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Press translations [Japan]. Social Series 0064, 1945-12-05.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: social-0234

call-number: DS801 .S84

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No. 234 Date: 5 Dec 1945


ITEM 1 Crimes - Asahi Shimbun - 4 December 1945. Translator: H. Nishihara.
Full Translation:
TANAKA, Kantaro, 28, of 674 SHI[illegible]OAKAZUKA, ITABASHI-Ku, was robbed of 1600 yen, a camera, and an overcoat at 1730 hours of 2 December. Four robbers assailed him near 43 MITANI-Kachi, [illegible]EGURO-Ku.
At 2040 hours of the same day, [illegible]AGATO. Yatsuo, 23, CHIBA Medical College student residing at ASAHI-Machi, CHIBA-Shi was threatened by a young man with a knife near the former Army Material Department office at TAKIHO-Mura. The assailant took 50 yen and a raincoat from him.
At 1000 hours of the same day at a place near HAMAMATSU-Cho station, UMEHAR, Sumi, 29 of KAIGAN-Dori SHIHAGAWA-Ku sustained injuries from which it will take two weeks to recover. He was dealt these by a man aged about 30. In addition he was robed of two hundred and fifty yen.
The body of a strangled woman was found in an alley behind SHOIN Shrine, 360 WAKABAYASHI-Cho SETAGAYA-Ku. A suitcase and handbags probably belonging to the woman were found near the body together with a notebook in which was written "FUJIMOTO, Toshiko, Factory number 500 (500 kojo) YAMANI, GHOFU-Machi" The body was found not far from the site of the two murders committed on the previous night.
At 1430 hours of 2 December, the body of a baby was found in a puddle near 400-1 MOTOGI-Cho, KATSU-SHIKAKU. It is believed the infant was strangled immediately after birth and thrown into the puddle.
ITEM 2 MAINICHI Lecture meeting of Political Parties - Mainichi Shimbun - 4 December 1945. Translator: M. Chno.
Full Translation:
All political parties are in readiness for the spectacular election campaign anticipated after dissolution of the current Diet Session. Which party should the electorate select to rebuild JAPAN?
The MAINICHI SHIMBUN will sponsor an opening meeting at which representatives of all political parties will present their platforms directly to the people. The speeches will be broadcast on a nation-wide hook-up. Everybody is invited to attend.
The meeting will be held at 1300 hours on 1 December at HIBIYA Public Hall. The speakers will be KITA, Reikichi of the Liberal Party, SHIGA, Yoshio of the Communist Party, [illegible]IZUTANI, Chosaburo of the Socialist Party, and NAKAJIMA, Yadanji of the Progressive Party.

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SOCIAL SERIES: 64 (Continued)
ITEM 3 Tabloid Newspaper "MINPO" edited for first time - Asahi Shimbun - 4 December 1945. Translator: C. Gilbert.
Full Translation:
The first tabloid to appear in JAPAN, a four page newspaper titled "MI[illegible]PO", will be on the TOKYO new stands on 1 December. The backers of the newspaper, MATSUMOTO, Juji, NAGASHIMA, Matao, KURIBAYSHI, Shikao, and SARUYA[illegible]A, Gisaburo, are all newspapermen.
The newspaper will serve as a medium of free expression for the people toward the realization of a democratic JAPAN.
ITEM 4 The Reconstruction of Tokyo - Nippon Sangyo Keizai - 4 December 1945. Translator: C. Gilbert.
TOKYO's main thoroughfares are to be 50 - 100 meters wide and ordinary roads will be 30 meters. There will be an east-west and north-south axis with the Imperial Palace as the center, and a new road will be built along the coast. Besides the business center, GINZA will become an international shopping center, SHINJUKU a native shopping center, and ASAKUSA an amusement center.
The MEIJI JI[illegible]GU outer grounds and the KORAKUEN will remain as sport centers. There will be, moreover, special medical centers, and TOKYO's food factories will remain in the present factory sites. Population growth in TOKYO will be restricted.
YOKOHAMA will be rebuilt as a commercial center. Business and industrial reconstruction will be given top priority, followed by preferential consideration for the reconstruction of wharves. When these projects are underway, cultural and welfare reconstruction will be emphasized.
ITEM 5 New Theater Club - Tokyo Shimbun - 4 December 1945. Translator: M. Ohno.
Full Translation:
Concomitant with the liberal awakening, a new theatre movement has made its appearance. The New Theater Club (SHINGEKI JIN KURABU), composed of students of the new schools of drama who had been scattered about in traveling theatrical groups or in the moving picture industry, has already been formed. Its first meeting will be held at 1300 hours of 4 December at the Life Insurance Association hall, YURKU-Cho, KOJIMACHI-Ku.
The Club was organized by 12 persons among whom are AOYAMA, Sugisaku, KITAKURA, Kihachi, KUBO, Sakae, SUGIMURA, Haruko, SUSKIDA, Kenji, and TAKIZAWA, Osamu.
All producers, actors, artists, playwrights, and critics specializing in the new drama will be invited to the inaugural meeting, where an informal discussien will be held on problems of the new theater. The movement will be extended to encompass the entire nation.
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