peace of TOKYO is now in the process of being improved gradually.
- 2 -

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SOCIAL SERIES: 154 (Continued)
ITEM 3 Open Letter from OYAMA, Ikuo to Japanese, Intellectuals (UP Despatch) - Mainichi Shimbun - 7 Jan 46. Translator: C. Bilbert.
If JAPAN adopts democracy end international justice, she will be able to rise again from her present plight to the status of a culturally progressive country. To lead the Nation on this path is the mission of the Japanese intellectual. In the past, Japanese intellectuals in their fight against the GUMBATSU, the Japanese police, the ZAIBATSU and their exploitation of the Japanese people had to be largely destructive, but now the demand made on the Japanese intellectuals is to turn constructive. Democratic achievements of the Japanese people after the first world war were destroyed by fascism. Now the Japanese people have learned the senselessness of trying to subjugate other countries.
However, the psychological effects of fascism on the Japanese people have not yet been totally destroyed. JAPAN has to be democratically reeducated, but not only for this reason alone. JAPAN has not only suffered a defeat, but declined literally from a country with great military might to state without weapons. That does not mean that she has lost all means of defense. In fact, the military defeat has been indirectly a blessing for the Japanese people, for the cultural development of the Japanese people is no longer oppressed by Japanese militarists and police, and JAPAN has been liberated from the heavy military expense. Japanese national security, however, is not in the least affected, as long as JAPAN adjusts herself to the changing world conditions.
The spirit of the world is guided today not by the spirit of victory, but of unity for world peace. To effect such a world peace an international tribunal is to be, established, where every nation will have the right to claim adjustment for wrongs. The way JAPAN can be recognized by this international tribunal and become a member nation of the UNO is to become a civilized state again. The goal to strive for is a democratic and internationally just order, and to lead the Japanese nation to such an order is the mission of the Japanese intellectual.
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Social Series 0154, 1946-01-08.
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