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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0081, 1945-12-13.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0309

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 309 DATES 13 Dec 45


ITEM 1 Laborers Union AS HI SHIMBUN 10 Dec 45. Translator: OHNO M.
Full Translation:
The TOKYO SHIBAURA Free Laborer's Union consisting of 6,000 free laborers engaged in loading and unloading work for the 8th Army at SHIBAUFA, held an inaugural meeting at four in the afternoon 10 December, and presented a resolution composed of six items, such as the practice of food supply for night working, and acknowledgment of independent activities of the free workers, etc., to both the TOKYO Metropolitan Office and the Metropolitan Police Office.
ITEM 2 Students consumer Union MAINICHI SHIMBUN 10 Dec 45 Translator: OHNO M
Full Translation:
A move to form a student consumer Union to meet the present food situation has appeared among the students in TOKYO. The first inaugural preparatory meeting of the Union will be held at 10 o'clock in the morning of 10 December at the Federation of JAPAN Co-operative Society headquarters in the Christian Building in KAND-Ku, NISHIKI-Machi.
Under their present plans, branches of the Union will be formed at various districts in TOKKO, and the higher schools colleges, and universities will have students dining rooms for the promotion of good health among the students. Also students dormitories managed by the students themselves will be established.
ITEM 3 Recent Conditions in VANCHURIA NIPPON SANGYO 10 Dec 45 -Translator: KINOSHITA. J
Mr. YOSHIDA Yoshio, a member of the, MANCHURAN Heavy Industrial Company, who has recently returned from HARBIN, on 8 December. The public peace has been improving since the middle of October, under the GPU and the home guards reorganized from the MANCHURIAN Police. The condition of our nationals in KUANTUNG CHOW and large, town, except for some 500,000 who escaped from the boundary areas, are considerablly better off, eagerly seeking the stabilization of business. War victims, who are suffering from a critical shortage of food, shelter, and clothing are being evacuated and distributed, 250,000 to coal mining areas, 50,000 to minor transportation and business in towns, and 140,000 to farming villages. Economic uneasiness hinders the smooth execution of such a plan, so that a number of there are epected to perish this winter. Our soldiers and service men have been disarmed by the SOVIET Armies and are engaged in labor, which is not to severe.

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SOCIAL SERIES: 81 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
Banking is restricted throughout the DAIREN district, where the amount of coins in circulation is restricted. Eleven billion yen of deposit money in banks is being applied of momentary circulation of 100,000,000 inhabitants in KUANTUNG OHOW. Living expenses for each individual 500 yen per month permitted until October and 300 yen since November. Owing to the fact that no loans have been collected in, a forthcoming stoppage of dis burseraents is epected.
The Purchasing power of the SOVIET Armies is great, and this is their victory's reward, stimulating active transactions in shops, restautrants and stalls. Commodities are abundant, and they import Price and dried fish from KORTA, and a great amount of tobacco, vegetables, and fruits from North CHINA end TSINGTAO. The Commander of the SOVIET Pray is said to have declared that they have no interest in industries in MANCHURLA. But they are removing sundry equipment from factories throughout MANCHURIA, including six blast furnaces from the SHOWA, Steel Foundry at ANSHAN and the HOMAN Dam at KIRIN. The FUSHUN Coal Mines and motor Kid shipping companies are now operating, and also the South MANCHURIAN Railway Company under the management of the assistant transport civil committee of the SOVIET.
The military administration of the SOVIET/Army is thorough, exact, and speedy. Communist ideas appeared in labor unions among MANCHURIANS, and strikes resulted against employers.
ITEM 4 Progress of Repatriation ASAHI-SHI BUN 10th Dec 45 Translator: NISHIHARA H.
The First and Second Repatrication Ministries published on 9 December the total number of repatriates, as indicated in the following table, also included are when the repatriation probably will be completed.
Table of the Number of Repatriatesin Overseas Areas.
(Figures in parentheses show the number of men already returned to homeland)
Army Navy Total
South KOPEP and SAISHUTO 171,000 7,000 178,000
(169,489) (6,910) 176,399
North KORBA 84,000 10,090 94,000
MANCHURIA 703,000 1,000 704,000
KARAFUTO 19,000 200 19,200
CHISHIMA 42,000 2,000 44,000
North CHINA 299,000 6,000 305,000
(16,127) (4,841) (20,968)
Middle CHINA 674,000 24,000 698,000
(716) (716)
South CHINA (Including KAINAN-TO) 113,000 21,000 134,000
(430) (430)
TPBPN 192,000 45,000 237,000
- 2 -

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ITEM 4 (Continued)
NANSEI Islands 41,000 7,000 48,000
(2,906 (6,792) (9,698)
FRENCH INDO-CHINA 90,000 8,000 98,000
SIAM 116,000 1,000 117,000
BURMA, SUMATRA MALAYA 235,000 39,000 274,000
SUND. BORNEO 147,000 65,000 212,000
North AUSTRPLIA (789) (789)
NEW GUINEA 45,000 1,000 46,000
PHILIPPINE Islands 130,000 50,000 180,000
(15,509) (5,291) (20,800)
Islands in MIDDLE PACIFIC OCEQAN 35,000 37,000 72,000
(12,066 (13,309) (25,375)
RAPAUL, SOLCHON, NEW IRELPND 89,000 57,000 146,000
OGASAWARA 15,000 5,000 20,000
(3,476) (386,200) 3,626,200
Total 3,240,000 386,200 3,6267
(220,362) (41,318) (261,680)
Ship's schedule (a) and date when repatriation will be completed (b)
South KOREA SAISHUTU; (b) November 1945.
North KOREA, MANCHURIA, KARAFUTO, CHISHIWA (a) Ships schedules depend on agreement between RUSSIA and JAPAN; (b) 1948, if 50,000 ship tonnage is available.
CHTH. (including HAINANTO); (a) By the end of novenber four voyages will be completed, and ships will be increased after completion of repatriation from South KOREA. American LST's will take part in the service after 15 November; (b) The end of 1946, but if new ships and American LST's are not available, 1948..
NANSEI Islands;
Navy ships are in service. American ships are available, (b) Early in 1946, if conditions do not change.
FRENCH INDO-CHINA, SIA, BURMA, SUMATRA, MALAYA, JAVA, CELERES, SUNDA, BORNEO, The North Part of AUSTRILIA (a) Voyages beginning in December of this year. Tonnage of 60,000 tons will be available early next year, and 30,000 tens will be aded after the PHIPLIFTNE Islands and NANSEI Islands operations ere completed. (b) The summer of 1946.
NEW GUINEA; (a) Navy ships will be put into service after evacuation of the Islands of the Middle Pacific Ocean. One navy ship is service at the present time, (b) Spring of 1947.
PHILLIPINE Islands; (a) 45 Navy ships and five merchant ships are in service. The number of AMERICAN ships in service is increasing, (b) September 1946,
The Islands in the middle PACIFIC OCEAN; (a) 37 Navy ships and four merchant ships are operating, (b) Spring or summer of 1946.

- 3 -

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SOCIAL SERIES: 81 (Continued)

ITEM 4 (Continued)

RABAUL, SOLO, [illegible]LANDS; (a) Ships are available only after operations in the Islands of the middle PACIFIC OCEAN are finished. (b) The end of June 1947.
OGSAWARA; (a) Two Navy ships and one merchant ship ore in service, (b) The end of January 1946.
The ministries further add that four hospital ships. 40 merchant shies and 113 navy shins are used for repatriation, and. on average of 500 persons daily are being transported home. The schedules of ships ere subject to change according to directives of the Allied powers and existing circumstances, In addition to the above table, there ore some 20,000 civilians in military service in the Southern Areas.
- 4 -
HomePress translations [Japan]. Social Series 0081, 1945-12-13.
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