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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0107, 1945-12-23.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0447

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 447 Date: 23 Dec. 1945


ITEM 1 Major - General GRINER Leaving Niigata - (Provincial Paper) Niigata Nippo 14 December 1945. Translator: Minagi, Kunizo.
Full Translation:
Major -General GRINER commanding general of the 27th Division, whose noble character in presiding over his officers and men is well remembered, next NIIGATA, a place of dear remembrance to him, by the 1848 express on 15 December. On his departure for home his remarks concerning the past were as follows:
"0ur duty is over. It is now 45 months since we left Hawaii in March 1942. It is now time for our division to leave here. Looking back on the past campaigns, the defense and fortification of OAHU, KUAI, MAUI and HAWAII were our first operations. Then the landing at MAKING Island which we occupied, After the occupation of ENIWETCK, intense training ensued for several months. The desperate battle of SAIPAN was followed by further training at ESPIRITO Island. At last, we achieved victory, in the great RYUKYUS Campaign, and after our arrival at ATSUGI Airfield we proceeded to NIIGATA. Our successive victories have never been accidental affairs because half the division, that is 6,953 men, were wounded and 2,240 lost their lives. The casualties we inflicted upon our enemy were 17,000 dead and 600 captured. The day of our demoblization is now at hand. Farewell everyone, be faithful to your duty forever".
ITEM 2 Malpractices of landowners against tenants in connection with land reform bill-Yomiuri Hochi-19 December 1945. Translator: Ohno, Masashi.
Full Translation:
Forecasting that the revised draft of the Farm Land adjustment Law (NOCHI CHOSEI HO) would pass the Diet, some landowners are demanding the return of tenant lands, while others are trying to divide their extensive lands into many parts which will be ostensibly owned by their relatives or friends. In view of the frequency of this practice the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry issued the following directives to the prefectural Governors on 18 December:
1. Problems regarding, the return of tenant land are provided for in the Farming Land Adjustment Law. In accordance with the provisions of article 9 of the Law, the landowner may demand the return of his tenant land, but this depends on the conditions of not merely the landowner but also the tenant-farmer. The application of the law must be conducted after consideration of various conditions regarding the present state of tenant lands and cue actual situation of the landowner and tenant -farmer. But, recently it is rumoured that some landowners are demanding the return of the tenant land only for the purpose farming it themselves. So the governors must take special care in order to put the tenant-farmer’s at ease.

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SOCIAL SERIES: 107 (Continued)
ITEM 2 ( Continued)
2. Some landowners, considering that the revised law will soon be put into effect, are delivering their land to relatives to escape from its application and some are selling the land at exorbitant prices. In accordance with one provisions in Article 7 the Extraordinary Farming Land Control Law (RINJI NOCHI KANRIREI), the governors must take full precautions in the transference of land ownership.
ITEM 3 Society for Peasant Literature Formed-Asahi Shimbun-20 December 1945. Translator: Ohno. Masashi.
Full Translation:
A Farmer literary Society (NOMIN BUNGAKU SHAKAI) has been created as an organ smach to the feudalism remaining in the rural communities and to establish a democratic local culture based on the freedom of thought and love of humanity. The Society, including 92 members, and some other members from the provincial districts, is planning to issue magazine "Mother Earth" (DAIOHI) about next February.
MASAMUNE, Hakucho, MUSHAKOJI, Saneatsu, NAKAMURA, Seiko, NIII, Itaru, FUJIMORI, Shigekichi, KATO, Jakeo, and YOSHIUE, Shosuke, are to be its advisers. ARTHI, Gi, MORIYAMA, Kei, HASHIMOTO, Esikichi, WADA, Den, SATO, Minpo, FUKUTA, Kiyonko, MURAYAMA, Yoshiji, TSUCHIDA, Kenichi, ITO, Jadashi, UCHIGI, Muranaru, MUZUMORI, Kamenosuke, TATENO, Nobuyuki, TAKKWA, Shigeyoshi, and IMAI, Jyun, will be members. The office of the society was up in the KAMAKURA Library of SHIRAKIYA at NIHONBESHI-ku.
ITEM 4 Postal Employees Union Formed-Asahi Snimbun-20 December 1945. Translator: Ohno, Masashi.
Full Translation;
An inaugural meeting of the All Communication Employees' Union (ZENTEI ISHIN JYUGYOIN KUMIAI), consisting of 400,000 members, is scheduled to be held around the end of next January. Prior to the proposed meeting, the Communication Employees' Union in the metropolitan areas held a meeting yesterday at the TOKYO Central Post Office (TOKYO CHUO YUBIN KYOKU), and Union representatives presented a resolution to Director of the Communication Board (TSISHI NIN) MATSUMAE, demanding a temporary raise in salary until next march.
To comply with this demand the Communication Board authorities formed a committee to improve the employees' conditions, and many problems were discussed with the following people: MATSUMAE, the Director of the Communication Board; NIIYA, the vice-director of the same Board; MATSUDA, the Director of the Fibre Bureau (SENIKYOKU) of the Commerce and Industry Ministry; HDSOIA , the Sectional Chief of the Food Control Bureau (SHOKU RYO KANRI KYOKU) of the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry; AONO, Fukumatsu, the Executive Chairman of-the All Communication Employee's Union and an employee of the ASABU Post Office; MYOGAHAPA, Sadayoshi, a clerk of the TOKYO Central Telegraph Office (.TOKYO CHUO DENSHIN KYOKU); SHIMIZU, Toyo, of the TOKYO Central Telephone office (TOKYO CHUO DENWA KYOKU); KOKUBO, Syoichiro of the SHBAURA Elective communication Engineering Department (SHIBURA DENKITSUSHIN KOJI KYOKU). The Communication Board authorities have also decided to form, business committee which will serve to indicate to the higher ranking, individual the will of the lower ranking employees.
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SOCIAL SERIES: 107 (Continued)
ITEM 5 Dispute of Imperial palace Police-Yomiuri Hochi-20 December 1945. Translator: Kinoshita J.
Full Translation:
A dispute has been started in the Imperial Palace Guard Board by some 20 of the 600 guards demanding the democratization of the Board and resignation of NAKAGAWA, Chief of the Guarding Section, as well as three other chief guards. NAKAGAWA was accused of despotism in forming a select clique in the Board during more than eight years. He is expected to leave the post. The conflicting members are on duty as usual. OKAMATSU, the head of the Board, is endeavoring to solve the matter.
ITEM 6 Crimes and Arrest of Criminals-Asahi Shimbun-20 December 1945. Translators: Oh[illegible]Masashi.
Full Translation:
Ten burglars in air corps uniforms armed with training bayonets, broke into the house of TAKADA , Yoichi, of MINAMIOKA, OKABE-Mura, OSATO-Gun, SAITAMA-Ken, around 0130 yesterday and into the house of TORIBA, Kesazo, of MURAOKA-528 of the same village, around 0230 the same day and stole about 60,000 yen from the former and 11,330 yen from the latter, A tried armed with pistols and short swords broke into the house of TANAKA, Yoshitora, of 1-280, KAMI SYAKUJII, ITABASHI-ku, at 23OO on 18 December and stole 1,000 yen.
The results of the wholesale arrests in the areas under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police Board made by the fully mobilized Policemen of the 36 police stations, excepting the KAMATA and TOTSUKA Police Stations, have been revealed. Thefts totalled 29 cases, injuries two cases, and other crimes 14 cases, for a grand total of 45 cases.
Early this month the ASAKUSA Police Station arrested the various culprits who will soon be prosecuted. Among these are USUDA, Eiji, 23, ex-convict and ex-student of RIKYO University and ten other persons who stole and sold rice and petroleum cans from trenches or storehouses. Also to be prosecuted is a quartette of SHIMIZU, Kisaburo, 31, with six previous convictions, HIGUCHI, Masayoshi, 36, with the same convictions, OKUMURA, Kenji, 27 and KISO, Gadatoshi, 28, having had no fixed abode, these men committed crimes at ASAKUSA and UENO areas and robbed goods several times at AKIHABARA Station.
- 3 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Social Series 0107, 1945-12-23.
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