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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0103, 1945-12-21.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0418

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 418 Date: 21 Dec 45


ITEM 1 MAINICHI SHIMBUN to promote Culture MAINICHI SHIMBUN 18 Dec 45 Translator; OHNO M.
Full Translation:
The people must construct a new country devoted to high culture and democracy and thereby establish a position for JAFAN among the other nation. At present JAPAN is not showing any real headway toward cultural reconstruction. Cultural activities must be stimulated and promoted.
From this point of view the MAINICHI SHIMBUN has decided to start a cultural movement by establishing musical, dramatic, movie and Physical training research rooms which will soon begin their respective activities. First, the Dramatic Room will start its activity by studying in detail "KANJINCHO", ("The religious Subscription Book") one of the, eighteen most famous KABUKI dramas. The KANJINCHO drama has become a subject of public discussion inasmuch as it is undecided as to whether or not it may be played on the stage in view of the Supreme Allied directive concerning theatricals. However its study was permitted through the sympathetic attitude of the Civil Information and Education Section. After the special explanation by Mr. KAWATAKE, the KANJINCHO will be played on the stage with musical accompaniment. ATSUMI and CHIKAWA will explain the performance and the form of the play.
Details of the first dramatic research meeting are as follows: Research item; KANJINCHO, one of the eighteen most famous classical KABUKI dramas. Lecturers; KAWATAKE, Shigetashi, ATSUMI, Seitaro and ICHIKAWA, Ennosuke. Players; ICEIKAWA, Ennasuke and KINEYA, Sakichi and their troupes. Date; From 0900 hours to 1100 hours on 20 December. Place; TOKYO GEKIJO Sponsor; The MAINICHI SHIMBUN Supporter; The Theatrical Culture Research Society. Admission fee; Two yen. (The admission ticket will be given at the Enterprise Section (JIGYO BU) of the MAINICHI SHIMBUN and the TOKYO GEKIJO.
ITEM 2 Occupation Force demand dismissal of Japanese judge YOMIURI HOCHI 18 Dec 45 Translator: KINOSHITA J.
Full Translation:
ISHIHARA Takeo, judge of the KYOTO Provincial Law Court, was ordered by the Supreme Allied Command to resign because of his failure to comply with directives by punishing only lightly the former Captain, KONDO Hiroshi.
The Captain his seven bombs, a pistol, and a JAPANESE sword, which were found by inspectors of the 8th Army. The case was transferred to the KYOTO Police Board with the warning that it was a "very grave" crime.

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SOCIAL SERIES: 103 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
ISHIHA[illegible]A imposed a fine of only 200 yen, on the Captain, despite full knowledge of the gravity of the case which warrants no less than three months penal servitude according to current Army Laws.
The Supreme allied Command has prohibited the government from reapointing or reemploying the judge in any position in the Home Office, the Law Office, the Police Boards, or in any position charged with enforcing laws.
ITEM 3 Report of the Japanese Defeat in Singapore (part one) EOKYO SHIHBUN 18 Dec 45 Translator: [illegible]NAGI K.
Mr. KAWAMOTO, TOKYO SHIMBUN Correspondent at SINGAPORE, came home on the first transport for repatriates, the TAIAN-NARU, which arrived at OTAKE in HIROSHIMA on 17 December. His statement regarding the conditions of Japanese incidents at SINGAPORE at the end of the war follows.
At the time the war "as approaching its end, there were about 6000 Japanese civilians at SINGAPORE and Japanese troops numbering several tens of thousands. All of them deeply anxious about the future development of the so-called Japanese decisive fight in JAPAN proper.
After the RYUKYU Island campaign no Japanese believed that victory would ever be secured by JAPAN. This was dispite the fact that the Army and Navy Ministers replies in the Diet were reported to be very optimistic. According to them it was their intention to deliver the American landing force a fatal blow in the sea coast campaign. In the end the Japanese in SINGAPORE were overwhelmed by despair believing that the unconditional surrender of JAPAN would be the inevitable conclusion of the war.
The fortification work against British marines landing on MALAY made little headway. The re-enforcements from TIMOR were not satisfactory. Some Japanese began to say, at least we want to see the final fate of JAPAN before we die in a foreign land. Others said, "We all had better die than be defeated."
Prices in SINGAPORE meanwhile soared day by day. Strange to say, every evening Japanese Army officers were having lansh feasts in the Japanese restaurants still running there at the time. At this point, we heard of the POTSDAM Declaration and of the Soviet's participation in the war. At the end of July there was the general belief among SINGAPORE People that as a result of the POTSDAM Conference the Soviets participation in the Pacific Campaign was unavoidable and Japanese defeat was a fait accompli. It was about this time, too, that there was a rumor that Prince KONOYE and Mr. MATSUOKA, Yosuke were at MOSCOW negotiating with America for peace.
In this desperate situation, mah jong and other gambling games were very popular as is want to be among a defeaten people.
- 2 -

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SOCIAL SERIES: 103 (Continued)
ITEM 4 Seven Phoney Policemen arrested MAINICHI SHIMBUN 18 Dec 45 Translator: NISHIHARA H.
Full Translation:
The TOKYO Police office, on 17 December, arrested seven men accused of taking advantage of illegal trade with men of the Occupation Forces. The accused are KINJO Uei, 21, Korean leader of the group, residing in FUKUDASO of 3070, 30Chome, KASYA-cho, KAMATA-Ku; ISHII, Goro, 20, lodger with ARAI, of 1-Chome, MIYAMUBA-Cho, ASABU-Ku; ATSUJAWA, Yoshio 19, of 13-Chome, TAMURA-Cho, SEIBA-Ku; MATSUJAWA Kanita; brother of ATSUJAWA KIYODA, Taikichi, lodger with TAWAKA of 5, 1-Chome, MINAMI-SAKUMA-Cho, SEIBA-Ku; and two others.
Pretending to be policemen, they siezed YOKOYAMA, Ikuzo, officeworker, of 25, 1-Chome, HONGO-DORI, NAKANO-Ku, in the act of illegally trading with a member of the Occupation Forces, and rocedded to rob him of 363 yen, and overcoat, a watch, and a season ticket. They sold the overcoat and watch at a road near HIBIYA Park at the price of 800 yen and divided the money. They confessed to having committed four robberies in a similar fashion.
ITEM 5 Japanese Prisoner of War No. 1 ASAHI SHIMBUN 18 Dec Translator: NISHIHARA H.
Full Translation:
At the outset of the Japanese-American War, nine Japanese navy men made a suicidal attack in special submarines a Pearl Harbor, as was reported at the time. Now, it has become known that these was a tenth navy man who after the attack became Prisoner of War No. 1 while he was unconscious due to severe injuries. This officer was revealed to be Ensign SAKAMAKI, Kazus, second son of SAKAMAKI, Sozabura, farmer, of 30, BABA, KAYASHI-Cho, TOKUSHIMA-Ken.
He was born in 1917, graduated from WAKIMACHI Middle School, entered the Naval Cadet School in 1937, appointed Naval Cadet in 1940, promoted to ensign in 194l, and Commanded the Special Service Ship CHIYODA, in 1941. Finally, he was selected as a member of the special attack force. He was a classmate in the Naval Cadets School to Lieutenant HIROO, Akira, who was also a member of the special attack force.
ITEM 6 55 Building taken over for Homeless ASABI SHIMBUN 18 Dec 45 Translator: NISKIHARA H.
To accomodate war sufferers and destitute repatriates, the war destitutes Aid Society (SENSAI ENGOKAI ) plans to take over 55 buildings with a floor space of 10,000 Tsubo in TOKYO on 17 December by taking advantage of the Emergency Housing Laws.
Ward and provincial offices will release notices asking for applicants from 18 to 22 December. About 5000 homeless will be accomodated.
Most of the dwellings are fully furnished and. in good condition, but some are in need of repairs, which are expected to be completed by the year's end. The Home owner's Association will manage the houses in response to the request of the War-Distitute Aid Society.
Rent will be charged at the rate of between one and two yen per TATAMI. If rent comes to more than three yen, the war-destitute Aid Society will pay the difference. Tenants may remain as long as they please.
- 3 -

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SOCIAL SERIES: 103 (Continued)
ITEM 6 (Continued)
Prospective tenants may submit their applications at the branch office of the Association at districts in which they reside, even if the desired house is elsewhere. The TOKYO office has announce that a large number of houses will no longer be available for such purposes before the end of the year. (TN Addresses of houses listed).
- 4 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Social Series 0103, 1945-12-21.
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