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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0065, 1945-12-06.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0239

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 239 Date: 6 Dec 45


ITEM 1 Yomiuri Employees' Union to Yomiuri Readers - Yomiuri Hochi - 4 Dec. 45. Translator M. OHNO.
Full Translation:
MR SHORIKI, president of the YOMIURI HOCHI, was declared a war crimes suspect yesterday by General MacARTHER'S Headquarters and is so to be imprisoned. But the publication of the YOMIURI HOCHI will in no way be affected as a result, because the YOMIURI HOCHI has been published only through the efforts of a strong combination of employees, who have successfully edited and produced the paper for some 40 days since the beginning of the employees' strike which demanded clarification of the war responsibilities of President SHORIKI and other directors. Now we of the employees' union solicit increased patronage of the readers.
ITEM 2 School Examinations - Asahi Shimbun - 4 Dec 45. Translator: Y. AKABANE.
Full Translation:
The outline for the selection of students to be admitted to middle schools in the metropolitan area next spring was made public on 3 December. According to plan, the selection is to be made almost in the same way as it was in 1945. Only when the number of applicants far exceeds the fixed number will the selection be made on the basis of the character test, physical examination, and school grades. All the applicants will be admitted if by physical examination they are judged to be healthy enough for middle school education.
The Character test. An oral examination is the rule, but if necessary written examination should be given, this should be as easy as the oral examination given heretofore so that no special preparation in necessary. Questions for the character test are to be prepared by the school. In consideration of the wide differences of educational conditions for each child due to dispersion, mobilization, war calamity and food conditions, the questions must necessarily be easy.
Reports.— There will also be scrutiny of individual reports and class lists. The former is to be judged on the basis of the data of the last two years 5th and 6th class years, while the latter on the results of the last class year.
Physical Examination.— It shall be made chiefly to discover any diseases and physical abnormalities, not athletic ability as heretofore.
System of School Groups.— The former existing system of seven school groups shall be abolished so as to allow not only urban

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SOCIAL SERIES: 65 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
children, but children from prefectures to apply for any school they choose. In any case, it is recommended that they choose the school nearest their home in view of the shortage of transportation facilities.
Applications.— Only one application shall be entertained. It must be sent in through the principal of the primary school from which the applicant graduated. A change of school shall be allowed within 5 days after the date of the close of applications.
Date of examination.— Examinations shall be given simultaneously except in night schools.
Second enrollment to be recruted.— In case the applicants do not reach the fixed quota another enrollment shall be made.
Mr. TATEBAYASHI, Chief of the Education Bureau disclosed the following information regarding the examinations in an interview with an ASAHI reporter:
Question: Shall written examinations be given as the case may be?
Answer: Yes, written examinations shall be given at almost all schools in the Metropolitan Area.
Question: What is meant by "as easy as the oral examinations heretofore given"?
Answer: As easy aschildren may be able to answer without special preparatory study. The point is to prevent anyone from passing the examinations because they accidentally know an item contained in the questions but instead to ascertain as far as possible the real ability of the children.
Question: Can we expect such a question as "Who is the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces", in the written examination?
Answer: I cannot say definitely as next year's character test is to be made by each school separately.
Question: Would it be permissible if "Douglas" be omitted from the name of General Douglas MacArthur?
Answer: If I were the examiner it would be all right.
Question: In 1945, questions were uniformly prepared by the Metropolitan Office. Why will they be prepared independently by each school next year?
Answer: It is preferable to leave the selection of questions to each school, showing the schools only a rough standard for preparing the questions. In this way, each school will retain its own individuality. The uniformity of questions throughout schools seems to be in contradiction to the new trend in defeated Japan.
Question: What is the reason for the lenghty period of 5 days change of schools?
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SOCIAL SERIES: 65 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
Answer: In the light of previous experiences it is hoped, as far as, possible, to have the number of applicants coincide with the quota of students to be recruited.
ITEM 3 Special Training for Students - 4 Dec 45 - MAINICHI SHIMBUN, Translator: Y. AKAGANE.
Full Translation:
The students of high schools aid preparatory schools who will go to universities next year, have not been allowed sufficient time to cover their required studies due to the stress which has been placed on labor mobilization during the war. It is therefore believed to be essential for them to take some means to supplement their preparation for the future.
In view of this on 3 December, the Ministry of Education made public an outline of the measures to be taken to cultivate their real abilities in foreign languages and other important subjects, through temporary supplementary education prior to their entry into universities. At the same time, necessary instructions have been given to schools concerned, the gist of which follows:
Students of high schools and students taking preparatory courses for universities who are expected to graduate in March of next year shall graduate from the schools or complete their courses next March as contemplated. However, they shall then be given supplementary education for 6 months in preparation for the universities, and they shall be allowed to enter these universities in October of next year. High Schools and those schools Offering preparatory courses for universities must make the necessary arrangements to open their program of this supplementary education by April of next year. Students of various military and naval schools, as well as ex-servicemen desireing to go to universities, shall also be allowed to enter such supplementary classes. After completing the courses of high school and preparatory schools they shall be treated in the same way as the graduates upon entering the universities.
ITEM 4 War Responsibility of The Moving Picture Producers - Mainichi Suimbun - 4 Dec 45 - Translator: Y. AKABANE.
Full Transition:
Although the motion picture industry has, since the end of the war, managed to present three pictures, "Breeze" (by the OFUNA Studio), "Baby Given by A Fox" (by the DAIEI Studio), and "Sing, the Sun!" (By the TOHO Studio), all of them are pre-war productions, having not a shade of democracy in their content. They are second-rate pictures so to speak, and nothing but frivolous productions even though they are free from the militaristic flavor of the war pictures.
Good opportunities has been given to the motion picture industry to promote its interests freely, official oppression having been removed. But they are still indulging in feudalisted dreams and trying to keep operations going through cheap productions, making no attempt to improve the quality of their pictures. It is Shameful that the bosses of the movie industry who were once very actively making profits by taking advantage of the war are now
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SOCIAL SERIES: 65 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
remaining silent without assuming responsibility at all. OFUNA and TOHO studies have clarified their future courses by establishing unions for their members, but the question of war responsibility of the picture companies themselves has yet to be made clear.
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