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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0095, 1945-12-19.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0380

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 380 Date: 19 Dec 45


ITEM 1 Mass Resignation by ISAHAYA-Shi Assemblymen Demanded Provincial Paper; Magasaki Shimbun, Nagasaki - 11 Dec 45. Translator; H. Nishihara
In ISAHAWA-Shi a general citizen's meeting was held on 9 December at the EIRAKU-ZA Theater to discuss the coming election on 11 December, of a new mayor of the city. The good of the meeting was clarification of the situation concerning the election and the curing of public opinion.
The meeting was sponsored by NAHO Cultural Association (NAHO BUNKA KYOKAI), whose leader is MIYASAKI, Shuhei. Former municipal assemblemea MORIWAGA, TSURUSHIMA, and HAYAKAWA delivered speeches and repealed the true condition of the town council. They stated their distrust in the present mayor and demanded the resignation's of all municipal assemblymen.
TSUKAMOTO, committee member of the Politics and Cultural Stredy Association of the town (ISAHAYA SEIJI BUNKA KENKYUKAI), gave a speech against such mass resignations; he expressed the hope that members remain in office until the new election law is established. Finally, a decision was reached which demanded the mass resignation of the municipal assemblymen. As a result, the sponsors of the meeting have submitted a written demand to the town council.
ITEM 2 Conditions of School Teachers (Provincial Paper) - Tokushima Shimbun (Tukushime) - 12 Dec 45. Translator; J. Ki[illegible]hita
In the TOKUSHIMA Prefectural Assembly a raise in salary of one yen was declared for every national school teacher in the prefecture. The present value of one yen constituts the price of only three tangerines. A protest against this decision has arisen among all the instructors in that district.
A school master in TOKUSHIMA-Shi complained about the present difficult situation of teachers, saying that the monthly living for five people costs at least 300 yen, which is far above every teacher's salary. Their savings are rapidly decreasing. A number of teachers cannot get any lunch. Recently a young teacher fell on the way home from lack of nutrition, according to the TOKUSHIMA-shi school master.
An increased number of resignations of national, school teachers, due to their low salaries, is causing a grove situation in the national education.

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SOCIAL SERIES 95 (Continued)
ITEM 3 Use of Tear Gas by Police - Mainichi Shimbun - 15 Dec 45. Translator: T. Ogawa
With the year's end close at hand TOKYO citizens have become concerned about the local crime wave. It has been decided that the poor handling of arrests is due to the insufficient armament of the police. Maintenance of public peace would be impossible if there were any riots. The metropolitan Police Board made a plea, on 1 December to General Headquarters asking for permission to use tear bombs and revolvers. This permission will shortly be granted with a few restrictions.
General Headquarters is carefully examining the tear bombs presented by the Metropolitan Police Board. When these weapons are approved they will be delivered to all police guards and police stations under the jurisdiction of the Board. It is expected that these weapons will prove effective in suppressing riots and arresting criminals.
ITEM 4 New President of Tokyo University - Mainichi Shimbun - 15 Dec 45. Translator: H. Nishihara
Full Translation:
Professor MINAMIHARA, Shigeru, was a pointed the fifteenth president of TOKYO University. The Education Ministry publishing the appointment formally on 15 December.
The new president revealed his opinions to the press on 14 December as follows:
"The most important problem in this country is the return to normalcy in educational circles. Our University has maintained its stand against many hindering influences. During the war, our scientific research was limited to certain subjects and was forced to be under strict control. How we must stop the inactivity resulting from the above mentioned facts. To realize this aim, measures must be taken in both spiritual and materialistic matters. As a spiritual measure, we must establish a system of self government in the University and develop this system fully so as to make a real contribution to the Nation. As a practical measure it is necessary to rebuild the research equipment and to raise its pay of laboratory workers. In these matters, we desire that the Government take unprecedented action.
"How that militarism in JAPAN is abolished the new JAPAN must be built on a new basis of culture; so the University aims, in the begining to reconstruct education. It aims, further, at a new Japanese civilization, based on the Japanese character. We must also make the University a world-famous educational organization."
In the Government order it is written that S. MINAMIHARA was appointed resident in addition to his post as a professor. Therefore, the president will continue his lectures on European Political History." There is no precedent in Japanese Universities for this situation wherein a single person holds both the presidency and a professorship.
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SOCIAL SERIES 95 (Continued)
ITEM 5 Crown Prince to go to Middle School - Nippon Sangyo Deizai - l5 Dec 45. Translator: M. Chino
Full Translation:
His Imperial Highness, the Crown Prince, finished yesterday his studies in the elementary course of the Peers' School. He is now in good health and will graduate from the elementary course and enter the middle course next April. [illegible]
The crown princis study is scheduled to he established at his palace. Following the will of the Emperor, it is reported, he will he will endeavor to become a humane and peaceful man.
Since the buildings for the Peers' Middle School have mostly been destroyed by air raids, the use of the Education Ministry's Educational Training School is under consideration. If it is used, new rest rooms and Imperial dormitories will be established there and the Crown Prince will stay in that dormitory.
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